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Here you will find ways of looking at REAL health using family herbal remedies that originated in Ancient Phoenician times; mineral-rich unrefined sea salt from Brittany harvested the same way it has been for hundreds of years; toothpaste-free Blotting Brushes that help prevent gum disease and way of discovering the dynamics of living your real self and overcoming life's struggles...and more.  Updates and offers will be in our occasional newsletter.

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Before any product is added to our website it is  thoroughly tested and we must be convinced of its source and genuine benefits.  While long-established products have our  preference, there are many new and exciting products becoming available.  We’ll keep you up-to-date through our newsletters.


Dear Graeme I write to tell you how thrilled I am with my body's response to 'Maestro'. I noted subtle movements of energy in my spleen within 48 hours of having taken the first capsule: until then my poor spleen had no attention whatsoever and was clearly ready to signal its...

(Graeme D.)

Dear Graeme I'm very impressed indeed. My intuition told me these products would be powerful and this first one has most certainly been. I see the capsules as emanating a lot of light (does this sound completely mad?) and that the herbs within are full of VITAL power. I have lost some...

(Graeme D.)

My body is not the same since I started these products. I am doing so much better and I actually feel great; my husband is enjoying the new attitude I am demonstrating, daily. Thanks for providing such life enriching products. Elizabeth Campbell, Palm Bay, Florida

(Graeme D.)

Twice, I've had occasion to use this formulation and found it to be fast acting and effective. One of the main problems that could impede recovery to better health is the die-off symptoms - headache, extreme tiredness and even a slight feverishness. The first can be alleviated by taking...

(Angela Delglyn.)

Thank you again for all this knowledge and information gathered on your website (I keep reading and reading every time I get a minute), I am so happy I found your site.

(Hélène  Grillot.)