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Here you will find ways of looking at REAL health using family herbal remedies that originated in Ancient Phoenician times; mineral-rich unrefined sea salt from Brittany harvested the same way it has been for hundreds of years; toothpaste-free Blotting Brushes that help prevent gum disease and way of discovering the dynamics of living your real self and overcoming life's struggles...and more.  Updates and offers will be in our occasional newsletter.

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Before any product is added to our website it is  thoroughly tested and we must be convinced of its source and genuine benefits.  While long-established products have our  preference, there are many new and exciting products becoming available.  We’ll keep you up-to-date through our newsletters.


Lady At the Fort shopping centre Glasgow Farmers market in front of a group of potential customers: "My Mother who was 91 when she died had the most beautiful skin and she always used Caurnie soap."

(James Little.)

"It was a good day when we went to Largs whilst on holiday in 2009. We came across your soap man at the farmers market discussed our wards skin condition and how we and our GP were dealing with it. You suggested Nettle soap and gave us a slice. When we got home he tried it and it worked. It...

(Mrs P Elford, Norfolk.)

"I was on Radio Scotland telling people of the way Caurnie nettle soap had a great effect positive on my husbands skin he suffers from psoriasis."

(Sandra, Glasgow.)

"Dear Caurnie Soap, Please could I have 5 bars of your Nettle soap it's doing wonders for my Psoriasis best wishes".

(Mr I W Stockton on Tees.)

"I have just placed an order for 6 Bars of Organic Soap. Would you please make them all NETTLE soap - it's the only soap we've found that my partner Veronica can cope with. She suffers from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Hyperosmia.”

( Brian Whalley, Orkney.)