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The Benefits of Earthing

Take your shoes and socks off and go for a walk on the grass, a nearby beach or patch of the earth. Stay there for 10-15 minutes and let your feet feel the ground beneath them.                          

What you are doing is what your ancestors did - becoming earthed or grounded.  During the warmer summer months people tend to make contact with the surface of this planet more often than in other seasons.  In winter we go from bed to slippers, shoes and socks; we live in carpeted, insulated homes. Can you remember the last time your bare feet made direct contact with the earth? 

Earthing is effective for those looking for ways to reduce inflammation and is a great way to reconnect with ourselves

At any given moment on the planet there are 2000 thunderstorms taking place. With thunderstorms comes lightning and every second about 100 bolts of lightning strike the earth.  That calculates to 6000 strikes a minute or 8.64 million strikes each day giving the earth a constant supply of electrons.  When your bare feet come into contact with the earth, these electrons work to eliminate the free radicals that cause wear and tear on your body.  It is these very free radicals that cause you to age and no high-priced skin cream will reverse it!

Aspects of earthing are outlined in this short cartoon:  Earthing (1:40) 

 Watch Down To Earth 

If your lifestyle doesn’t allow you too much time outside, visit the Original Earthing website.

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Top level Olympic Track and Field athletes as Tour de France cyclists have embraced ‘earthing’ with the following observations:

  improvements in sleeping            tendonitis was virtually eliminated               

  recovery from injuries and wounds is significantly accelerated                                         

• performance was consistently improved 

Maybe there’s something to the old farmer’s saying “The answer lies in the soil.” 

Graeme Dinnen




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