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We’re inviting you to put aside ten minutes of your day to watch one of the most healing film clips we’ve ever seen.   It’s one of those clips that you’ll want to show to your friends.  It’s infectious and at the outset there’s much laughter, but it runs very deep.  The clip deals with the release of a fear – in this particular case the fear of success.

Click here to play ‘Fear of Success’ 

The Tapas Acupressure Technique, or TAT deals with trauma.  Whether the cause of the trauma is mental, emotional or physical, the simple techniques of TAT will help you resolve it, and fast.  Trauma occurs when something in your life becomes too much to bear and you just want everything to S-T-O-P! 

The inherent danger of trauma is that it sets up patterns of unnecessary behaviour. The event that caused the stress really happened; stress sets in when the effects of the trauma can no longer be resisted. 

                         Traumatic stress is the impact to your system of continually trying                                                                    to hold off the experience of trauma. 

TAT is a simple, structured and highly respectful technique that was originated by Tapas Fleming, Licensed Acupuncturist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Phylipa and I first met Tapas in 1997 in Santa Monica meeting at a meeting of health practitioners.  At that time Tapas was developing and refining the techniques she now uses in TAT.

Going deep

Tapas writes: “Overcoming the trauma of rape or sexual abuse is one of the greatest challenges a
person can face in life.  TAT can heal the traumatic stress of rape in an hour or less.  The person won’t feel worse because TAT doesn’t re-stimulate the memory with all of its fear and terror and anger. When a person puts their attention on what happened and assumes the TAT pose, they will immediately start to feel better and the trauma will start to heal.

It may take more than one sitting if you are a victim of repeated sexual abuse.  You may not be able to put your attention on “all of it” and then have every angle of it clear up, but you may be surprised: it is possible to put your attention on an entire section of your life and do TAT and have the traumatic stress about that time clear up.” 

Where to start:

Go to her website and register for the free newsletter. You’ll receive helpful information on how you can use TAT to heal different illnesses and conditions in the privacy of your own home. Should you want to go further, tele-courses, workshops, webinars, weight loss material, CD’s and DVD’s, healing videos and books are also available.

If you like what you see there is also TAT Practitioner training.  Tapas visits the UK from time to time to conduct trainings and workshops and is much sought after by the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) community. 

You can also watch several other Tapas Acupressure Technique film clips on YouTube.  

Client feedback:                                                                                        

I did not know how to deal with the nightmares, flashbacks, etc. until I met Tapas Fleming. Using her very simple steps, I have changed from being an emotionally cut off soldier, father and husband....I finally have been able to sleep at night without waking up in combat. I can still recall the memories, just without all the guilt, shame and fear. I finally have my life back and can become the father, son and husband that I once was.   SSG Brian Davis 

Anybody in the Energy Psychology field knows about Gary Craig's EFT:Emotional Freedom Techniques, but I'm not so sure about T.A.T 's recognition worldwide. It deserves recognition and much more, because the simplicity and the power of the technique are combined in a very elegant way.  I had bought the book (‘You Can Heal Now’) three years ago and I've been using it intensively since then. I started teaching it recently, and many students get rid of their emotional problems/beliefs/traumas/allergies during a class. Tapas Fleming cured her cancer using her own technique, I must say, even for a sceptic like myself, it looks possible with T.A.T.      Gulcan    



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