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Generators - wait to respond
70% of the population has a defined Sacral Centre which is what makes them a Generator.  Generators give the world the enormous amount of energy and power.  The Sacral Centre is a vital centre for action, living life, and doing and creating.  It is the centre of sexuality and ensures the continuation of the species.

Most of us have been conditioned, or brought up, to initiate, believing they are Manifestors.  It is only when you practice responding that you will be less frustrated as you differentiate the truth from the lies.   We initiate through fear, but if you have the courage to wait you will learn that the fear is unfounded.   For those Generators who have gone out and manifested they may be successful but they are not happy.  When a Generator doesn’t know who he or she is and how to live it is hard to find happiness.

The importance of the Sacral Centre cannot be over-emphasised.  The strategy for living your life correctly comes from the Sacral Centre.  It holds a sound, a grunt or growl which, when you can interpret the “yes”, “no” sound, leads you to make correct decisions with your life.  Your job is to notice these sacral grunts and realise that they are your response mechanism.  You are continually responding to life.  Your strategy for living your life is to wait to respond.  Some Generators are confused about the word “wait”, but when you are awake and noticing all that is going on around you, then the waiting simply means listening to your sacral response before you act.  For all Generators this is the key to changing their entire life, so that you live just who you are, without wasting the precious power of the Sacral Centre.

When you find your sacral response, you can get the “yes” or “no” that is necessary for you to move forward with your life.  This may come in the form of a grunt, “uhuh”, or “unhuh”, or it may just be a feeling, a lifting or a deflation.  You need to be very familiar with your sacral response, and you need time to check in with it.  Your answer may not come immediately, but you will get to know your yes and no.  This is vital for the appropriateness of your life.

All Generators reach a level where they get stuck.  They feel a barrier and sometimes turn back.  If you have responded correctly then it is important for you to push through this barrier so that you can get to the next level.  It is almost as if it is a test, so that you have the chance to ask your Sacral Centre, again, if this is what you really want.  Pushing through the barrier will confirm to you that you are on the right track.

You are the workers and you can become a slave if you do not listen to your Sacral Centre.  At this time in our evolution it is the Generators that have the energy to bring about the transformation our planet needs, but you cannot do this job until you are “awake”.  Most Generators are living in the groove of “the daily grind”, and getting on with making a living.  Nothing in your life may ever change but there will always be a gnawing discontentment that you are here for another purpose.  Until you wake up and realise that it is Generator energy that will heal and change our planet and our current outdated systems and structures, you are not truly living your purpose. 

Generators unconsciously seek out Projectors to wake them up; Projectors are driven to do this because unless the Generators around them are awake they are not able to live their own lives.  As an awake Generator you can feel the powerful motivation in your sacral to do your work and live your potential.  A Projector, reflecting your Sacral Centre, comes alive with this reflected power.   It is an incredible gift.  Learn to feel it, love it and use it.

In a relationship with any other type, you need to be aware that they will not have the same amount of energy as you do.  Only a Manifesting Generator has more energy. They act as if they are a in a Ferrari with the foot on the pedal!  Pure Generators can act like a Ferrari too, only without the foot pressed down.  Other types will find this tiring to be around so learn not to expect from them what you expect from yourself.  Unless you are in relationship with another Generator this will not happen.  The confusion is that other non-energy types are reflecting and amplifying your Sacral Centre and may appear to have plenty of energy when they are with you.  This is not sustainable for them and they will collapse.

In a relationship with a Projector or Reflector, it is always the Generator who needs to initiate even though your strategy is to wait to respond. A Projector will spend their life waiting to be invited.  Even inviting a Projector to have breakfast with you will light up their day and give them a reason to get out of bed in the morning!  Recognising and inviting a Projector allows them to do their real work of waking up the Generators so that the planet can heal. Until a Projector feels recognised they do not light up.  Spoiling them lights them up even more..  When a Projector knows they are wanted and included in your life they can be an incredible gift in your waking up process.  It can be tiring living with a Projector but when you understand what you are gaining the rewards can be life-changing.  Without this understanding a Projector can appear annoying with their need to advise, and their lack of energy can be frustrating.

A Manifestor will always initiate and expect you to be his “do-er”.  You must remember to check with your Sacral Centre before you are willing to just “do” what the Manifestor suggests.

The Projector, Manifestor or Reflector needs to remember to ask “yes/no” questions to the Generators so that they have a chance to check their own sacral response.  They need to be asked to do this, as they are not used to having this mechanism and therefore don’t understand the need for the “yes” and “no” format.
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