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Manifesting Generators: wait to respond before you can initiate
Manifesting Generators are Generators with a direct link from the Throat Centre to a motor, Sacral Centre, Root Centre, Solar Plexus Centre or Heart (Ego) Centre.  You always have a defined Sacral Centre.  You have more energy than a pure Generator and more potential for growth. 
Like the Pure Generator, you need to wait to respond.  It is the hardest thing for Manifesting Generators to wait, and therefore it is a valuable lesson that you need to learn in order to live your life successfully. You want to leap into action because of your Manifestor part, but the Generator part needs you to wait. Although this seems frustrating for a Manifesting Generator, when you notice what is being offered around, you will find there is plenty to respond to.  You cannot plan your life in advance; it is so important that you remember use your response mechanism.  You will only have a successful and fulfilled life if you follow the strategy of waiting however passive it may appear.

Until you, as a Generator are “awake” you may miss the many stimuli around you.  So many Generators and Manifesting Generators are living the not-self and spend their lives  missing so many opportunities that are right for them, yet taking the ones that are not correct.  Then they end up exhausted.  Just because you have the energy, it doesn’t mean it is right for you.  The key is to keep watching and noticing what is going on around you and listen to your body.  The response mechanism can come in the form of a “yes” or “no” grunt or sound, and it will come from your Sacral Centre, not your Head Centre.  You need to understand your Sacral sounds so that your body can respond correctly.  Often the sound is “uhuh” or “unhunh”.  The Sacral Centre only has a voice if it is linked to the Throat Centre as it is in a Manifesting Generator.  As small children we are often told to speak properly and not grunt, and we lose our ability to connect with our inner sacral response.

Unlike other Generators, once you have started the new experience by responding positively, you can act like a Manifestor.  If you pursue something before you have responded you are not in your strategy.  Waiting does not mean doing nothing, it means getting on with your life, not having to be in control, just responding.  The moment something catches you interest,  you can respond, whether or not you have other plans.  Acting like a Manifestor means that you can start to initiate as soon as you have a positive response

Sometimes, as Manifesting Generator, you can be so speedy that you will miss out a part of the sequence.   If you have missed out something important you may look for the opportunity to go back and do the missing piece.  Often you find that you didn’t need that piece anyway and you have got where you wanted without it. Manifesting Generators are the type who notice which areas of their education are not for them and leap forward to what they really want.  They are like a Ferrari with their foot on the pedal.  Professions that require detailed training, like a surgeon or even an airline pilot, are not really suited to the Manifesting Generator type, just in case a vital stage in the learning process has been missed!

All Generators experience times in their lives when they feel stuck.  Living the not self aspect is where you feel the frustration. When you respond incorrectly you waste valuable energy.  Even when you respond with a “yes”, there will be a time when you sense a barrier.  It is important for you to push through this barrier and check the responses from the Sacral Centre again, to be certain that this is what you really want.  Pushing through the barrier will keep those confirmations to you that you are on the right track.

Be aware that other types will not have similar energy levels.  Generators are the life force.  Without the Sacral Centre no one would even be born.  Other types do not provide the life force.  You do.  You provide the energy that other types reflect and sometimes amplify. It is helpful to understand other types, otherwise  you may think they are lazy!  Non-energy types will act like you around you, and collapse later.   Unless you are with another Manifesting Generator you cannot expect similar levels of energy from others.  For instance, it no longer becomes relevant to divide chores evenly when there is an imbalance in energy levels!  There is a difference.  It is impossible for you to know how it feels to live permanently with less or no energy, but you do know how it feels to be exhausted as a result of responding to something that is not correct for you.

In a relationship with a Projector or Reflector, it is always the Generator who needs to initiate even though their strategy is to wait to respond. A Projector will spend their life waiting to be invited.  Even inviting a Projector to have breakfast with you will light up their day and give them a reason to get out of bed in the morning!  Recognising and inviting a Projector allows them to do their real work of waking up the Generators so that the planet can heal.  The Projector needs to be taught to ask “yes”, “no” questions to the Generators so that they have a chance to check their sacral response.  They have no idea what it feels like.

Understanding your sacral response takes time and practice.  In adults it is deeply repressed and not everyone will get there.  Notice whether you are coming from your Sacral Centre or your Head Centres. Thank your head for its input, but never let it make the final decision, however much it will try to.  If you let it, the head will always win!   You will also find that you are starting to look for all those things in your life that you can respond to.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it will come and hit you on the head.  You must learn to keep all your senses alert and open.  Notice the detail and be ready for what it is you are waiting to respond to. 

When you become aware, you will notice that every few minutes there is something for you to say “yes” or “no” to.  This is the greatest gift you have.  Learn to feel it, love it and always use it. 

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