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Manifestors - inform others
8% of the world’s population are Manifestors.  If you are one of them you have probably always felt different to others and wondered why.  You have incredible power that can sometimes frighten other people and even yourself at times.  You have to be in control of your own life and hate anyone to tell you what to do.  You need as much freedom as possible to live your life and to carve your own destiny according to your own rules.  You were probably restricted as a child by parents, teachers and friends who thought they were taking care of you or helping you and had no idea that you already knew what it was you needed or wanted to do. 
To you it just felt as if you were being punished and you may have grown up as a very angry and slightly misplaced person, distancing yourself from others, or alternatively, become a people pleaser to avoid the difficult confrontations you may have had as a child.  Some Manifestors, particularly men can become violent and very angry at having been controlled as a child.  I have also heard Manifestors say that they had their spirit crushed as a child.

You are very sensitive when you are allowed to be yourself.  You have a natural curiosity and are the only type that can initiate.  In the past you were the rulers, making the laws and the decisions.  Today the emphasis is on entrepreneurs and less on rulers, so as your purpose is being taken over by Manifesting Generators, Manifestors who are born today are being given the opportunity to relax and have fun in their lives.

In order to survive in the world of people who have no idea who you are, it is best to have a strategy.  For you it is simply to inform people of your intentions and actions.  You may decides to go out without letting anyone know.  It does not occur to you that others might wonder where  you are, start to worry and bring up all their childhood fears while you are just doing what Manifestors do!  To avoid confrontation all you have to do is remember to let people know; keep people informed of your intentions and actions.  I know several Manifestors who still hate to do this because they think they are asking permission.  I suggest they start with the phrase “I’m just letting you know…….” not something like “Do you mind…” or “Is it ok with you….” The strategy of a child Manifestor is that they should learn to ask permission, which can then naturally become informing as they get older.

Manifestors have no set pattern of work.  You are not here to work 9 to 5. You make money easily and naturally in all sorts of different ways.  Most Manifestors find the pace of life slow; it is as if life is in slow motion.  Everything, including your breathing, is faster in a Manifestor body.

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