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Projectors - wait for the invitation
Projectors sit at the top of the hierarchy. They are here to guide others.  There are many ways of guiding and many types of guides.  It is the same as an architect who designs the house, or a writer who moves someone to shift their consciousness because of what they have written, or an artist by his work.  It does not matter how you guide, your design will give you the tools to do the work you are meant to do. 
When you were born, if you could talk, you might have liked to have been able to say “I am not here to work”.  You are not here to “do”.  You have no action centre and others may think you are lazy, or alternatively, you will find that you work harder because you reflect a Generator’s energy, and then collapse when you are alone.  You are here to help Generators to wake up and find themselves so that they can take the right action in their lives.  Generators are the only ones that can create change in the world, and if they are not awake and aware, change will not take place. 
Projectors generally know when the Generators around them are not awake because they cannot get on with their own life.  Because of this a Projector is driven to do their job properly.  Projectors will push, goad, and prod those Generators until the Generators see the truth of how they are living in an automatic, socially conditioned way, however materially successful they might be.  You must learn to remember that your strategy for life must be “wait until you are recognised and invited”.  

You do not have to go out and look for Generators to wake up.  A Generator will come along, recognise you, and invite you to be in his or her life.  Although Projectors can be exhausted by Generators, you are designed to be in their lives, so you are naturally attracted to them.  Only when you are invited, will your own life be correct and your resources will not be drained.  You are more interested in other people than yourself so you love to try to help people without being invited.  Because we are all conditioned to “do” without waiting for an invitation, an adult Projector has a difficult time breaking the pattern of their conditioning.  Although a Generator is not a natural initiator, in the Projector-Generator relationship, it is always the Generator that needs to initiate.

Projectors need a lot of rest.  While a Generator will become exhausted and go to bed, a Projector feels that place of exhaustion frequently during a busy day and you may not have time to stop and rest.  So you carry on beyond that point.  Because this has happened so often in your life, you find it difficult to stop at the end of the day and go to bed.  You need to practice going to bed an hour earlier than you think you need to, and just rest and read or watch TV.  It gives your body time to wind down and settle, so that you can sleep. 

You reflect other people’s energy and amplify it so you appear to act like an energy dynamo.  When you are out of that person’s aura you will collapse and wonder why you are so tired.  As a child, you may have been very active; you were reflecting the group of people at school or you family.  Your teenage years may have brought exhaustion.  Projector children, too, need to be persuaded to go to bed at least an hour before they are tired and read or watch television.  Lying flat helps 70% of our genes rest and regenerate, sleeping helps all of them.  Most adult Projectors who live in an environment of busy Generators will end up overwhelmed and exhausted unless they understand what it means to be a Projector.

Practicing being a Projector may take time.  You need to train those around you to invite you and help them to understand that you are less likely to pick up the phone and call people, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t care about them.  Explain that it is easier for them to call you; in this way your light will come on because you will feel invited and recognised.  Learn to feel inside your body what it is like when someone recognises and invites you; when someone passes you in the street and crosses over to speak to you.  Even these little aspects of recognition light you up, and it is only when someone lights you up that you can truly feel alive.  

It is always important to notice in a group how much energy you feel you have.  This will disappear as soon as the Generators have gone.  You can be busy doing a project and the Generator leaves the room and you will find you no longer have the energy for it; in fact you are exhausted.  Noticing what it feels like to be a Projector may start to bring changes in your life that are difficult to start with.  The reason for this is that you are trying to live in a world of busy people, and you have been reflecting it. You may need a long break or a period of rest away from everyone.  You will almost certainly feel your exhaustion levels that you may have previously ignored and feel resentful because you cannot continue at the same pace as you did before.

Some Projectors do not have a reliable way of making a decision, and if this is you, then you will have created strategies to make decisions in the moment, so that you are seen to be effective in your personal and working life.  The truth is some Projectors can be spontaneous, others will need to wait a week before they can make a decision and others will have to wait longer, have discussions with others and seek feedback before they come to any decision.  Your success in life may be based on the fact that you reflect other people, which means you are living their life, not yours.In relationships, it is important that other types understand their Projector partner.  When you are with a Generator or Manifestor, you appear to act like them, so these types will think you have the kind of energy they are looking for.  Particularly in relationship with Manifestors, who are always looking for someone to carry out their ideas and do the work for them.  Projectors love to have someone else to initiate for them, and this is what Manifestors do all the time.  However, you  have to consider what the needs of each partner are, and make sure that the Manifestor does not need anything from the Projector, because neither person really likes being told what to do, and the Manifestor cannot expect energy from the Projector.  

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