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Reflectors - wait a lunar cycle
Reflectors make up only 1% of the population.  They are here to reflect the community that they live in, so the most important aspect of their lives is where they live and who they are living with.  If the community is supportive of them they will blossom and flourish. 

Although Reflectors have no defined centres they do not reflect each centre as other types do.  Rather, they reflect the whole body of people.  If they are living in their “not-self”, that is, not their truth, then they will reflect those negative aspects.  A child Reflector in a problem school will appear to be the major problem and will be the child that is punished.  This little Reflector feels the undercurrent of rebellion and acts it out, whilst the rest of the children in the class will be the ones who are actually the rebels.

The ability to reflect the whole and not each centre gives the Reflector a strength that is unusual from other types.  Although they frequently find themselves in difficult situations, they are able to cope, especially when they realise the reasons that they are having those experiences are because they are Reflectors.  It is particularly important for you to understand what this means; Reflectors feel a huge sense of relief knowing their design.

Reflectors have no decision making centre.  With no definition at all, there is not even a head centre to provide the logical choices.  We learn from Human Design that we should never make a decision from the head, even though the head will try hard to be in charge.  Generators can rely on their sacral centre, those with defined spleens can be spontaneous and those with defined solar plexus centres need to wait for absolute clarity before making any decision.  As a Reflector, you have to wait the twenty-eight days of the lunar cycle before you can make a decision. 

It will be very helpful for you to monitor the daily Rave Charts by downloading the free software from, so that you can see what you are reflecting that day.  When the daily chart is that of a Manifestor, then that is who you will be, or a Generator or a Projector.  You can use the definition of that type during that day.  The important part to remember is that this is not who you are, you are just reflecting.  The most reliable aspect of your personality will be your profile; you have no reliable centre.  Other types with fixed centres know that they can rely on those centres.  When you have been through a lunar cycle and experienced many different ways of making a decision, you will see more clearly what decision you personally need to make.

It is important for you to understand the centres and types, so that you can discover the differences in yourself and be aware that you will respond and react differently to each situation.  There is nothing in you that is reliable.  You will find it helpful to talk to others and have feedback which you can sit with and explore while you are making any decision.  This means that you may have the same conversation with different people to see the different responses and possibilities to any situation.

Don’t allow yourself to be rushed.  Knowing your type, you can now explain to others that it is not healthy for you to be rushed in your process.  You can gain a great deal of wisdom if you live correctly and encourage others to allow you to do this.  In the end you will be the wisest of all the types because of this.

Others will see themselves in you; so you need to be aware of who you are in relationship with.   Watch how they interact with others to see what negative and positive aspects they will bring to a relationship.  If they are corrupt or manipulative then you will reflect this behaviour too.

Now that you are aware that this is who you are spend some time noticing what is you and what you are reflecting.  It may take some practice and it is only over time that you will get to know the real you.  The aspects of you that are changeable when you interact with others, or living the design for today’s chart,  are not you.  The pieces that are more consistent over time will be who you are.  In this way you will find your own dress sense, types of people whose company you enjoy most, what environment you like best and what your personal beliefs are.  These will all lead you to the work that you enjoy most.  Other parts of your personal design chart will give you help knowing your gifts and strengths, which you will already be familiar with.  Knowing the chart will just be a confirmation.

Spending time alone will ensure that you do not take in too much of other people’s negative auras.

When other people around you are living correctly, according to the strategy of their type, their lives flow better and they become free of struggle.  They become who you really are.  Your dream is to hope that people can live this way, in harmony and peace, so that you can also live this way.

To find out your Human Design and how it can liberate your way of living, have your Personal Analysis done and get a much clearer picture of yourself, your strengths and your individuality.  



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