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Survival Medicine 

Our planet is entering a testing time for us humans and we’ll have to become better informed and much more self-sufficient if we want to survive.  The only person you can trust is yourself.  Sad to say but when the SHTF, you will get no help from the services you once believed were there for you in emergencies.  

We are right at the beginning of the greatest story of the modern era.  We have a front row seat for history, the curtains have opened and the game is on.  If this is a cross-roads for humanity as we know it, what an honour to be alive and participating.   

Ask yourself if you’re prepared to wake up one morning and find there’s no electricity, you can no longer get cash out of the ATM,  TV and radio communications are out and the supermarket shelves are empty.

Have you prepared yourself for the coming food crisis?  Most households have at best a 3 day supply of food available.   What you’d do if your family was starving.  That's an important question to ask yourself because you then have to be prepared to defend yourself against someone doing exactly that to your family. 

Old Spanish proverb:  “Civilization and anarchy are only seven meals apart.”

Forgive me it you think I'm being alarmist. If you look back over the past few years to see how your country has changed in terms of new, and sometimes draconian laws, financial crises, scandalous MP's expenses, impositions such as 'fracking', BBC protected paedophile rings and many more issues, it will take more than just a quick visit from Superman to fix things.

What happens if people break into your home with weapons?  You need to think fast and do whatever you can to protect your family.  The last thing you want to deal with is a knife wound without even having any knowledge of first aid! 

The short mnemonic YOYO sums it up: ‘You’re On Your Own’.  

You have to prepare for anything to happen.  Shelter, water, food and the means to defend your lives using the skill sets needed to get by without the luxuries of modern living will make all the difference.  Do you have neighbours on psychotropic drugs?  Have you ever seen violent behaviour when someone is off their medication?  They look like zombies.   After only a few days without food people will violently steal any food supplies.  When faced with death from starvation people become cannibals.  Add these two together and the need for personal protection becomes imperative. 

Whatever age you are you need to read about self-defence! 

Self Defence & Personal Protection 

Knowing basic self-defence will be essential.  Have you ever punched anyone before?  Do you know how badly your wrist can be damaged if you strike a person incorrectly?   The links I’ve put on the YouTube channel are there to show you where to hit a person.  The key points of the body.  I’d strongly recommend that you enrol your family in a local martial arts class just for the sheer experience of it.  They are great for flexibility and increased stamina as well.

There are thousands of martial arts DVD’s for sale.  Most of them are just musclemen showing off their baby oil-soaked biceps and trying to string a few instructional sentences together. Avoid these DVD’s!  These days my personal recommendation is for Tim Larkin’s work.  Tim’s an experienced trainer and is in great demand from people of all ages.  Have a look at his site Target Focus Training where there are free videos and downloads.  His work is becoming more and more appreciated.  Tim doesn’t mess about.  He teaches you what to do in an emergency, how to respond effectively as well as where and when to strike. 

First Aid, Hygiene & Health 

The first aid requirements for looking after your family will be vastly different to what’s required for an enforced survival exercise.  If you think such an occurrence is unlikely to happen to you, in March 2011 the people of Fukushima, Japan didn’t expect an earthquake or a tsunami. 

You can buy a simple first aid kit at any chemist; I strongly recommend that you learn how to cope with basic first aid as well as the more serious emergencies. 

Most mistakes are made when you’re mentally and physically exhausted.

Two points of particular note: 

  • common sense will prevent many injuries happening in the first place.  Easier said than done I admit but if you swing an axe, miss the wood you’re aiming at and embed the blade in your shin, you’ll wish you’d taken a practice swing first.
  • you want to avoid AT ALL COSTS they type of injury that your level of skill cannot cope with.

Within your group it is really worth exchanging skills. You don’t want the only person with any medical knowledge being the one in the coma as a result of a fall.  As there won’t be any telly to watch at night, share your knowledge on each subject so everyone has a chance to learn how to tie bowlines and clove hitches, gut fish, skin rabbits, use a compass, light fires and stitch a wound. 

If you have little knowledge about First Aid, start by getting an instructional DVD course to watch a few times so you become confident with the basics.  First Aid Training – A Comprehensive Guide (October 2010) [DVD] [2011] 

At all costs avoid finding yourself in a position where you have to perform a life- saving procedure on your own child and you wish you’d watched the video!  It is that important! 

Watch First Aid clips from our YouTube site

How long you live is not important; it’s how much living and loving you pack into your life that will make the difference. Decide whether you choose to stay in bed or walk like a giant and hold the world in arms grown strong with love.  There will be many things in your lifetime that you forget; your decision to embrace life will not be one of them.

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