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Eyesight: Stop the Deterioration RIGHT NOW

The best way I have found to address deteriorating eyesight  is with help from professionals that understand what to do and how to do it:

1.     Cambridge Institute for Better Vision   Marty Sussman
Although I will recommend some amazing books on vision below, if you’re not so good at reading a book and carrying out the exercises yourself, you’ll be better off getting a programme that works with and motivates you.  Over the past decade I have worked with the information provided by Martin Sussman at the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision. 
I’d originally found his “Program for Better Vision” in an Edinburgh bookshop. Impressed with his approach to improving vision, I subsequently discovered his website and opted to try his “Read Without Glasses” programme.  It was superb as is his free EYENews letter
Then I moved everything up a notch and joined his ‘Eyesight Club’, currently discounted to about £6.50 a month and worth every penny.  I joined not because I need to rectify a specific vision impairment; I merely wanted to do whatever was necessary to keep my eyesight in reasonable condition as my fiftieth year seems to get further and further behind me.  Membership also gave me access to audios and papers on his site that would have cost more to buy than the monthly fee.
Look through Martin’s website and see which of the vision programmes you think you would most benefit from.
2.      Vision Without Glasses  Duke Peterson
 Wearing Glasses And Contacts Will Destroy Your Vision Over Time.  That is the sad fact that most of us are not aware of.  Laser surgery?  Expensive, risky and there's no guarantee of success.
For its $37 (approx £24) this course comes with some superb interpretations of Dr Bates' research into eyesight, eye charts that help you through the exercises support from the author as well as a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.
2.      “Take Off Your Glasses and See”: Jacob Lieberman
Dr Jacob Liberman was a practising Optometrist in the mid-1970s, when he realized that conventional beliefs were keeping millions of people locked into limited eyesight and limited self-awareness. He also realised that the conventional vision care that he had been taught was designed not to treat or heal vision problems, but simply to mask their symptoms.  These symptoms were not just random, they were urgent signals that something in the body/mind was out of balance and required attention.  In 1976, he experienced a dramatic improvement in his own vision, which laid the foundation for him to assist thousands of others including me!  The book focuses on the intimate connection between "eyesight" and "insight" and made it clear to me that changing my awareness and perceptions would be the best "prescription" of all.
This book first ‘opened my eyes’ to the fact that improvements in vision were possible.  For years I had been told that my eyes would deteriorate, especially as both my parents had glaucoma.  Lieberman’s book taught me not to look for a solution but to stop looking at what was preventing me from seeing properly – and that vision is an experience of the heart and not just of the eyes.
3.     ‘Greater Vision’: Marc Grossman
Grossman delves into the intimate relationship between the health or ill–health of our eyes and the challenges to growth we all face.  The chapters include essential aspects of vision within the realms of Chinese Medicine – Wood, Water, Fire, Earth and Metal.  When I asked my parents what glaucoma was they told me it was deterioration in their vision associated with age.  Google it and you’ll get much the same description.  Glaucoma is in fact a stagnation in liver energy brought about by a person shoving his/her negative emotions deep down over a period of years.  The result is a build-up of negative physical and emotional energy.  A very different answer.
There are many extremely useful exercises in ‘Greater Vision’.  These are not designed to change you; rather they give you an opportunity to change the way in which you see the world.
4.     Pinhole Glasses:
Pinhole glasses are an ingenious approach to improving eyesight, whatever the symptoms may be.  Wear them for even just 15 minutes a day and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the noticeable difference even within a week.
I first met with Peter and Julia Duthie from ten or more years ago.  We talked about the pinhole glasses and how they brought about such a beneficial impact.  I still have the pair I first started using back then and at Peter’s suggestion when we spoke last week, I now read a story or an article to Phylipa when I go to bed at night just to keep any visual deterioration at bay.
"I loaned a pair of your glasses to my mother (78) to try, they transformed her vision for watching TV. Please send my replacement A.S.A.P."  C.D.Turner



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