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What is Human Design?

No one believes the Chinese sage’s words “Easy is right”. We are in awe of people who overcome the odds to ‘make it’ in life. They simply don’t realise it was their resistance to life that lead them to the hard times they went through.

Human Design will teach you so much about yourself, including how to eliminate the resistance you are putting up. You cannot learn this anywhere else!

Work out where your resistance is. Your resistance to fulfilling relationships; your resistance to the right job; your resistance to the right home; your resistance to money (the big one!) and your resistance to the joy your life can have.

Some people say there is such a thing as luck. Some people say there is such a thing as magic. My experience is that there is nothing but luck and magic. I live within that field now. That doesn’t mean my life is all plain sailing. It does mean I don’t have to worry about where I am going.

Human Design has evolved from a vast knowledge, originating in the ancient wisdoms. The Human Design System is a revolutionary new technique for profiling both individuals and relationships. Deep within your DNA in the cells of your body lies a hidden code. It is a code that determines who you are and who you will one day become. It is the original blueprint written in your genes; unrepeatable and unmistakeable. It is your design.

Discover yourself through Human Design
"For the first time you begin to experience the potential inherent in you, and YOU are your own authority. This is where self-love begins. It begins with trust; with trust. Not trust in somebody else's authority but trust in your authority. And it's really a remarkable thing because the moment that you trust in your authority, you begin to see that you're perfectly equipped to live your life; your life - that it's unique, it's differentiated, it's special. It deserves your love. You know, it's when you find this true security, you know the security blanket that you can really hold onto and it doesn't come from anyone else, it's you, it's you. It's just about being you. And you see, the moment that you can live that, is the moment that you can feel that love, self-love; loving yourself; such a beautiful thing. To love yourself is to open up love for everyone and everything that is part of your life. It's no longer rooted in your dependencies, your inferiorities, your inadequacies. All of those things no longer exist. You see, to be correct is to appreciate your own magic, your own beauty.

So I continue to remind you, you know, love yourself."

Ra Uru Hu                                                   

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Film Clip: An Introduction to the Human Design (15:51)

Film Clip: The Original Human Design System Introduction   Part One: (23:59)
Ra starts with the very basics; He starts by explaining where the knowledge came from, how the system works and slowly but surely works his way through all of the necessary information regarding the bodygraph, the crystals of conciousness and the magnetic monopole.

Film Clip: The Original Human Design System Introduction Part Two: (18:09)
Ra takes us through the BodyGraph, going from center to center, and then describes the impact of transits which he personifies with a very deep story towards the end of the video.

The Jovian Archive site also explains what Human Design is, how it can apply to you and where you can learn more.



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