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'Doctors Are Dangerous'
Elaine Hollingsworth's website

Every now and again you come across a book that is a must-read. Elaine Hollingsworth’s book, “Take Control of Your Health and  Escape the Sickness Industry”, is one of those.

This remarkable book reveals damning evidence of what corporations and governments do in order to maintain huge profits, regardless of their often catastrophic effects on the health of those they claim to serve.

But there is more to this book than attacks on big business and the medical and health industries. Throughout its pages you will discover well-researched and proven alternatives to expensive medication and surgical procedures, as well as learning about commonly held “beliefs” and even maladies that are nothing more than the inventions of marketing experts to help sell more products.

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If you are seriously interested in improving your health and wellbeing you owe it to yourself and those you care for to order your own copy of this controversial best-seller today.   

Fasten your seatbelt, and hang on – this is going to be a bumpy read! You are going to be exposed to ideas that refute the propaganda the ‘experts’ have been spewing for decades. They have used us as dupes and guinea pigs.

1: That “Mystery Illness” 
…It’s not all in your head!
2: Adrenal Insufficiency 
…The Thyroid Connection
3: Stomach Acid 
Forget the clever ads – it’s acid you need, not an antacid
4: Excitotoxins 
Deadly chemicals your Government is happy for you to eat and drink
5: Processed Foods 
A convenient way to shorten your life
6: Oils and Fats 
The facts behind all that industry misinformation
7: Bone Health 1 
Demineralisation… and why most popular osteoporosis treatments
are not only ineffective but damaging, too
8: Bone Health 2 
How To Build Healthy Bone… with a lot of help from vitamins
A, D, K and sunlight
9: Soy – The Abominable Bean 
A terrible tale of corporate greed, bad science, regulatory
misconduct… and how we’ve all been conned!
10: Hormonal Havoc 
A close look at the symptoms, treatment and prevention
of various hormone-related conditions
11: The Menopause 
There are safe alternatives to the heavily-touted aids and treatments,
like HRT, which do more harm than good
12: Breast Health 
Why prevention, not surgical mutilation, is the way to go; how to
avoid becoming a cancer statistic
13: Male Sexual Dysfunction 
Causes, remedies, and why you should avoid the unkindest cut of all
14: The Perils of Prostate 
What can happen to the prostate gland, and what you can do to
make sure it doesn’t happen to yours
Take Control of Your Health 6 and Escape the Sickness Industry
15: Dietary Supplements 2
The good, the bad, the so-so and the downright dangerous
16: Against the Grain 
The staples that are better left alone
17: Dental Health 
Mercury, fluoride, industrial waste – are you sure your dentist
isn’t making both of you sick?
18: Cancer 
“Statistically, life expectancy of untreated cancer patients is greater
than treated ones”
19: Water Woes 
“Tragically, we are exposing people to deadly elements of arsenic,
lead and radium, all carcinogenic”
20: Legal Drugs 
Whatever happened to “Ethical Pharmaceuticals”?
21: Vaccinations 
At best – useless; at worst – dangerous
22: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
your hair, your skin, your lungs, and everyone else’s
23: Radiation Rampage 
Almost inescapable, but here are some steps you can take to
protect yourself
24: Alzheimer’s Disease
On the increase – and often avoidable
25: The Banned List 
Stay away from these if you want to enjoy a long and healthy life
26: Remedies 
A simple guide to self-diagnosis, and some safe, effective
and proven natural remedies
27: In Other Words… 
A selection of contributed articles of interest

Important Information Regarding Supplements 
Appendix I – Yes, But What Can I Eat? 
A common sense guide to eating
Appendix II – Desiccated Glandulars 
For adrenal and thyroid insufficiency
Elaine attacks the pharmaceutical multinationals and their medical co-conspirators.

 - She warns about the life-threatening effects of artificial sweeteners.

- She explains exactly why soy is not fit to eat.

- She informs men about widely advertised foods that lead straight to impotence and prostate disease.

- She gives everyone a blueprint for overcoming all illnesses naturally, and living a long, healthy life.

"I wonder where Elaine gets her courage"  Michael Curry 
Elaine Hollingsworth: 88 and still fighting medical injustices!



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