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Samurai Strategies – The Life and Times of Japan’s Most Famous Samurai
Boyé Lafayette de Mente
Miyamoto Musashi was born in 1584 in Southern Japan and grew up to become the most famous Samurai swordsman, learning every style of sword fighting as well as developing his own.
Before he died in 1645 Musashi wrote Go Rin Sho (Book of Five Rings), a paper on the tactics and strategies of fighting. In the late 1970’s a US advertising columnist mentioned that the disciplines outlined in this document were responsible for the astounding success of Japanese businessmen worldwide.  Although this recommendation undoubtedly catalysed the book to become an instant business bestseller, few readers really got anything out of it (myself included).
Small wonder - it had been written for Samurai warriors steeped in Buddhist and Shinto principles, in the code of the Samurai with references that were part of the Japanese culture of that time.  
In Samurai Strategies Boyé Lafayette de Mente has transformed forty-two of the fundamentals of Musashi’s tactics,  explaining them in the context of modern business.  Like Sun Tzu’s better known book The Art of War, these strategies are as valuable today in business, sports, art, love and politics as they were in war four hundred years ago.
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