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    Healing with Ki Kou        
Li Xiuling
Unknown outside of China until recently, Ki-Kou is an ancient healing technique that is a unique combination of mindful targeted breathing, simple flowing movements, and restful poses. These gentle exercises, handed down for centuries by traditional Chinese doctors, are designed to harness your body’s own natural healing abilities.
Ki-Kou is the simplest, easiest, and most effective form of healing you will ever see…

•  no vitamins or supplements to take 
•  no drugs or medicines to swallow 
•  no chants, mantras, or prayers to memorize and repeat 
•  no incense, oils, or herbs to buy or apply 
•  no acupuncture needles, pressure, or painful body manipulations to endure 
•  no confusing diets to follow 
•  no difficult or exhausting exercises to perform
Ki-Kou offers a powerful protection against illness that moves beyond many traditional yoga techniques, offering targeting healing benefits. Using the principle of chi, considered by Eastern disciplines to be the energy source that carries life through your body, this step-by step guide brings improved health and self-awareness while targeting specific health complaints ranging from the common-cold, to cancer, to back pain.
Ki-Kou are appropriate for everyone from teenagers to older adults. The techniques  can be used as a stand-alone fitness and remedial programme or in combination with traditional yoga, QiGong, or our more familiar western exercise regimes - especially our morning exercise routines.

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