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The Tao of Natural Breathing 

Dennis Lewis

I picked up a copy of this book on a whim while browsing in Local Hero, a great little bookshop in Ojai, California. At the time I had no idea how important this would become to me.

 When we are born the first thing we do is inhale; when we die the last thing we do is exhale.  As babies and young children, most of us breathe freely and naturally with our entire bodies.   But our sedentary work environments and lifestyles, along with the ever-increasing stress of our busy lives have conditioned us to shallow, constricted breathing.  We breathe only in our upper chest, and this undermines our health, decreases our vitality, and further increases our mental and emotional stress.

The solution is ‘natural’ breathing. In this kind of breathing we use the full range of movement in our lungs, diaphragm, belly, and back--in fact, in our entire body--to inhale and exhale freely and fully. Through natural, authentic breathing you can reduce stress, improve your health, increase your energy, and support your quest for consciousness, self-knowledge, and self-transformation.

This is a huge contribution to our understanding of how the way we breathe influences our lives. 

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