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Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma 
Peter A Levine

Most trauma starts early in life from one of many occurrences – mother smoking during pregnancy, forceps delivery, the umbilical cord being cut too early or other mechanical interventions at birth, lack of bonding or early childhood rejection.  Most subsequent trauma is merely a repetition of an earlier incident.

Waking the Tiger views the human animal as a unique being.  Think about this refreshingly simple approach – today’s schools ensure students conform within guidelines set by people who are still traumatised themselves; governments and corporations unitise the workforce so that those who don’t fit the expected persona are considered ‘different’.  I was once asked evaluated with the question “Which would I put first – my family or my employer?”  Well the answer was simple but it wasn’t the one they wanted.  I couldn’t even work for an institution that asked that of me so I resigned.

Waking the Tiger takes you on a guided tour of the subtle yet powerful impulses that govern your responses to overwhelming life events. Through a heightened awareness of these sensations, trauma can be recognised and healed.

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