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The Gift Of Fear

Gavin De Becker


This book can save your life.  It's that simple. 

Gavin de Becker has spent many years in the business of providing security for celebrities, film stars and rock groups.  It is believed that when George Harrison passed away in 2002 he was staying in Los Angeles with his long-time friend Gavin de Becker.

Do you rely on your mind for decisions or do you have the survival instincts that allow you to realise something is wrong?  For example - when a date won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, a new babysitter puts you on edge, you feel you’re being followed, the other person in the lift with you or the stranger offering to help you into your house with heavy shopping just doesn’t feel right.  The Gift of Fear, originally written in 1997 by Gavin de Becker helps us recognise the survival signals that will protect us from violence.  Can you notice these body signals or does your mind tell you to disregard them? Do you trust your instincts?

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