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Inner Calm

The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.”  

James Allen (1864 – 1912 Poet and Pioneer of the Self-Help Movement)

It is our belief, at Resources For Life, that a sense of “inner peace and inner calm” is the most healing state that a body can experience.

Our most misunderstood remedy is undoubtedly INNER CALM. People understand the benefits of a detox and a parasite cleanse just as women appreciate the value of Natural Female.  Even Maestro has gained mainstream acceptance over the years as users understand how the body responds so positively when the spleen, the ‘Emperor of Organs’ begins to function properly.

Inner Calm’s real benefit is in supporting the adrenals.  The adrenals, Brazil nut-sized glands, located on top of each kidney are an integral part of the endocrine (hormone) system and responsible for producing vital hormones that are critical to the stress response.  The adrenals are divided into two parts:

● the outer cortex produces cortisol that controls inflammation and thus affects physical wounds, arthritis, allergies and asthma.

● the inner medulla pumps adrenaline into the bloodstream to speed up the body’s metabolism in order to cope with daily stress.

Together these important hormones determine our response to potential danger. When we are in “fight or flight” or “active alert”, in the sympathetic mode of the autonomic nervous system, blood flows to our extremities so we can use our arms to fight or our legs to flee.  The means there is no energy remaining in the body to perform our natural functions such as breathing, digesting, eliminating and heart function.  These functions require the body to be calm when the autonomic system functions in parasympathetic mode.  When we live on active alert all the time, then the adrenals become depleted and the body cannot perform its natural functions properly.  Many people aren’t breathing properly – the body only takes a breath at the last minute to feed oxygenated blood to the heart.  This is emergency mode.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue include:

         fatigue or exhaustion

         waking up as tired as you went to bed

         sleep disturbances

         feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with stressful events

         more energy in the evening than the morning

         low stamina

         slow to recover from injury,

         PMT or difficulties during menopause

         consistent low blood pressure

         extreme sensitivity to cold

         difficulty concentrating

         poor digestion

         food or environmental allergies

         craving salty and sweet foods

When people are stressed it is not uncommon for them to feel exhausted one minute and then experience a surge of energy the next. Similarly, when we become afraid of something our heart starts racing as the adrenals secret their stress-related hormones to support us through the period of emotional upset.

Reading this you may even recognise people who suffer from this stressful condition.  This is what Inner Calm was designed to support.  In doing so it also helps balance blood sugar levels.  Stress is the root cause of diabetes.  Recently a link has been established between diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease showing that sugar imbalances will eventually affect the brain.

Our experience shows that every single one of our herbal remedies works more effectively when it is taken with Inner Calm.  If you want your body to heal and not just your symptoms, don’t forget to add Inner Calm to your order.

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