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Mystery of the Healing Process

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Hundreds of people find our website through internet search engines.   Sometimes they find our herbal remedies through personal recommendation or advertisements in magazines like Kindred Spirit.  They make contact either by email, phone calls, letters or simply order out of the blue. Almost everyone who contacts us or looks at our website is looking for answers to their persistent health issues.

Each time we encounter challenging and complex problems, it pushes us to explore, research and find ways of adding new resources to our range, for improving our health and well-being, both physical and spiritual.  For something to get onto our website it is to be proven, and has to have worked for us and a substantial number of others.  We have had enough positive results from everything on our website and until we do have enough results that work, we will not add it to our website.

 And yet, there is not one thing that suits everyone.  We cannot say, “This is so good, you must have it. It will change your life.”  All we can do is recommend it and say we have had very positive results.  Sometimes that is not good enough.  We have people who are desperate for answers from us, because they have looked everywhere.  They want cures and they expect certainty from us that “this time they will be cured”.  And we cannot give that confirmation.

Why not?  Because healing is not in our hands, it is in yours. 

There are many reasons why people develop conditions that will not shift.  The primary reasons are emotional, not physical.  Good health brings many rewards, and also many responsibilities.  Energy is a wonderful thing. Unless it is properly contained, it can become depleted and lead to exhaustion.   Our emotional health is so tied up in understanding ourselves and how we should live our lives properly.   Until we do so, we will continue to deplete our energy resources, our health and our self-esteem, resulting in dysfunctional relationships.

Giving away our power to a conventional medical practitioner cannot possibly bring about the kind of healing that we are looking for.  What we can use that profession for is diagnosis of symptoms which then gives us a starting point to look for deeper causes.  The true seeker will find the answer, but it will take the seeker on a journey which is far beyond those first few steps we expected to make.  You must be prepared to take the next and the next step if you want to be healthy.  If it is all too difficult then you must explore the reasons why you do not want to continue.  These reasons can be obvious or very subtle.  One of the more obvious is that when we are sick as children we gain the attention of our busy parents, so we continue to stay sick, because we have created a pattern that worked.  The less obvious are when we remain in a place that does not serve us because if we move out of that place we think we will die.  What we need is to find the safety and support where we can convince ourselves that we will not die if we seek to change what is emotionally causing us to stay sick. 


What is going on in our body when we have tried everything?  We’ve been to the doctor, who has done his best.  Tests show nothing serious, blood tests have measured our blood against a pretty mediocre set of “normal” blood, showing nothing untoward. Natural treatments, alterations in diet, starvation, fasting, raw food and natural remedies have done nothing.  At the end of our tether, we still keep trying because we know that surviving this way is not how we want to live.

I am so grateful to these people, because they do not give up.  I think perhaps I too have been one of these people, because I realise now that we touch that edge of despair, anger and frustration.  We search the internet, finding websites which will give us answers. 

Our website comes up, we offer some kind of solutions.  We can only tell them what we know, what we have learnt, the wisdom that does not come through learning, but through some kind of inner understanding, and the experience we have had with our own lives and our clients.  We too do not always have the answer they are looking for, but we never stop looking.

Perhaps they try what we offer.  Perhaps they are still angry.  First that they are still sick, and second that they have spent yet more money on their search for true health.  But they are determined and they do not give up.  These people make me think and challenge me to search the deep recesses of my own mind, inner awareness and outer knowledge.  Because it is my journey too, and I do not want to let them or myself down.

So I piece it together in my mind, like a jigsaw puzzle, inviting in those shapes that might fit.  As this process is going on I get outer confirmation from other sources; information that lets me know that I am on the right track.  Information like, for example, Alzheimer’s is linked to diabetes, which is one of the shapes, one of the jigsaw pieces.

Early Restrictive Patterning
My starting point is the birth patterns and trauma.  I spent three years on an intense training, working on myself in the process.  It never ends with the training.  When you know this work, it changes you, it changes your life; it becomes your life.   If we have a birth that brought us close to death through pain, drugs, being stuck or having the cord tight around the neck, then we already have an experience of the fragility of life and how close death can be.  Cutting the cord within 20 minutes of the birth can deprive the baby of vital oxygen and blood.  Trauma from our birth can stay with us forever, keeping us on that edge of watchfulness, looking for the next danger, fearful that it might be around the corner. 

Humans are the only species on this planet that do not release the surge of adrenaline that floods the body in moments of intense danger.  We are capable of living in that place forever, continually flooding adrenaline into our body.  An animal will sense danger, go into active alert until it senses that the danger has passed.   Then it will release the adrenaline build up by shaking the body.  It is these body tremors that discharge the trauma and bring the animal back down into a relaxed state.

If we are not living in a relaxed state then our (parasympathetic) nervous system cannot function.  Nothing in our body is properly digested and we cannot breathe properly.  Insulin is pumped in to the blood stream to compensate for the digestive imbalances and surges in blood sugar, creating a pre-diabetic state.  Diabetes is almost an inevitable consequence.  Unless we do something first.  If our body is not digesting food, then diet alone is not the answer.

A mother that does not feel safe when giving birth;  is not supported by a loving, caring partner, or is in the hands of incompetent medical staff, is already in active alert.  The baby believes there is danger; he/she believes he is alone, abandoned, and is born into unsafe surroundings and is likely to be on active alert for the rest of his life, until someone recognises this state and finds a solution.   This is where the vicious circle starts and it goes back generations.  Only when we recognise this piece can we hope to help our future generations.

If the mother feels supported at birth, especially by the father, then the baby can be supported to have the best experience at its birth.  If the baby is a girl it will know what it feels like to be supported and if the baby is a boy it will learn from that age how important that male support is.  When he assists his own wife at the birth of their child, then he will know how to give that kind of support, and will be a supportive husband and father.  It is this support from the men in our lives that can never be underestimated and is the foundation that will provide safety in the lives of his children and their children. Society will change when the men can be our safety and not the aggressors.

The Chinese Philosophical Approach 
If a baby is born on “active alert”, and the condition is not recognised, then this baby will inevitably end up in a diseased state of some kind. In Chinese Medicine it is the spleen, known as the spleen/pancreas, which keeps us grounded in the body, it is our Earth.  The spleen is governed  by the Earth Element; when we are truly connected with Mother Earth we are happy in our human body.   Weakness in the spleen starts to manifest externally, sometimes twenty or even forty years later, sometimes much earlier. Symptoms of the insulin imbalance which has been there since birth will start to appear. 

Nothing is being properly digested and the body cannot differentiate between food that is necessary and useful to our body and food that we can’t make use of.  So everything that is put in the body is poison.  All the digestive organs have to work harder without the spleen.  They go into overwhelm and become cannot function properly.  The liver is overloaded with toxicity so toxic matter starts to deposit in the large intestine.   The Metal Element, governing the lung and large intestine is not being supported by a healthy spleen and so the cycle spirals downwards. 

The lack of energy from the large intestine is not supporting the in-breath of “life” in the lungs a resulting in conditions such as pneumonia or asthma.  What happens when we are in danger?  We hold our breath.  Babies born in active alert become asthmatic; they cannot take in the breath of life, nor can they exhale the toxic waste from the body that is released through the lungs.  This toxicity is forced to eliminate through the skin causing eczema.  This is just the start.  Some babies are stronger and their organs can carry on for longer before showing symptoms of degeneration. 

Once the large intestine becomes diseased then it can affect any part of the body.  “Holding on for dear life,”  and not fully releasing faecal waste will spread toxic, putrefying faecal matter back through the ileo-caecal valve, backing up into the small intestine, causing more damage throughout the body.  In Chinese medicine this is the healthy cycle turning backwards and becoming destructive.  The spleen cannot keep the dirty blood clean and so toxic and dirty blood spread through the body and brain, causing damage to all the organs including the brain.  Toxic, dangerous thoughts and destructive “voices” can fill the mind when the blood is full of unfiltered waste.  

Pills and potions simply pass through the sluggish spleen, collecting in the blood and being passed to the liver to deal with. Here they just build up and build up because they cannot be eliminated.  The thyroid cannot deal with the huge amount of undigested food and faecal matter going around in the blood and goes into overwhelm.  Artificial hormones are given to the patient to keep the thyroid functioning and the whole balance of the hormonal system collapses.  Symptoms are as wide and varied as those listed in a doctor’s medical journal.

Just because someone abandoned us once and we understood the meaning of danger.

In the Sheng or healthy cycle of the five elements, a strong Earth Element, the energy of “Mother” Earth, will support the Metal Element, the “Father” more Universal energy.  The manner in which the baby is supported and welcomed into the world is especially relevant to a good start in life.  In the Earth and Metal elements we see the importance of mutually supportive relationships between men and women.  If our men feel nourished and loved by their mother, then they are able to go out into the world and support their own families, where their wives will give them the love and nourishment that they need to be the supporter and provider. When the Metal Element is strong the spirit of the baby feels safe in its own body. 

Another aspect of living in the place of danger, is that fear is always a part of it.  The active alert state is a state of fear.  Adrenals are depleted by fear.  We keep secrets when we are afraid, we don’t express our emotions when we are afraid.  We keep a guard over our heart and hide our truth.  Our relationships struggle to survive.  Our lives don’t function.  It takes energy and effort to live like this.  We develop diseases that doctors cannot understand let alone treat, such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, lupus, hypoadrenia, pains of unknown origin and general weakness. 

Fear clenches every cell in our body including our heart.  We cannot give or receive love when our heart is clenched.  There is no passion in our lives, our Fire Element is weak.  When we have a weak Fire Element then our blood does not flow properly through the body.  People have blood clots and heart attacks.  It is nothing to do with cholesterol; that is just a myth propagated to sell margarines made from chemicals, in order to boost the profits of that industry.  Unclenching our body will do more for the heart than any low cholesterol food.  Trusting and letting go are not always easy, but they have a major impact on our health.

Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease 
Because the spleen is weakened we start to crave sugar.  A weak spleen is the cause of cravings and addictions.  As we consume more and more sugar, alcohol, caffeine and carbohydrates the blood sugar levels rocket; insulin is poured into the blood to break down the high levels of glucose and we become hypoglycaemic.  This leads to hyperglycaemia, too much glucose in the blood, and then we are diagnosed with diabetes.  This can happen at any stage in our lives, depending how strong we were to start with.  The pharmaceutical industry has recognised this condition as common and, in the early 1900’s, decided that diabetes was an incurable disease.  It has made billions out of a condition that can be understood and prevented, or arrested at any stage from birth onwards, provided that it is recognised, and provided that we can see the big picture.  For those that are still living in this state of active alert, until they are well into their sixties, then it is likely that they have taken some steps to reduce their symptoms through natural methods.  Perhaps these people have had many and various treatments which keep those symptoms at bay.  However, if it is still not properly dealt with it can still manifest as Alzheimer’s Disease when they no longer have the energy to take the supplements and treatments that have kept them healthy until then.

When we live in that place of “active alert” we hold onto emotions because we are afraid that expressing them will challenge our survival.  So we keep secrets.  Holding back our emotions is a major cause of toxicity.  Secrets are toxic.  They keep us on guard, on “active alert”.  We hold on.  We become rigid in our body and in our mind.  We try to rationalize our emotions, our anger, and allow what caused it to go round and round in our head, instead of allowing it to be expressed.  Sometimes what triggers an emotional response is caused by a misunderstanding, and sometimes we dare not express our feelings because we think we might die.  At the very least, we might lose the support of a partner who we have become dependent upon. 

I imagine that this must have been common in the past, with the husband as the main provider and the wife expected to be happy and grateful.  Any expression of dissatisfaction in the relationship might have meant no financial support in the future.  For some women, tied to the husband in this way, it was a lifesaving device to keep their feelings and emotions to themselves.  Frequently, other members of the family of someone with Alzheimer’s,  experience a time when the patient becomes extremely angry and hurtful to the partner that they appeared to love in the past.  The increased loss of connection with the neural pathways causes them to forget that it was life-saving for them to withhold that emotion.  This is shocking to the family who always thought of the person as a loving and contented member of the family.  What a waste of a life, to live that pretense for so long, and only express the truth when you lose that rigid control.

Our body is never relaxed while it is on “active alert”.  It is clenched, it is rigid.  What happens with this rigidity in the brain?  Eventually protein fragments known as beta amyloids create hard, insoluble plaques between the neurons (nerve cells) of the brain.  This prevents the proper functioning of the brain which can no longer assimilate the nutrients required to stay healthy.  This condition is known as Alzheimer’s Disease.  What about these hard plaques that build up in nerve cells throughout the body?  They cause heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and any other disease connected with the nervous system.  This is what happens to our body when we flood it with adrenaline, and cannot release the trauma.  If we have managed to avoid the diabetes and heart disease, eventually we succumb in our old age to Alzheimer’s Disease.  Unless we start working at a deep root cause level.

The sooner we can start to heal and balance the nervous system, the less likely we are to degenerate.  Side effects of the whole picture I have described above are cancers which occur as the body becomes weaker; commonly when conditions such as candida and constipation are allowed to flourish unchecked.   Parasites, always opportunistic invaders, enter the weakened or stressed body and mask themselves as the symptoms of numerous diseases.

At Resources For Life we have an ancient herbal recipe called Inner Calm.  It restores the depleted adrenals, calming the nervous system and balancing insulin production.   Real healing cannot happen until the physical body settles.  When it is settled and content then we can release trauma and diseased conditions from the body.  We can also start to live in our body and love our body so that it works at its optimum potential. Only then, when our body is healthy, can we truly enjoy being the spirit that we are.  Without a remedy like Inner Calm it could take many, many, years.  With the support of this incredible recipe you will notice changes within a few months.  Two weeks may not be enough.  Dedication to your healing process requires that you don’t give up too soon, and you allow the follow through process.  I have noticed people take a remedy for three months, decide that nothing has worked and then three months after that, as the body continues the healing process that has been initiated some results start to show.  At this stage, when these kinds of results become obvious, I always recommend returning to the herbal programme to give an extra boost and extra support.  Usually I encourage people to stay on it for at least six months without giving up. 

You decide; how much do you want to get better?

Phylipa Dinnen


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