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My daughter asked me on her 9th birthday what she was doing on this planet. “Why am I here?” I was awed by the wisdom of such a young soul, knowing that, as adults, many of us ask such questions. It was as if I was seeing mutation and evolution happening before my eyes. “These are new children”, was my thought, “they are already enlightened and need to be treated in a very different way from the way we were raised.”

Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby

Many, many people have a problem conceiving which has created a whole area of medicine where less fertile mothers are able to have a baby. This is either by artificial insemination of a sperm and egg that have been fertilised out of the womb, or through hormonal therapy. The dilemma with these parents is that the inability to conceive means that the body is not healthy enough to carry the baby, without the extra use of drugs.

 Perhaps this is a transitional process where we are slowly waking up to see  that fewer children are actually being born and that the lack of fertility is  actually slowing down the rapid growth in the population. Of course it is a  gift for a mother who is keen to have a child to be able to conceive in this  way, but there are perhaps many other women who are perfectly happy with  their child-free lives. In the past when the world needed populating it was  the potential of the women to bring in the next generation. We are mutating;  women are different, stronger and the men/women differences are lessening  as we all fulfil the paths, the careers and the lives we choose and no longer  have gender selective roles.

For those who choose to bring children into this world, the most ideal way is for both parents to be as healthy as possible, eating good quality food and taking real care of their body. Awake and aware parents who nourish themselves properly will nourish and nurture their children in the best possible way. Although it is a genetic imperative to support the continuation of the species, it is also easy to accidentally conceive in a careless moment of indiscretion.

The sexual act does, believe it or not, provide other beneficial functions; not least that it massages, in the woman, every organ in the body through the acupuncture meridian lines in her vagina. It is also possible for the man to have an orgasm without ejaculating so clearly a couple can practice and enjoy the sexual act, not always with the outcome of fertilising an ovum with the sperm.

To have a loving, mutual and conscious conception is the greatest startto life any child can have

This very aware moment sets the scene for the baby’s journey. The point of conception is recapitulated throughout a baby’s life. It can manifest as traumatic or beautiful depending on what happened at the start of the journey. It is the first opportunity for the potential of the new soul to heal its ancestral past.

Very few babies are conceived through an act of intention to invite a new being into their family. This means that the opportunity of a fresh start is missed as we recapitulate our own difficult journeys through the next generation. One day we feel “different” and wonder if we are pregnant. There are mothers who sense a difference when the baby is conceived or even within a few hours.

We inherit many patterns from our parents, passed from their cells to ours. The eminent doctor and scientist, Dr Gerd Hamer, discovered certain psychological patterns that develop into a cancer, affecting the same part of the body; children who repeatedly watch their parents arguing, for instance may become constipated; a shopkeeper may develop Crohn’s disease simply because of the negative emotion caused by someone else opening a similar business nearby and decimating his trade. If issues are not dealt with then the deep cellular patterns can be passed on to the next generation and the next after that who will be bewildered why these conditions have manifested.

Think about the start to your own life. How might it feel to you if you knew you were consciously invited in, simply to be yourself and for no other reason? No attachments to why you were invited, whether someone needed you or whether you had a particular function to perform in someone else’s life. You just came in when you felt that you were ready for another lifetime, to the parents who were ready to support you through your childhood in the most loving way.

Most of us will have brought in wounds that we spend a lifetime trying to heal. This is the dynamic of our world. If we came in as perfect beings we would really have no need to be here. We are here to learn what it means to have a life in the physical, and to achieve some kind of inner understanding of a fulfilled life. Yet so many people spend a lifetime striving for something material that has been imposed by some self-serving authority, or trying to regain a sense of spirituality. Neither is balanced. We should know the spirit’s journey – it is simply to have an experience in the physical; that is where we came from so why spend our lives trying to return? Instead let’s enjoy the lifetime we have been given, allowing our body to function at an optimal level so that we can gain the most benefit from this experience. It is highly likely that you will come back for another experience, but next time that spirit which defines your personality, will inhabit a different body. It is only for this life that you will have the body that you have now.

For the first six months of our foetal growth we are only functioning as a form, as a body. There is no “personality”. The spirit that becomes the personality may be watching and waiting, but it is not yet connected to the form, the body, which it is about to inhabit.

However, the form is impacted by everything that the mother takes into the body. Most people already make sure that they don’t smoke or drink alcohol while they are pregnant. Without conscious conception how many people are smoking or drinking alcohol, unaware that there is a tiny foetus growing inside? At this very early stage, within two days of conception, any alcohol can deeply impact the forming of the liver which is the first organ to develop. Liver cells are the hardest to replace so being careful at this early stage does make a difference.

Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t know; so many of us are conceived by parents who were unconscious and unhealthy, and we probably conceived our own children in the same way. It was our journey; it’s what we came to learn. Now that we are learning and can share our learning we can bring in healthier and happier children who can have different experiences on our planet than the ones we had even if we are already parents or grandparents.

Our wounded patterns become our growth process and in another newsletter I will expand on the various patterns that we incarnate with. These are patterns, or circumstances, that start with the way we were conceived, and repeat at our birth. We confront these circumstances all through our life, thinking that they are simply a negative aspect of our personality, not knowing that we can transform them into gifts. When we start to understand them, and heal the negative implications, we can use the dynamics to our advantage and we realise that we were given them in order to support our purpose; our role. Without the journey of exploration and understanding we could never truly achieve our potential.

Awareness raises our cellular frequencies and brings a higher resonance to the planet and its people. We are entering an era where there is a greater emotional intelligence with less mental or strategic input; where we learn to trust the real feelings and intuitions of the body, instead of giving authority to the mind. The mind can measure this or that, it can weigh up problems and issues. It can give you the possibilities of solutions given the information it has. The body, however, will take that information and literally give a non-verbal, gut or inner response, which tells you the true direction you need to take. Some people need time to gain clarity; with others it is clear in the present. We have evolved into a body centred species where the body holds our truth. If we are able to give authority to our body and teach those principles to our offspring then we are helping the next generation in a way that has never been allowed to happen in the past. 

When my daughter asked me what she was doing on the planet, I was home educating and now, nine years later, I can see what a gift that experience was. All the home educated kids I know seem to be a very different breed to the kids that are sent to regular schools. It has confirmed my belief, that they all have the potential to express the new mutation, but only if they are treated correctly and are not programmed or conditioned to be like everyone else. Each of us is unique, let’s allow that uniqueness to emerge in ourselves and our children. It’s never too late, but what an incredible gift you can give your children if you can start honouring them even before they are born.

Phylipa Dinnen

Practitioner of Pre and Peri Natal Birth Truma



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