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The Womb Experience


In my last exploration of the birth story we looked at preconception – preparing for a healthy womb, and making aware decisions to conceive. The body, created by a “design crystal” is where the formation of a new human baby begins. The Design Crystal enters the sperm of the man up to eight hours before conception takes place. Obviously it is the body that starts the process of life; at this stage there is no mind, no personality involved.

Design and Personality Crystals

The body is developing during the first three months until it is virtually fully formed. Once formed the body continues growing for another three months. It is in the third trimester that the Personality Crystal enters the growing foetus. When this happens, approximately 88 days before birth, we have a viable baby. This information has come about through exploring deeper and deeper into our genetic foundation, our genetic blueprint. Through the Human Design System we find detail that even scientists are not yet aware of. Because of this understanding we can see the personality and the body as separate, which allows the personality to have a different experience, a different ride, in a new vehicle. When we give authority to the vehicle we can literally have the ride of our life, simply because the vehicle knows exactly where it is going. The Personality Crystal, which returns for many, many lifetimes, comes through the neutrino stream which flows in from the Dark Matter in the Universe, to embed into the already growing foetus in the womb which holds what is known as the Design Crystal, which forms our body.

Depending on the early imprinting of the mother’s design, and the planetary influences/transit field at key points in the development of the foetus we can see what kind of a journey the foetus is taking. If the mother has aspects of “trial and error” in her design then the foetus will take on crisis after crisis and may not survive. These points of crisis will impact a growing foetus - remember at this point we are only talking about the body - and this will become a body that is used to pain and discomfort. It is not until 88 days before birth that that Personality Crystal that I first spoke of enters the fully formed body.

Pain Thresholds

 We often see tiny children that run through a patch of stinging nettles and just say “ow”,  when another child would run through the same patch and emerge screaming with pain.  Why two such different experiences of the same event? The mother’s design will have  hardwired the child to have experienced pain it its tiny body within the womb, perhaps  surviving one crisis after another. When the personality crystal enters the body at around  three months before birth it enters into a form where it becomes aware of the pain.

As these children grow up they are always in touch with their own pain, their own body.  They cannot help but be aware of the body. Imagine a child which has no such imprint of  pain in the body. When the personality crystal enters the already formed body around  three months before birth, there is no such awareness of pain. The body is healthy and  comfortable. The personality crystal perhaps is not even aware that it has entered a body and continues to survive this way for the rest of its life until we actually realise that we have a body that needs to be noticed.

Imagine the child that is so aware of the pain. What is his or her life going to be like? Pain will always be a part of the life of this child. It is not a “big deal”; that child won’t complain and will suffer all sorts of knocks that another child couldn’t handle. These children grow with a body awareness that so many people just don’t have. The pain is likely to be recapitulated at birth through forceps or other difficult delivery processes, because early patterns repeat until we understand them. They grow up very aware and conscious of the body processes. Perhaps they feel the pain of indigestion when they eat the wrong food; they may have allergies and intolerances that other people are simply not aware of. They are not likely to complain, but they may talk about it as if everyone else notices pain the same way.

Awake and Aware Children

It is these children who will grow up to be awake and aware human beings. These children have been aware of their body in a way that most people are not. They are already hardwired from the early imprinting to know that the body is vulnerable, that is feels pain and that it forces them to acknowledge its existence.

How about others who have no experience of pain in the womb or at birth? These children go through life with a mental perspective believing that the mind controls their entire life. They make decisions from the mind and are proud when they achieve and follow through with those decisions that the mind has made. But they wonder why they are not fulfilled, not happy with what they are doing. They set goals that they achieve purely to please someone in the family who has paid for their education; but they are not personally satisfied. So they continue on the same path seeking satisfaction but never finding it.

Our True Authority

Until we become aware that the mind is not in control, the mind is simply a passenger in the back seat, we will never be content. Have fun in the back seat, watch the view and see where the body takes you. You will have a journey you never dreamed of; beyond any expectations that your mind would have come up with.

Our true authority comes from the body; it is where all our decisions are made. The mind can only measure this….. or …..that which gives it a 50% chance of being correct. When we allow our body to guide us; when we listen to its subtle messages from the sacral or the spleen, we get the truth. Even from the ups and downs of our emotions, from the solar plexus, we get the real truth if we wait. So many people in our world take no notice of their body because it does not call out to them. They require decisions to be made in the moment, right now, with no possibility of simply waiting for the rightness to be felt in the body

We are here as a spirit, a soul, a personality, to have a body experience for this lifetime. The body will wither and die eventually, but the soul will continue in the form of the Personality crystal. Unless the body has been allowed to have a certain time, four days, before it is burnt or buried, the personality crystal has a hard time returning. We need to have what is known as a period of “bardo” so that the soul can depart correctly. Right now there are millions and millions of personality crystals in the universe that simply have no means of re-entering a body.

Let your body be the driver, and let your mind enjoy the ride of its life so it can return for an even better life next time.

Phylipa Dinnen

Practitioner of Pre and Peri Natal Birth Trauma



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