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Does Your Work Make You Feel Orgasmic?


Do you really love what you do?

If not, there are a few simple pieces of information, and some practical advice, that will transform your life so that you won’t crave alternative excitement, such as high -adrenaline sports, exciting holidays and high levels of sexual activity to fill those empty spaces.

You can transform that same energy to get more out of your work because it stimulates and excites you.

Would your partner be happier when you are fulfilled with your work?  You’ll have no need to take out your frustration on each other as you’ll both find out what you love.

And incidentally when you do have sex it will be so much better for both of you.  As you become more creative in your work you can also become more creative in your sexual experiences.  Cravings for sex are addictive when you are not being creative in your life.  We revert back to the deep primal urge.  But now the cravings are not addictive and become less of a need.


Love of the work you do and your sexuality both come from the sacral centre, situated in the lower abdomen.  All you need to do is align it with the truth.

What to know more?

Who are you really?

What do your genes tell you?

What is your role here?

And how do you align with your own truth?

If you haven’t already come across Human Design then it is highly likely that you are living a life that was more appropriate before 1781.  Back then we were mental beings.  But we mutated – a new species arrived on our planet – a nine-centred body oriented species which is subtly different from the seven centred species we still believe we are.  We have incredible gifts of body awareness that so many of us are not yet aware of.  Most people are still living that seven centred mentally oriented life.  It simply does not serve us anymore and instead of being awake and aware, moving forward with our lives in a positive and rewarding way, we become frustrated, bitter, angry and intensely disappointed with the lives we lead. We blame others for everything instead of really “seeing” in a different way to the way we saw life in the past.

A new type of human was added as well.  We have four types of humans, depending on the centres we have.  These centres used to be known as chakras, and there were seven chakras; now there are nine and we call them centres to differentiate between the past and the present.  The type with the sacral centre defined, make up 70% of the population. They are known as Generators.  The new type, called Projectors, make up 21% of the population; they are here to guide and advise other people.  These 21% do not have high energy levels, but they try to fit into the old seven centred idea of what life is.  It feels wrong to this group but they don’t know why.  They want to be recognised by the Generators who are too busy using up their precious energy on fruitless endeavours to notice, so these Projectors are the ones who feel the most bitter.  They see what needs to be done in the world, but other people don’t listen to them.  These Projectors don’t have that “truth” and “doing” centre, that sacral centre, like Generators do.  But the Projector’s job is to wake up the Generator. When those Generators can find their true role in life then Projectors can relax and enjoy their own life.

It’s the Generator type that enjoys being busy, wants to do work that they love and enjoy their sexuality.  Most of them are deeply, deeply frustrated.  Here they are on a planet where they are forced to do jobs that are mindless and irrelevant simply so they can pay ever-increasing bills.  If these Generators cannot wake up and see that they are stifling themselves, stifling their own creative genius, stifling that incredible sacral centre, then we are truly on a downward spiral.  Without sacral awakeness and awareness the planet cannot run itself.  We need those people who can work, who have the driving force to work, to be passionate about what they do and what they can contribute positively to our lives, so that the planet thrives. 

No one loves sitting behind a desk making numbers match.  Money is a tool not a master.  Something has changed dramatically and no-one has noticed.  The motorways are still blocked every morning and evening as commuters travel to work they hate.  Is this really something that they “want” to do?  Are we really so stuck in a rut that we have become machines making money for people who are already billionaires?  We generously give to charities that are run by people who could wipe out poverty tomorrow.  And we think we are kind and thoughtful people?

Find yourself, find out who you are, find your true role in life.  It is not to stand in a megastore serving people who think you are beneath them.  It is not stacking shelves just to pay for food.  We all have a purpose, a role and all we need to do is find it.  It is deep within our genes to do what we love.  When we find it we realise we’ve been doing it all along but felt guilty No longer do we have to feel guilty because we are thriving on being happy!  When we start to hear more people who say “I love what I do” and grow through the process, instead of working hard to have a hobby they love instead, then we are on the right path to enlightenment; otherwise known as orgasmic contentment.

Phylipa Dinnen

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