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Self-Worth: Who Loves Ya?    

One of the biggest fears of many humans on this planet is their own self-worth. Most people who really want to know themselves want to hear that they are better than others, that they are needed; that they have value.  They want to leave a legacy and be remembered.

 The idea of living for our three score years and ten, or more it seems  these days, is that we can look back on a life that has been well lived  with a story that is worthy of a book.

 And it is my belief that most of us do have a story that has value and is  fascinating to others.  So how do we find that story?

 Only by being true to ourselves; only by finding out and living who we  really are; only by letting go of that huge expectation on us to be  someone, to be something, instead of to be an essential part of the  whole.

 Each one of us is born with a purpose.  None of us are able to find our purpose when we are all educated within the confined structure of our present system.  Instead we are put into a “mixer” and blended so that we become integrated into the current social structure.  Unless a certain proportion of the population are deliberately “dumbed down” there would be no one who could dream of a job in a hypermarket or massive superstore that allows no possibility of self growth or self-worth.

We have no idea of what we are capable of if we buy into the “homogenisation” process that has been created for us over the last hundred years or so.  Inside us there is another being longing to be free, but we have been mentally conditioned to be a part of the machine that makes the world work.  Is that idea of freedom possible? 

Until 1781 it suited humans to be strategic, to be mental in their process, in their lives.  Up until then it was necessary for us to learn how to live, survive, build houses and fend for ourselves.  All of these skills, and most of the skills we use today came from knowledge and awareness gained before the discovery of Uranus in 1781. 

But the children born since that discovery, the Uranian beings which includes all of us on this planet alive today, have a different way of functioning.  We mutated, we evolved at the moment of discovery, from seven-centred beings to nine-centred beings.  Those who speak of the chakras speak of the seven chakras.  In order to differentiate ourselves from those pre-Uranian beings we call them nine centres.  We mutated to become more body oriented and less mind oriented. This means that we should no longer be controlled by our mind; in fact it is really something that can only measure – “what happens if we do this…..” etc.  The mind was what the explorers and scientists needed to discover the world.

But we’ve found it all.  So we have what we need.  We have the education and the knowledge which can set us free.  It is now time to let go of the mind ruling us and listen to the body instead.  Freedom means following the body, surrendering to the body and using the response mechanisms within the body.  It means allowing the mind to take a back seat, to be a passenger within the vehicle that is our body.  What we are now finding is that our body holds an incredible wisdom that will guide us far better than our mind can ever do.  The mind will rebel; it loves to be the leader.  But the mind can only measure, it can only be logical and strategic or abstract in its process.  It can never really know the truth.  But the body can and does know what is best for you.

Our job now is to use our body signals to respond to the choices that are available in our society and our surroundings.  And the choices are huge.  There is always something to respond to.  If we respond correctly then our body will guide us to find our true purpose; when we find it we realise it is exactly what we were born to do because it is easy, it is what we love to do.  It comes so naturally to us and we have nothing to prove.  We just are involved with our purpose, because we want to be involved - loving our role, loving our life.

We all have a specific purpose here; we all have our own story.  Living it gives us a huge level of satisfaction.  We are all good at what we are meant to do.  It is in our genes.  It’s what we are already doing.  When we live correctly we find that we love ourselves, and until we can love ourselves no-one else can possibly love us.  Something in our aura shifts; it becomes authentic and an authentic aura feels good to others.  We become seductive! 

If you want to know more about what yours is so that you can start living your truth straight away then it is time to book a chart analysis.  It takes 7 years to decondition to become your true self so don’t wait too long.  Children especially should be brought up to know who they are and treated appropriately.  It is their birth right to have an authentic life and not become a part of the struggle that people live through today. 

Phylipa Dinnen

Human Design Professional




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