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When You Know Who You Are


We're often asking ourselves "Why are we here?" and "What am I here to do?"

As long as you don’t know who you are you cannot possibly be living your own life.  You will be living the life that you have been taught by your parents and grandparents even, your school and your peer group.   More than anything you will be living according to your fears and your beliefs.

The freedom that you gain by being yourself is unimaginable until you have it.  Until you know that you are not limited by someone else’s beliefs, someone else’s fears and someone else’s expectations you cannot possibly understand what it really means to be yourself.  We now have a key that will allow us to find who we really are, and it doesn’t take a lifetime.

It takes seven years for every cell in the body to change, so that in seven years time you will be a different person, in terms of cells, than you are now.  If you don’t make any changes in your life, then your cells won’t change much either.  But if you change your thoughts, your ideas, your beliefs, your habits, your diet and your lifestyle, then those changes will be reflected in your cells.  In seven years you could be a completely different person – if you want to.

Unless you are completely satisfied with your life, unless there is no struggle, no confusion, no doubt, no awareness of a greater potential, then you need to start finding about yourself straight away.  Don’t let a minute of those seven years pass by.  Changes can take place as soon as you start to understand yourself; in seven years it will be complete.  Start now, there is no time to waste.


Graeme and I are both Aries, with birthdays four days apart.  There are aspects of our design that are the same.  Our gift (the aspect of the Sun in our chart) is that we can become authorities in our field; whatever we love, whatever we feel very strongly about, we explore and become an authority on it.  We have come to understand the importance of each person’s healing process, their individual journey and it is in this area of potential healing and growth that we have chosen to become authorities in our field.

In order to support what we do we have in us a gene that will push us to do our job properly.  Again we have the same gene, the same Hexagram, aspected in the same place in our Human Design Chart, this time in the Earth.  The gene that supports our work is the gene of “black magic”.  It means that we will do whatever it takes to find what we are looking for, to find the answer.  If people come to us with a problem, then they have come to the right place because Graeme and I are both the type that will leave no stone unturned, using magic or otherwise, until we have found the way through. 

If you would like to know what your gift is and what supports it, then all you have to do is book a Human Design reading on our website, and email us with your name, date, place and time of birth.

Phylipa Dinnen

Human Design Professional




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