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Given our attraction to products that have stood the test of time, whether decades or centuries, we are please to bring you wholesoaps from Scotland.

There are several features about these wholesoaps that lift them above other soaps:

- Generations of experience and passion behind every bar of organic soap: Founded in 1922, Caurnie Soap is the oldest soap maker in both Scotland and the Celtic world, still using the same soap cutting equipment the founders used.

- Each unit of soap is cold-process hand made to vegan standards, using a highly skilled double saponification process that produces an especially gentle result. All the soaps are suitable for delicate skins or allergy sufferers who look to natural skin care to provide solutions.- The manufacturing process uses the principals of low energy usage and hand crafting; Caurnie are promoters of minimal-to-no-impact packaging and use biodegradable ingredients.

So whether you have a love of lavender, a passion for patchouli or a need for nettle, there is a wholesoap for you.

What is ‘Wholesoap’?
Caurnie specialise in traditional Scottish soap. Cold process vegetable and herbal soaps are usually called ‘Natural’ handmade soaps. This term is better referred to as ‘wholesoap’ because the whole of the oil remains in the soap in the form of glycerine.

These soaps are the essence of fresh, effective and wild. A living tradition as pure as the return of season.

Nettle Soap
Given the increasing number of enquiries from people with eczema and psoriasis as well as other skin allergies and reactions, we are starting by offering the Nettle soap in 70g bars.

When you open your 70 gram bar of Nettle Soap you'll find it probably weighs closer to 125 grams but we only charge for 70 grams

Given the increasing number of enquiries from people with eczema and psoriasis as well as other skin allergies and reactions, we are offering the Nettle soap in 70g bars, although when you open them you'll find the bars weigh closer to 125g each.

The Benefits of Nettles are documented throughout history,  in particular for arthritis and rheumatism.  The Romans used nettles to flog people with nettles to alleviate chronic rheumatism, and the Greeks used nettles in most of their medicines. 

- anti-inflammatory and very helpful with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis because of the rich content of histamine, chlorophyll, acetylcholine and iron.

- anti-parasitic, antiseptic, a digestive stimulant, regulates body temperature, helps against celluloid and wrinkles, broken nails, a menstrual promoter, arthritis, muscle wastage, head lice and stimulates hair growth.

- a good source of Vitamin A and C

Nettle leaf is one of the safest of cleansing herbs, especially in the treatment of chronic disorders that require long-term treatment. For this reason nettle tea is highly regarded as a spring tonic and in the treatment of chronic metabolic disorders such as diabetes, obesity, diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions.

As a nutritive agent, nettle is valued in the treatment of anemia, especially in women. As nettle is very high in vitamin C, it helps the absorption of iron. For this reason, nettle is a highly valued beverage during pregnancy and post partum to enhance milk production.

Nettle’s action promotes the elimination of uric acid from the joints with a gentle, alkalizing diuretic activity. Its use is indicated in most types of joint diseases and doubly so in degenerative conditions.

Not only does nettle have the ability to arrest inflammation and enhance the excretion of wastes, its high nutrient content, especially the minerals calcium and magnesium, aids in bone rebuilding.

Topical application
From Albania to Scotland people roll in nettle beds tom alleviate arthritis. If you don’t fancy that, pick the whole nettle plant and wrap it around arthritic joints. The subsequent rash with its profound stinging property will eventually leave the treated joint very much relieved. No observed side effects have been reported, except a transient urticarial (hive-like) rash.

Caurnie Soap offers a rarely-found quality of natural skin cleansers. Since 1922, their nine decades of experience and commitment have earned them the reputation as the best natural soap in the area. Nettle Soap is particularly caring on Eczema and Psoriasis and for those with chemical sensitivities.

From Stella Magazine (Sunday Telegraph) 29 January 2012:  "This stall is the main draw for me at the city’s weekly farmers’ market on Castle Terrace. Caurnie’s all-natural products blow my mind. The nettle range has a miraculous effect on eczema". Holly Fulton 

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James Little

Beautiful skin

Lady At the Fort shopping centre Glasgow Farmers market in front of a group of potential customers: "My Mother who was 91 when she died had the most beautiful skin and she always used Caurnie soap."

Mrs P Elford, Norfolk

It worked so well

"It was a good day when we went to Largs whilst on holiday in 2009. We came across your soap man at the farmers market discussed our wards skin condition and how we and our GP were dealing with it. You suggested Nettle soap and gave us a slice. When we got home he tried it and it worked. It worked so well we stopped using the medicated soap from the GP. We therefore ordered the Mega pack of 24 bars all Nettle soap and have never looked back , this is a repeat order".

Sandra, Glasgow

Great effect

"I was on Radio Scotland telling people of the way Caurnie nettle soap had a great effect positive on my husbands skin he suffers from psoriasis."

Mr I W Stockton on Tees

It's doing wonders for my Psoriasis

"Dear Caurnie Soap, Please could I have 5 bars of your Nettle soap it's doing wonders for my Psoriasis best wishes".

Brian Whalley, Orkney

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

"I have just placed an order for 6 Bars of Organic Soap. Would you please make them all NETTLE soap - it's the only soap we've found that my partner Veronica can cope with. She suffers from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Hyperosmia.”

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Given the increasing number of enquiries from people with eczema and psoriasis as well as other skin allergies and reactions, we are offering the Nettle soap in 70g bars, although when you open them you'll find the bars weigh...

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