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The Q Energy Spa - a five minute summary

I am often asked question about how to stop feeling tired all the time. In response I ask these questions:

• Are you happy with the state of your health?

• Are you getting the results you want from your doctor, acupuncturist, naturopath, chiropractor, or therapist of whatever discipline?

• How many sick people do you know who try therapy after therapy in the continuing search for relief of debilitating symptoms but don’t really find answers?

The missing piece in the ‘tiredness’ puzzle is simple and it deals with the basis for disease. Yet it is too often overlooked. It is….a lack of energy

So many health issues find their root cause in poor energy levels. Our ‘battery’ or life force is charged from clean air, clean water and clean food, yet the simple act of drinking water these days is increasingly becoming an act of faith; our food comes with a ridiculous number of additives or has been subjected to questionable methods of growth, and the air we breathe is a terrifying cocktail of chemical and radioactive substances.

Factor into this the damage from electromagnetic pollution and it all starts to seem obvious why more and more people are becoming unnecessarily sick. Our environment, once rich in bio-electric energy has become badly polluted.

It’s not energy that tires, it’s us!

Changes to our way of living has happened over time. Rather than adapt to higher levels of pollution and toxins, our bodies have instead compromised in terms of lower energy. As a result our ‘batteries’ are not being charged in the way they were designed. With lower energy levels it’s clear why people don’t have the physical resources to respond to treatments and therapies.

Now feeling tired all the time because you lack energy sounds obvious but listen as what I have to say may just make sense to anyone needing more energy for life.

Some years ago my energy began to noticeably wane. I’d wake up after a good night’s sleep and have difficulty getting out of bed. After lunch I’d absolutely have to have a snooze; in the evening I’d just feel zonked. At first I put it down to age but I knew that was just an excuse. I carried out some research and found that fatigue was becoming more of an issue with younger age groups than ever before.

It turned out that many health issues found their root cause in poor energy levels. If we human beings were built to perform as a 12-volt battery, most of us today would be functioning at 6, 7 or, if we’re lucky, 8 volts. We believe ourselves to be healthy because we once were, yet the degradation from our 12 volt performance was slow.

We rarely notice the creeping deterioration in our energy levels.

Those people suffering from ‘big label’ diseases, especially those associated with chronic fatigue, are probably functioning at levels as low as half or even quarter of a volt. To correct this they spend time and considerable amounts of money seeking some form of remedy to help alleviate their symptoms - but relief is unlikely to come as they don’t have the basic energy required to metabolise the benefits.

Just as we need energy to function, we need energy to heal.

Throughout history people have been drawn to naturally-occurring highly-energised mineral springs for their healing as well as for the rejuvenating and re-vitalising effects. Natural Spring Waters such as those in Lourdes in France, Spa in Belgium, Baden Baden in Germany and Beppu Hatto in Japan are examples.

These springs are set apart from other spring waters because they contain highly mineralised deposits, high natural magnetic forces, natural thermal activity and low Oxidisation Reduction Potential (ORP). ORP is a term from electrochemistry that measures whether something contributes electrons or requires electrons.

A plus measurement is considered ‘bad’ as it indicates oxidisation and the existence of damaging free radicals. A minus measurement on the other hand is considered healthy as it evidences the existence of electrons which neutralise those nasty free radicals. By way of example we measured ordinary English tap water at potentially harmful levels of +400 to +500 millivolts. Waters in those natural spas (Lourdes, Spa etc) are generally measured at about -200 millivolts, a far healthier reading where those electrons are working in our favour. Without travelling internationally how could people benefit from these naturally occurring springs?

One particular piece of equipment I came across many years ago gave me the answer to my question. It provided exactly what I was looking for by allowing people to energise the water they use in their own homes. It’s called the Q Energy Spa. The Q Energy Spa and its been described as “like having the healing spa waters of Lourdes in your own living room”.

Water during a Q Energy Spa session has been measured between -400 millivolts which is a significant improvement over even the -200 readings at natural spas. My reference to Lourdes spa water is merely a description and is by no means explains the science behind the technology.

The Q Energy Spa operates by creating a bio-charge that forms complex field interactions between the metal plates. A combination of the correct geometry, materials and power flow within the water allows the conversion of energy into bio-energy. And it’s bio-energy that restores our energy, allowing us to function. Q Energy Spa operates as a Bio Energetic Feedback Enhancer. A session in the Q Energy Spa is designed to, and does, increase a person’s energy.

Not only I have seen this measured using different technologies including the QXCI (Quantum Xrroid), a PIP Scan unit, by acupuncturists and by Kinesiology practitioners, I have personally seen it remedy a variety of conditions in clients both muscular and skeletal, as well as bringing deeply buried emotional issues to the surface.

The Q Energy Spa functions by way of a custom designed power system. This produces a 24-volt direct current to a patented water array consisting of copper and steel plates. The arrangement and constituency of the plates and material of the array, combined with proprietary electronics create a specific electromagnetic signature and harmonics which are emitted into a medium of water. Users immerse part of all of their body into the water and turn it on for between 20 to 35 minutes. Up to 80% of a person’s body mass is water, and water contains the necessary electrical patterns to convert a conventional electric charge into a bio-charge.

Developer Terry Skrinjar says: “The bio-charge is the organic electricity an organic body mass-produces in order to operate itself on a daily basis. A low bio-charge means the body mass is low on energy and thus the whole body becomes sluggish and lethargic in its functions, possibly leading to the development of various physical symptoms in the form of aches, pains and disease conditions. By giving the body a biocharge boost some of these symptoms can be alleviated and the body restored to its full function.” In effect, Mr Skrinjar continues, “The Q ENERGY SPA® rebalances the body’s meridians, realigning its bio-energy field.

This explains many of the benefits reported by those using it.” When I first started using the Q Energy Spa my energy levels increased significantly. But in addition to this I stopped biting my fingernails (a lifelong habit) within 3 days; a persistent scalp itch that I’d had for several years simply disappeared as did other minor skin conditions, never to return.

If you feel that the Q Energy Spa may have a useful application for you, feel free to look through the website where you can learn about the Home or Professional models available, how they work, any contraindications, why the process is completely safe and the many benefits to humans, animals & plants….AND how you can halve your vascular age.I think you’ll find it fascinating.

Although approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australia's regulatory agency for medical drugs and devices, and therefore allowed for sale internationally, the Q ENERGYSPA® is NOT a Medical Device and thus we are prohibited from making any medical claims. The Q ENERGYspa® is a wellness device only. We are however permitted to quote feedback from users.  See 'Comments' page.

HealthThroughWater: Graffiti written on the wall of Roman Baths... "Sanus Per Aqua" meaning health through water.

Visit the new Q Energy Spa website, hover your mouse over the QEnergySpa BEFE tab and you’ll see the Science and Research options to look at.

If you’re looking to stay young look at ‘Halve Your Biological Age’; if you grow pumpkins, tomatoes or cucumbers (or anything else for that matter) there are links that will increase yield, lifespan, improve toleration to disease, improve growth rate and more.

For horse owners and stables there’s a before and after blood, hair follicle and Vet examination that’ll help manage many of the health dysfunctions you encounter more otfen than you'd like


Model q26 Personal A$1,897.00 - approx £1130.00 plus shipping (depending on exchange rates at the time of purchase).  

For personal use

● One Series II Orb
● 2 Spare Positive Rings & Track Sets
● Orb Connection Cable
● User Guide Manual
● Quick Reference Guide
● Carry Bag
● 24 month warranty registration

Optional Extras

  • Copper Bowl (Increase the efficiency by up to 20%)
  • Spare Series II Orb
  • Spare Rings & Tracks
  • Spare Cables
  • Conductivity Agent

All Models include a number of features such as input and output fuse protection ensuring safety against power spikes and overloads from your local electricity supply.

We strongly recommend you call or email us to discuss the Q Energy Spa and how you may benefit from using it before purchasing. 

This video may help you to understand how it is possible for the Q Energy Spa to resonate in water to enhance the Bio-Energy within.

Water is quite unique. Watch this video and please do turn up your sound a little so that you can hear the associated sound. If you turn up the sound a little more, you may even be able to feel a certain resonance within yourself, as the resonance changes.

What we would like to you to understand about the Q Energy Spa Bio-Energy Therapy is that the water module of the Q, although a much more complex resonance, is essentially similar in many ways. — at Video Source Unknown.

The Q Energy Spa is a revolutionary Hydro-Therapy system developed by Q-Tech Laboratories in Queensland, Australia. THE Q ENERGY SPA enhances and amplifies the ability of the body to heal itself. All living things produce a Bio-Charge. The Q Energy Spa produces a complex electromagnetic waveform that resonates throughout the water and interacts with it in a way that is synergistic with the bioelectric state of the body. No other product on the market can copy and create this type of bio-charge based on feedback from the individual.

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Model q26  Personal

Model q26 Personal

Model q26 Personal A$1,897.00 - approx £1130.00 plus shipping (depending on exchange rates at the time of purchase).  

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