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Quinton Marine Plasma is taken up through the intestines by way of 'passive diffusion'. As the minerals, trace elements and marine co-factors have been pre-digested by the plankton, they do not require to be actively digested

Although Quinton Isotonic can be taken by peoples of all ages, it is especially recommended for people of middle-age and beyond.  Quinton Isotonic is noted for its ability to boost energy, help bring about homoeostasis within the body and restore the electrolyte balance.

Quinton Isotonic is used to slow down the aging process and support the immune system.  The stresses suffered and toxins ingested in today's world adversely impact our nutritional intake damaging the electrolyte balance and causing disease as a result of fatigue.  The nutrient-rich qualities of Quinton Isotonic will help you overcome these conditions.

Quinton Isotonic sea water contains minerals and trace elements in the same proportions as they are found in human blood plasma. This helps to revitalize by supporting body metabolism.

Marine plasma is a natural ecological by-product of unique vortex-shaped oceanic plankton blooms and the life forms they support. Under very specific life-incubating conditions of light, temperature, ocean currents and weather patterns, enormous vortexes form and stretch deep into the ocean floor, stirring up rich mineral beds that rarely mix with the upper layers of seawater. In addition, the vortex walls create a natural barrier between the waters within the vortex and the waters without. It is within the protective vortex that the plankton bloom thrives. The earth’s oceans sustain between six and seven vortexes at any given time, which satellite photos show to be hundreds of miles across.

Within each bloom, teeming phytoplankton colonies give rise to a rich mixture of zoo-plankton that consumes the phytoplankton, leaving behind a fluid of bio-active minerals, amino acids, unmodified RNA, antioxidants, polysaccharides and fatty acids. The zoo-plankton activates and structures these bio-significant nutrients into a living matrix that supports the explosion of life occurring within the isolated vortex bloom environment Scientists refer to this unique process as ‘biocenosis’.

Why is this story of evolutionary biology relevant to us? Because the marine fluids resulting from this ‘biocenosis’ process, in its isotonic form, bears a striking resemblance to human blood plasma. It was this proven observation that led René Quinton to postulate that all animal life forms developed their complex physiological and biological processes based on the specific ratios of minerals, amino acids and fatty acids found in this marine plasma.

For this reason, Quinton called marine plasma “The Origin of Life”.

The energetic and physiological power generated within these unique vortex plankton blooms can best be summed up in two important observations. The first is that the largest mammals currently alive today, the great blue whales, travel thousands of miles at a time to reach these blooms. They owe their entire gargantuan existence to seasonal feedings on plankton and krill that spontaneously arise within these precious blooms. There is enough energy and nutrients within this nutrient-rich “soup” to satiate the appetite of a blue whale, while supporting all of its complex biological functions. The second observation is that the vegetation created inside plankton blooms are greater than all of the vegetation found on land put together (over 6 billion tons).

To process the amino acids we ingest, we need the full spectrum of minerals to metabolize them efficiently. When vital minerals are missing or deficient, our bodies fail to convert amino acids and enzymes into energy. Most people today suffer from this condition at levels they are unaware of.

Quinton based his scientific theory on a universal premise that became his basic therapy: replenish the damaged cell using Sea Water.

For the last 100 years, the Quinton plasma has been successfully used to re-establish the physiological balance, support gastrointestinal health, stimulate the growth of intestinal probiotics, maintain its optimal performance and increase physiological stamina. There are however specific protocols for each of the following clinical uses:

● Prenatal Care: It helps the correct foetal development.

● Paediatrics: It complements nutritional intake; improves growth, development and cellular hydration.

● Gynaecology: It improves the glandular function, vaginal health and helps to regulate the menstrual cycle.

● Dermatology: It re-establishes the mineral balance needed for the correct formation of the collagen matrix.

● Respiratory Health: It helps to restore the respiratory function after acute prolonged stress.

● Stomatology applications: It helps to strengthen gums, keep a correct oral pH and promote health bacteria proliferation.

● Gastrointestinal Health: It regulates the intestinal and physiological pH; it promotes the proliferation of healthy probiotics and favours the amino acid metabolism.

● Hormonal Production: It favours an optimal hormonal production due to the presence of bioavailable minerals and amino acids.

● Neurology: It helps the brain to function properly and promotes neuron development.

It is also quite safe for use with children, during pregnancy and for pets.

"Quinton Marine Plasma has been my whole approach, my energy, my workout, and my focus in my work. I can say this is a find of a lifetime." Bob Burnquist: World Champion Skateboarder

Further Information

Maintaining the Internal/External Terrain : Download Roy Dittman's article

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Harry Friedman describes Quinton Marine Plasma (3:37) 

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Quinton Marine Plasma (QMP): 

In his book “SeaSalt’s Hidden Powers" (1994), Jaques De Langre, Ph.D. wrote “Quinton’s Plasma continues to save lives as it has done for the past 83 years. The biologist first successfully treated athrepsia with it and subsequently opened hundreds of clinics throughout Europe, dispensed the precious plasma and won the battle for life over death in many other terminal ailments for thousands of patients.  Severe opposition from the ranks of modern medicine forced these clinics out of existence but today the serum is back and continues to quietly perpetuate the miraculous discovery of this latter-day alchemist.”

Short video clip explaining the beneifts of Quinton Marine Plasma

Quinton Isotonic: is a pure form of marine plasma specifically diluted to match the concentration of your blood. Ideal if for a sensitive system, the restoration of health as well as a gentle detoxification. Health professionals comment on clients reporting deeper sleep, improved emotional and physical balance, better recovery from sports and exertion and relaxation.

QMP isn't just seawater. It's pure marine plasma, enriched by the vortex plankton bloom:

● QMP has been applied by thousands of doctors in clinical and emergency settings for over 100 years throughout the world.

● QMP has been acknowledged as a pharmaceutical for over 80 years

● Classified as a food supplement

● Compatible with doctor's prescriptions

Ingredients: Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Sulphate, Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Socdum Bicarbonate.

Recommended protocols:

Healthy Adults: 1 to 2 Quinton Isotonic vials per day; undiluted; on an empty stomach; 15 minutes before a meal for first month. 

After first month, begin introducing 1 Quinton Isotonic vial every other day; undiluted; on an empty stomach 15 Minutes before a meal.

After second month, can step up intake of Quinton Isotonic to 1 to 2 vials per day as indicated for up to 3 months. 

After 3 to 9 months, reduce intake of Quinton products and begin a maintenance program of between 1 and 6 vials per week as indicated.

Athletic Protocols: Electrotherapy works be activating crystalloid ions within the internal milieu. It loses much of its efficiency if the internal medium does not maintain ionic balance. Muscle contractions rely on crystalloid ions. Optimal performance depends on ions. For this reason, trainers recommend that athletes re-hydrate frequently throughout their work-out to replenish lost electrolytes due to perspiration. However, artificially made electrolyte drinks do not contain a full spectrum of “active” crystalloid minerals.

The Difference Between Quinton Hypertonic and Quinton Isotonic

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Isotonic (UK)

Isotonic (UK)

Quinton Marine Plasma (QMP): 

In his book “SeaSalt’s...

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