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Human Design: Personal Analysis

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Why Should You Have a Human Design Reading?

Did you know that we see ourselves totally differently to the way other people see us?  Would you like to know how other people see you?

Most of us are living through learned behaviour patterns that we believe to be socially acceptable.  We are programmed by social expectation, school and our parents so that we lose sight of our original genetic blueprint.  What actually happens is that our aura is no longer authentic and other people have no idea who we really are; we have lost sight of our true genetic being. 

Not knowing who we are can actually make us sick as we strive to project what other people expect us to be.  It is exhausting to play a “role”; eventually our body deteriorates as we are not aware of its needs; we simply become disillusioned with life. 

How many relationships are successful?  Do we understand the other and forgive their behaviour patterns that might otherwise be irritating?  Or are we desperate to hide our own irritating behaviour patterns that we don’t want other people to see.  That means we will always be on “active alert”, highly adrenalised in order to make sure that we are not upsetting anyone.  Does this ring a bell with anyone in your life?

We are not here for everyone to like us unconditionally.  People have “fractal families” – we all know that there are some people we just “click” with and others we don’t really need to see again, or will accept as social acquaintances.  When you know your design, you are naturally drawn to the right people.  However we choose our friends, we simply accept each other for being authentic.  We all have a correct role for this lifetime and we have a stage on which this role plays out.  When we are in our correct role, on the correct stage, then life is much smoother than when we try to be something that we are not.

It’s not about living by a book of rules.  What happens when we truly know who we are is that we transcend the detail of our design because our body has taken it on board and is living true to its natural self.  We don’t need to try to be who we are – it’s more a matter of noticing who we are not, so that the true self can emerge.

Human Design uses three ancient systems.  At the start of this century geneticists were able to decode our genes and they recognised that what they discovered was something that the Chinese had known for thousands of years.  The scientists discovered that the ancient book of the I’Ching was a map of our genetic code.  The I’Ching is Chinese astrology – it’s the way in which the planetary movements were studied through 64 Hexagrams, as they clearly had an impact on our biology and the way we live. 

When the Human Design knowledge came through to Ra Uru Hu, as he later called himself, in January 1987, he realised that he was not writing down anything new.  It all came from ancient wisdom.  However, it was new to him and he wrote the detail of this combined system in a trance.  What he had written included three ancient systems – Astrology, the Kabbalah and the I’Ching.  After a few years of verifying and understanding what he had been given, he presented it to a small group who were ready for this incredible and enlightening information about the human race.

What he discovered is that we are made up of two crystals.  One is called the “design crystal” which forms the body.  This is what enters the mother’s womb at conception.  For six months there is only a body growing.  88 days before birth the “personality crystal”, our mind, our consciousness, enters the foetus and there is a viable baby.  It is common knowledge that a baby cannot survive before 24 weeks into the pregnancy and clearly without these two crystals there is no possibility of a functional baby.

We see ourselves through the aspect of the personality.  We think we know ourselves very well.  But other people see us through the aspect of our design, the unconscious behaviour of the body.  They see a completely different person!  If we don’t know who we are as a complete being we will never understand why other people treat us the way they do. 

When we truly understand our complete self then we can settle in the body as who we really are.  But we do need the map.

Knowing ourselves must be one of the greatest gifts we can ever have.  We see our strengths and weaknesses and we can let go of trying to be who we are not.  Along with knowing ourselves we discover that there are six genetic ways of digesting food, so all those diet books and nutritionists analysing the ideal food groups for you are missing a major factor.  We can tell you exactly what suits your individual body.  If you are not eating in the way that your body can digest food then you are putting a burden onto the body as it struggles to break it down and eliminate it.

If you want to know more book a reading

To start with you will find out that there are four different types of people:

70% of the population make up the largest group, they are known as Generators and they are energy types of people.  These are the ones who are happy to go to work and earn a living.  It is natural for them to want to be busy but if they are not doing what they love they become frustrated. 

21% of the population are a type called Projectors.  It would be perfect if, when they are born, they could tell their parents, “I am not here to work”.  They end up working harder than anyone and become exhausted and bitter, often dying earlier than a normal life expectancy.

8% of the population are the group that has the most powerful people – these are the Manifestors.  In the past they were the types that were the “lord of the manor”.  They like to be in total control of their own lives and hate to be told what to do.  If they are they can become extremely angry and highly adrenalised.

1% of the population are Reflectors.  They are found in communities where they reflect the behaviour of that community.  If it is a functional, happy community then you have a happy Reflector otherwise they are deeply disappointed in the life process.  They are non-energy beings and thrive when the people around them are correct.

If you would like to transform your life and that of your loved ones then you owe it to yourself to have a Human Design reading.  There is no need to start from the beginning – before you decide you can find out more about yourself on and this allows us to have a deeper and more fulfilling reading.

Knowing who we are is transformational in all areas of our life – if we all had a map wouldn’t this journey be so much easier?

Film Clip: An Introduction to the Human Design (15:50)


Your Introduction to Human Design (International Human Design School)

This site explains what Human Design is, how it can apply to you and where you can learn more.


Film Clip: The Original Human Design System Introduction Part One:(23:58)   

Ra starts with the very basics; He starts by explaining where the knowledge came from, how the system works and slowly but surely works his way through all of the necessary information regarding the bodygraph, the crystals of conciousness and the magnetic monopole.


Film Clip: The Original Human Design System Introduction Part Two: (18:08)

Ra takes us through the BodyGraph, going from center to center, and then describes the impact of transits which he personifies with a very deep story towards the end of the video.

To find out your Human Design and how it can liberate your way of living, have your Personal Analysis for £120 and get a much clearer underestanding of yourself, your strengths and your individuality.  

"In 2001 Phylipa was introduced to Human Design and decided that it would strengthen our relationship and help us understand our children better. She was right – understanding our strengths and our differences gave us each our own depth and individuality. I understood I was an 'energy' type and Phylipa was not. I also understood that she lives with the up-and-down passion of an emotional wave and I do not. I learned that she needs time to make a major decision and I have a sacral response which gives me an immediate and reliable response. What a difference that mutual understanding made to our lives! We now bring up our children to be who they are, according to their Human Design type. Nobody in this household has to prove themselves any longer. Embrace Human Design - it has the power to unshackle you from your past and release real potential." Graeme Dinnen

Human Design celebrated its 25th anniversary in April 2012. 

Understanding that the design of the human body and the human mind are two separate streams of “consciousness” has transformed our awareness of who we actually are.  This incredible and enlightening information was given to a man who happened to have a brilliant mind, but was also someone who had lost his purpose and was looking for meaning in his life.  His “transformational experience” occurred over a two week period of trance during which he downloaded what he described as the “Human Design System”. 

He called himself Ra Uru Hu, because the information was streamed through neutrinos from the Sun, Ra being the Sun God, and he spent the next two years verifying the information he had been given.  The information is not new; it brings together the ancient wisdom of the I’Ching, the Kabbalah, and Astrology (both Eastern and Western) all of which are deeply connected with the movements of the planets surrounding our Earth. 

Since the discovery of Human Design scientists have found that the 64 codons of our genes  correspond to the 64 Hexagrams of the I’Ching. Each hexagram of the I’Ching  has its position within the astrological wheel.  

To understand why it is imperative that you find out about your genetic design watch the contents of this short film clip

Why Have a Human Design Reading? We look at other people and see that they are talented and wish we could be like them. We don’t have any idea that we also have a unique gift to offer, that we are a part of a greater whole – that each one of us has a different perspective. By understanding our true role, our purpose for this lifetime, we no longer struggle to be who we are not. We are all unique, we all have a gift that we can offer to the world and when we honour that gift we see that it is our unique way of expressing ourselves. If you would like to know what your unique role is for this lifetime there is an enormous wealth and depth of information you will gain from ordering your own Human Design reading. Your reading will be done with you either by Skype or in person and will transform your life forever.

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Human Design: Personal Analysis

Human Design: Personal Analysis

Human Design celebrated its 25th anniversary in April 2012. 

Understanding that the design of the human body and the human mind are two...

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