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Human Design: Relationship Reading for Two People

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Relationships cannot possibly thrive if we are not ourselves.  Find out how they can, with any compromise on either part.   We are always influenced by the aura of people around us and it is good to know how well we can work together.  

Questions that have arisen from these brief readings have included:

Why is my life a struggle?
Why am I always afraid?
How can I make sure that I am healthy?
What is my purpose in life?
What is blocking me achieving that purpose?
Why am I always so tired?
Why do I feel depressed?
I hate my job.  Is there something I could be doing that I love?
I feel it is always my fault. Why?
Relationships are very difficult for me, how can I make sure they improve?
and more.................... 


How much of your life is how you want it to be? Where are your stuck places? Are you powerless to change it?  Is it all someone else’s fault?  Are you controlled by your finances, tied down by material needs, don’t know any other way?  Do we follow the rules of popular psychology and know we still don’t fit in?

Have you ever considered the possibility that we have a way of living which is totally natural to us and that when we discover and live it, our lives will be free of struggle? 

Around 20 years ago it was discovered that we do actually have a blueprint that is governed by our genes. It is available to all of us and it is based on science and ancient wisdom. It was found that our genes match what the Chinese knew 3,000 years ago, the Hexagrams in their book of wisdom, the I’Ching. Using a combination of the I’Ching, Astrology, and our chakra system - an esoteric teaching now known to match the body’s endocrine system, this scientific method can give us very detailed information about who we are and how we should be living our lives. To find our blueprint we need to know the time, date and place of our birth.

First of all we learn that we are one of four types, Generators, who comprise 70% of the population, Projectors - 20%, Manifestors – 9%, and Reflectors – 1%. When you find out what type you are you will find that there is a strategy for living that type. The reason there are so many Generators is that they are here to work, and we need that many people to work.  None of the other types have energy centres, for “doing” type of work. You will usually find those other types in jobs that do not require too much physical effort, or, as is most likely the case right now, doing jobs they shouldn’t be doing because of their conditioning. Projectors are designed to be advisors and guides in the same way that an architect will design the house and the builders (Generators) will do the actual work of building. We only need 20% of the population saying to us “you should….” Manifestors are people who tend to be running businesses; they are the initiators. Generators, Projectors and Reflectors are not here to initiate even though we are all taught to behave like Manifestors in our early years. Reflectors, being a tiny minority are here to reflect the community they are in. A good example is Michael Jackson, he is a Reflector, and is reflecting perfectly the fantasy of the world he is involved with and a part of.

When we know our type, what we need to do is live it. Even that information will have a major impact on our lives. If we want to know more we learn that we have centres, which are defined or undefined. If we have defined centres we don’t need to do any growth work in these areas, they are not going to change.  What we need to know about is our undefined or open centres. In our open centres we reflect and amplify other people’s defined centres.  The advantage of knowing about our centres is that we can know what is ours and what is not. 

For instance, if someone has a defined emotional centre and you do not, you will feel their wave of emotion more strongly than they will. You may wonder why you are getting so worked up. When you leave the room and are not in their aura you will feel calm again and then notice that when you return to the room the powerful feeling comes back. If you know that they have a defined emotional centre and you don’t then you will know exactly what is happening. You will know that this isnot your feeling and that you do not have to do anything about it. If they are angry at you and you feel the heat of the passion, you simply need to say, “I know you need to talk about something; right now I need some fresh air so let’s do it later…” 

By the time later comes, the passion of the feeling will have died down and you will not have negated them or avoided anything. You also do not have to fix it for them. People with defined emotional centres love their highs and lows; those that have open emotional centres have a very difficult time unless they have an understanding of what is happening,

From this small example doesn’t it make sense for us to know our designs? Wouldn’t it make relationships so much better? What about international relations? What about understanding the design of all of those people negotiating on our behalf for World Peace? Don’t they always end up in fights, being judgmental, taking things personally and losing the plot? These are all things of the past when we know others and our designs. There is so much more we can learn about ourselves and others that I haven’t even begun to explain here; it would just take up too much space and demand too much of you! It gives us the truth of who we are and allows us to be just that. 

In 2001 Phylipa discovered Human Design and decided that it would strengthen our relationship and help us understand our children better.  She was right – understanding our strengths and our differences gave us each our own depth and inpiduality.  

"I understood I was an energy type and Phylipa was not. I understood she lives with the passion of an emotional wave and I do not.  I learned that she needs time to make a major decision and I have a sacral response which gives me an immediate and reliable response. We now bring up our children to be who they are, according to their Human Design type.  Nobody in this household has to prove themselves any lnger.  Embrace Human Design - it has the power to unshackle you from your past and release your potential".     Graeme Dinnen


Ra Uru Hu on Relationships

"I have learned in all of these years with this knowledge that Compromises in relationships don't bother me anymore. Because I see very clearly that how you connect with someone else is a limitation. And sometimes, there is this aspect of you that really connects with the other; sometimes it's that aspect of them that really connects with you.

But the fact that there are areas that do not work simply means that is not-an ingredient for the success of that relationship. Stay away from it. You can see how difficult it is for the not-self because for the not-self it seems like that is a torment. It's like "why do I always have to have this, and why does it always have to be this way" and it goes on and on and on.

My point is what it is to live correctly because, to live correctly, ultimately, can bring you to awareness and surrender. And in surrender, you do not have to identify with those forces, the forces of Compromise. And through that, it has allowed me to have relationships with people that, in the past I never, ever, ever would have had a relationship with. I always would have ended up in that Compromise.

This is one ofthe deepest disadvantages as far as I'm concerned about what Human Design really brings. It brings us the recognition of our helplessness within the actual mechanics. This is just wiring. It's just the way it works. And either you surrender to that and you operate correctly as yourself or you are always going to be banging your head against the wall."
IWe have all been conditioned to see the other in terms that have been romanticised for centuries. There is this illusion that our relationship with the other is something that has to be perfect, it has to be wonderful in all places, and everything has to work. It's just not true. The beauty of mechanics is that mechanics reveals the limitation of any relationship. And in revealing that limitation offers an opportunity; all limitations can be transcended. The ultimate transcendence is one through love; it's transcendence to the harmony that's possible between beings. 

It's not these places in the mechanics that are there to destroy relationships. It's only true for the not-self. These are places in mechanics that say, look - this isn't part of this relationship with this person, so leave it alone. Take from this relationship what is correct for you, what is right for you and then you'll see what you CAN find in your bonds with other people no matter who they are, no matter what the connection is. You can always find those aspects that are compatible, that bring about harmony, that through the correctness of self and the correctness of communication, lead to the benefits that can be derived in our connection with others."

Ra Uru Hu, Founder of Human Design

Is your relationship the right one for you? Are you truly compatible? Has your relationship hit a few hurdles? Is there someone new in your life and you don't want to make the same mistakes again? Do you want to make it work? The truth is you CAN make your life the way you want it to be. First you need to find your 'stuck' places so you can make the changes. Knowing the basic Human Design type and profile of both partners will change your lives for the better. If you want to order two full readings to include yourself and a family member, or any significant other person in your life, please take advantage of our discounted price. The results of this Relationship Reading are conveyed to the person who books it, rather than to both inpiduals in the relationship. This is so that you can understand your partner, your child or your boss and improve relationships. Please email us your names, dates, places, and times of birth together with a mailing address.

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Human Design: Relationship Reading for Two People

Human Design: Relationship Reading for Two People

Ra Uru Hu on Relationships

"I have learned in all of these years with this knowledge that Compromises in relationships don't bother me anymore. Because I see very clearly that how you connect with someone else is a...

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