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Faith, Hope & Clarity

Last year I updated our ebook “Blotting Brushes: Weapons of Plaque Destruction”.

Its purpose is to help you achieve a problem-free mouth. 

Remembering that some 80% of poor health conditions in your body start on the mouth, it’s worth reading.

You don’t have to experiment with every recipe or recommendation but don’t be afraid to try any of them. 

Just because you’ve never heard of activated charcoal or because turmeric will probably mess up your basin, that’s a poor reason to leave it out. 

I’ve used them all many times over (and been told to clean up afterwards).  They’re all simple to use and individually awesome.

One problem with ebooks is that few people read them through.  I’m guilty of that too. 

Had I written an exhaustive document extolling the virtues of every botanical and remedy I wouldn’t be doing readers a favour. 

Already there is more than sufficient information to build and maintain a vastly improved sense of dental health; so much so that when you use these suggestions you’ll not only have much healthier teeth and gums but you’ll only need to visit the dentist or hygienist for emergencies or occasional cleanings and inspections.  

Most importantly the information here will help you to transcend any self-doubts you may have.

In caring for your teeth I invite you to take full responsibility. 

The alternative is really not worth thinking about.

And I definitely recommend you watch the Functional Oral Health Summit video on page 10 as it has already changed the way many people think about keeping their mouth in better condition.

Click here to get your copy of ‘Blotting Brushes: Weapons of Plaque Destruction’.

Graeme Dinnen

Join the Blotting Revolution!

Join the Blotting Revolution!