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I love it when I become a part of something that grows and grows.

In a recent newsletter I shared information about a news summary with a big difference that I’ve been receiving for a while:

It’s Morning Brew

What do newspapers give us these days? They’ve become the outpouring of radical PR firms painting radical policies in a good light, day in, day out.

Where there used to be 88 media companies, today there are just 6.

  • General Electric

  • Westinghouse/CBS Inc

  • Viacom International Inc

  • Disney/ABC/CAP

  • Time Warner TBS AOL

  • News Corporation/Fox Networks

All 6 of them get their news from Reuters and the Associated Press. Reuters owns the Associated Press and Rothschilds own Reuters.

Hmmmm. So whose news and views are we reading?

This is exactly the reason I stopped buying newspapers over ten years ago.  When I want to read fiction I buy a novel!

Given the average newspaper cost of over £600 a year, that roughly comes to savings of £5400 generated to spend on better things.

OK I’ll admit that the news is the news is the news, but the way the news is presented to us makes all the difference, especially when it’s done in a manner that doesn’t make my eyes glaze over.

For example:

  • why 230 Gap stores are expected to close in the next 2 years

  • where the retail industry’s next decade will be created: Shoptalk 2020

  • fashion’s new power couple – Adidas and Prada

  • why 35 million truck drivers in the US will soon be out of a job

  • the reasons humans as well as businesses are deserting New York

  • where AirBnB is struggling (again) this week……

  • a new Swedish term for us to embed in our psycheflygskam

Real business news is important for us all, if only occasionally for some people.

Not having a trusted source of financial information and research can become a small business and a retirement killer, especially as our civilisation accelerates into  an interesting crescendo.

Once registered for Morning Brew I also registered for their Retail Brew, also free; also very readable for small business owners to corporate CEO’s.

[Retail Brew – Relevant industry news every Wednesday and Friday afternoons]

Guess what happened next?

I came across The Browser, published by a former British journalist (with the FT and The Economist), Robert Cottrell.

The Browser is a list of five varied articles, not business, just educational yet oddly stimulating.

With the (also free) sub you’ll get one email a  week.  Not overwhelming?

That was exactly where I am.

At some point I may upgrade to the $5 per month for the daily paid version but at the moment I’m happy.

I don’t read every article but the ones that interest me are truly worth it.


• Handel’s Bank Account

• How A Prison Economy Works

• How To Smell

• The Origin Of The Foot Rail

• The Husband Stitch

• Airbnb In The Himalayas

• Silence Is The Loudest Sound

If you care about being exposed to weird stuff that’s always interesting, give the free version of The Browser a try.

It’s made my inbox much more fun to open in the mornings

Graeme Dinnen