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It’s Only A Metaphor – This book is not for the faint-hearted 

Some months ago I wrote (again) about the remarkable concept of Reverse Speech.

Many people from different walks of life have since contacted me to learn more as well as ask about my own experiences.

When I write “…from different walks of life”, amongst those enquiring I include practitioners of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), psychologists, language students at university, several practitioners of natural health and a nurse.  They were all intrigued by what Reverse Speech could offer them personally as well as for their clients/patients/customers.

David Oates’s latest book It’s Only A Metaphor will challenge just about EVERYTHING you believe to be true, casting doubt over the word of the authorities you trusted and create a burning desire to discover more about yourself as well as about others in your life.

What’s revealed is why, as humans, we behave the way we do…..the Holy Grail of psychologists and theologists for centuries. This is more than just an autobiography, more than a reference book and more than a work of fiction could ever be.   It reveals the truth.  Something deep down we all long to know.

Click here to read about It’s Only A Metaphor.

How willing are you to try something different, something potentially life changing?

Graeme Dinnen