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Fed up with buying newspapers that cost you £400 – £800 a year?

I stopped buying newspapers 8 or 9 years ago! 

Whatever your choice of daily paper, it’s really just a slant on news or events that one of 5 media corporations wants you to have.

You’re buying their fiction.

If I ever want to read fiction, I go to a bookshop and buy a novel.

Truth is I don’t read much fiction but if I want to spend a few hours on a chair by the beach, Sebastian Faulks, Paolo Coelho or a good travel book usually does it for me.

So when my marketing friend Andre Chaperon recommends something, I make a point of taking up that recommendation with no questions asked.

All because I trust him.

He did it again, this time putting me in touch with Morning Brew, not a coffee company but a fun-to-know (and free!) Monday to Saturday news that thankfully isn’t owned by National Amusements, Disney, TimeWarner, Comcast, News Corp or Sony.


Not everyone may want to read business news each morning but with the corporate shenanigans going on it’s well worth casting an eye over the business world as it evolves at a faster and faster pace.

I read all the news I need (or so I thought I did) from the internet, but Morning Brew has been visibly disrupting what I would call the ‘traditional business news landscape’…..

…..and make the news a much more engaging read for aspiring business leaders (ahem…me!) through content readers can relate to.

One email might cover anything from the Federal Reserve policy, Spotify streams and IPOs, to what’s going on in the Rugby Wold Cup.

Plus, they tell me, they’ve got some other cool stuff in the works. 

Click here to try it out for yourself and see.

Thanks to Morning Brew I now know there are 62 left days to Christmas.


Graeme Dinnen

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