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Today’s Greatest Health Threat Is Invisible 

Providing Sensible Protection From Electro Magnetic Radiation 

I have a new hero.

But it’s not Superman or Batman…’s Tower Man!

Tower Man is John Patterson, a former Telstra (Australia) Senior Telecommunications Officer with over 30 years experience in communications technology.

A man with a passion for electronics, John was considered to be one of Australia’s leading experts on radiation.

Over the years John was responsible for testing Telstra’s digital systems.

But as his career progressed, John became very sick. 

The more I was exposed to it (EMR), the sicker I became,” he said. 

The crunch came after two mobile phone base stations were installed—one on either side of the building where he worked. 

By then John had been having regular heart attacks over a 4 year period.

In his diaries John noted the health effects he observed in himself and other workers, many of whom subsequently died. 

‘Telecom had a very high number of suicides,’ John recalls.

When he reported his findings he was immediately fired.

In a moment I’ll get back to what John did next…..

Make America Glow Again

Since the first radio signals were sent in 1888 (Heinrich Hertz) and later in 1901 (Guglielmo Marconi), EMR in various forms has been impacting human health. 

In 2008, the introduction of 4G gave rise to genuine safety concerns.  

Controlled scientific studies into 2G, 3G and 4G technologies (several of them) had already shown the associated increases in neuropsychiatric disturbances, cellular DNA damage, calcium overload, stress, sperm and testicular damage in humans as well as animals.

Irrespective of the many calls for better safety, telecom companies carried on as if nothing was happening and rolled out 5G in the knowledge that considerable harm is already happening and will increase over time. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 9.40.45 am.png

Signed petitions to stop 5G until comprehensive research has been carried out are being tossed aside, principally because the companies advancing 5G already know what the research will reveal.

There’s too much money to be lost for them in any delay or suspension.

To 5G Or Not To 5G

5G is a military weapon disguised as a civilian telecommunications device.

That’s not just an opinion.

When a man asked David Copperfield how long it took him to become a magician, he quickly corrected the man saying “I’m not a magician; I’m an illusionist”.

t’s the same here – we’re sold 5G on the illusion of faster download speeds and much better gaming when in reality 5G part of a eugenics programme. 

Functioning at up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps), that’s 10 to 100 x faster than what you get with 4G.

There’s no question that the immediate and longer term applications of 5G are amazing.

Included are what’s needed for driverless cars, more reliable power grids, significantly improved communication and of course surveillance on us as well as the governments of foreign countries.

But it’s the operating frequencies that cause such concern.

Western research already confirms the association between rises in EMR and the increase in neurological deaths. 

Over 8,000 studies have already evidenced the harm being caused to humans and animals.

And if that’s not bad enough, the cyber geeks have already embarked on 6G

Still not convinced?  Ask why insurance companies won’t insure their clients from any 5G radiation damage, especially after insurance companies themselves confirm that 250,000 cell tower workers are ‘nuked’ every year.

Ask why Donald Trump is reported to have refused the installation of 5G where his home is in Florida. 

Also ask why are the scientists expressing vocal concern with 5G are being silenced.

Apart from the physical harm mentioned above there’s also the reduced ability to rationalise and reason; civil behaviour is slowly being destroyed especially among those living in high density populations where 5G towers are becoming commonplace.

As a global human experiment without consent, this is extremely frightening and should be of immediate concern to the general public. 

The laundry list of medical issues in every single category is unbelievable, especially as it has been admitted that 5G technology can penetrate skin to a depth of eight millimetres.

“Putting in tens of millions of antennae without a single test of biological safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has ever had.”  Martin Pall, PhD, Bioscientist, Washington State Univ. 

Demonstrations make little difference to the heavyweight forces coming at us from external and internal sources of EMR within your life. 

That doesn’t mean we should cease our protestations because it’s our future and the future of our children and grandchildren that’s at stake here.

Retired microwave warfare expert Barrie Trower talks about the health impact of WiFi and other forms of microwave radiation. I’ve linked to this truly valuable film clip at the end.

Court cases have been lodged but we’re looking at a corporate juggernaut that’s being imposed on us by sleight-of-mouth lies.

And like it or not, corporations now have an unholy alliance with governments around the world telling governments what they want approved next.

Only recently, in the face of mounting evidence that 5G comes with catastrophic health effects, did the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency declare ”There are no established health effects from radio waves that 5G uses”, even going to the trouble of setting up a page specifically devoted to the misinformation surrounding 5G.

On the basis that governments don’t have a great track record in telling the truth, I’ll take my chances and side with John Patterson on this one.

We’re told there’s little reason to think 5G frequencies will be any more harmful than other types of electromagnetic radiation, like visible light.

That there is a massive cover-up would be an understatement.

If only they could make 5G safe for humans and not just cross their fingers and say it’s safe or publicly ostracise scientists that question it.

America, China and Russia are all racing to be the first past the post, all at the cost of human sanity while my inbox receives daily investment recommendations for new opportunities given that US employment anticipates 3 million new jobs.

That’s not going to happen from me.

Wake Up Call

People are waking up to the immeasurable levels of deceit and corruption at high levels.  They’re also becoming more aware they’re being gently fried as they go about their activities.

This can only be a good thing (the waking up, not the frying).

You will not be able to walk down a sidewalk without being continuously exposed to elevated levels of EMFs [Electro Magnetic Forces]. EMFs cause cancer in both humans and animals, interfere with human reproduction and triggers a syndrome of electrohypersensitivity in some individuals, characterized by headache, fatigue and cognitive dysfunction.” Dr. David Carpenter, Director of the University of Albany’s Institute for Health and the Environment.

While we’re focussed on 5G, the real issue goes far deeper.

What Are Little Boys Made Of?

We know that girls are made from sugar and spice and all things nice but it turns out this is only partially true – human beings are ALL made up of electromagnetic fields. 

Animal and plant life is the same. (If you have a dog there’s a link to an article you should read at the end).

Tamper with these electrical fields and you tamper with us.

With the exception of certain geopathic stresses, the physical bodies of most humans can handle what Nature throws at us.

Unfortunately we’re not compatible with the EMR created by scientific technology….and there’s been far too much of it.

The important question to ask yourself now is:  “What safety measures must I take to protect myself and my family?”

The answer to this comes with an aspect of urgency.

Hope For The Best, Plan For The Worst

It’s not just cell phones and their creepy towers – you’ve probably seen film clips of birds that paid the ultimate price for building their nests amongst cell phone towers.

ALL wireless devices emit microwave radiation. 

To help you survive the coming onslaught of harmful and invisible EMR we need to be clear on two things:

  • assessment of EMR 

  • mitigation of EMR

To make an informed decision over what to do next for yourself and your family, you need to know what is causing health issues in your home, your office, your children’s school (if you have kids) and wherever else

 EMR: Common External Sources

  • high voltage transmission cables

  • distribution cables

  • radio and TV antennas 

  • electricity substations

  • internet masts

  • cell phone towers and relay antennas

  • neighbours electronic devices (next door, above and below)


 EMR: Common Internal Sources

  • WiFi routers and modems

  • video game stations (wired and wireless)

  • shoddy electrical wiring in walls 

  • wireless burglar alarms, baby alarms, printers

  • bluetooth devices

  • TV and computer screens

  • Smart Meters (energy meters) 

  • PC’s, laptops, iPads and other mobile devices/instruments

  • digital clocks

  • microwave ovens

  • smart phones

  • cell phones

  • cordless phones


What’s The Most Important Room In You House?

Correct – your bedroom. its where you regenerate yourself through sleep.

When you’re sick, where do you want to go? 

To bed, to sleep in your sanctuary.

But is your bedroom truly a sanctuary or has toxic become the new normal?

I don’t mean safe from“ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggity beasties and things that go bump in the dark”; I mean from harmful radiation.

Let’s imagine you have a poor health condition and you’re visiting a doctor or therapist.

You may also be taking some pills or potions to help you get better, but you may never get well

Radiation may not be what’s causing a poor health condition, but what’s stopping it from healing. 

If your bedroom is on the receiving end of radiation from the external or internal sources mentioned above, when you lie on your bed, you are too.

Depending on the levels recorded, you’re not going to get a restful sleep….and that condition you have isn’t going to get better under these circumstances.

Forget about the 16 hours you’re awake; you need to sort out the 8 hours you’re in bed first.

Let’s start with your bedroom walls.  If you have a nearby cell phone tower or even transmission lines across the road, some level of radiation will be coming in.  

That’s before I mention the bedside radio alarm clock, bedside lamps with those awful twisty lightbulbs and mattress with metal springs.

What!  A mattress with metal springs can cause problems?

Read on a little further for more on that one.

To minimise radiation damage from taking place 24 hours a day you need to have your bedroom protected without introducing any new problems.

For that we can use Shielding Paint, Shielding Mats and Shielding Fabric.

Shielding Paint

Wall-to-wall protection is achieved by creating a highly electrically-conductive layer which deflects or leads away radiation.  The special graphite and carbon paint can simply be wallpapered or painted over after application.

Shielding Mats

Protection against radiation can be applied in minimal time and without difficulty.  Either protection is incorporated into the flooring during a home construction or it can be added later.

Shielding Fabric

This semi-transparent curtain material provides effective protection against high frequency EMR. As a curtain or bed canopy the fabric is ideal due to its high air and light permeability.

Nothing Really Mattress

If you’re sleeping on a mattress with metal springs, the metal will act as an antenna attracting radiation from transmitters and propagating electric fields from the walls.

Metal bed frames have a similar effect.

Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 10.08.04 am.png

When you’re sleeping on the mattress or the metal bed frame, you will become a conductor.  

What else do you need for a good night’s sleep?  

The production of melatonin.  And what prevents melatonin from forming naturally?

Electro Magnetic Radiation.

The problem with most mattresses is:

    • they’re toxic, 

    • they carry a static build up charge, 

    • they don’t allow good skin oxygenation (your skin is your second breathing organ)

    • they’re breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus

    • they generally provide less spinal support than they claim

    • they’re too rigid on the chest for side-sleepers

    • the covers can’t be washed

    • gimmicks such as “natural” and “silver” are just empty marketing words 

Walk into most mattress showrooms and ask the salespeople for an anti-static mattress. You’ll get confused looks.

If sleep disturbance, low energy, brain fog, waking up without energy, poor recovery time, lack of concentration, poor memory or headaches are an ongoing concern for you…. contact me so I can make suitable arrangements to help to assess your home.

What Can GEOVITAL Do To Help?

As you know the success or failure of a project stands or falls with the interests, experience or background of your trades people. 

GEOVITAL has been in the business for over 35 years, however unlike many other suppliers, we don’t offer products online.

There’s an important reason for this: please don’t believe you can restore your bedroom to a safe haven just by buying a special mattress.  

It may solve a few problems but there could be many other contributing factors that you’re not aware of.

Consequently we don’t want you to spend money unnecessarily, only for the problem to continue and for you to become disillusioned.

Once we’ve carried out an assessment on your home, you’ll automatically be registered as a GEOVITAL customer and thereafter benefit from discounted product prices.

That way you get the benefit of the assessment from someone who knows their electrical fields from their magnetic fields, their mV’s from their V/m’s and recommend workable solutions for you at affordable prices.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Don’t rush headlong into buying a sick home because the view is great!  Most homes need some degree of EMR mitigation and some homes (and land) simply cannot be fixed.

Let’s find out what the place you want to live in is really like. 

Having a pre-purchase EMR inspection done before committing is significant  ‘check’ when considering any property. 

It’s not just the hideous transmission lines in the nearby field you should worry about.  Underground power (Geopathic stress) can play havoc with magnetic fields and this may be unfixable.

Here are the common issues we find:

  1. Electric fields from internal wiring can irritate the body all night long in most bedrooms; this is usually straightforward to fix.

  2. Radio frequency radiation from phone towers, nearby airport radars, wi-fi etc affects more and more homes with too much exposure. This is also fixable.

  3. Magnetic fields are the most important radiation type to assess before committing because they can often not be mitigated against.

Home Assessments

The investigation with a GEOVITAL professional should be the basis for any mitigation.  Most homes leave much to be desired when it comes to EMR and so a Home Assessment is advisable in response to any current health issues. Prevention is always better than trying to fix this when problems arise.

Hotel And Estate Developments

We are increasingly being contacted by hotel groups and professional home builders to ask how we can help them improve their sleeping areas and reduce EMR generally.

Simple Actions To Implement:

1. Take a short test (recommended by John Patterson)

  • ’When you are in a room with a mobile phone, walk outside and notice the change’. This is radio awareness which John was taught in the 1970s by OTC.

  • Try adding a list of numbers (or, if you are able, translating a document from one language to another). Notice what happens to your concentration when the mobile phone is switched on and signalling.

2. Things to consider before you go to bed tonight

  • If your bed or sofa is positioned up against the same wall as a Smart Meter is mounted   on externally, please consider moving it to the other side of the room or into another room altogether.

  • Turn off your modem every night before bed and when it’s not in use. Use an Ethernet wherever possible.

  • Be sure to minimise the number of calls to your cell phone with your handset held to your head. Brain cancer is the biggest cancer for children; high phone usage is 30 minutes a day. Use the loudspeaker where appropriate or unpowered ear buds. Be careful with powered earphones, especially the new models coming onto the market. They can cause breaks in your DNA.  Any leakage of calcium ions into the cytosol of the cell ultimately cause cellular chaos and death.

  • Pulsed radio frequency (RF) microwaves do more damage than continuous radiation. This is what you’re exposed to with a Bluetooth headset device. Strapping something next to your brain that operates in the 2.4 GHz band is not smart. How can pulsing your brain at 2.4 million times a second ever be safe when our brain operates at between 0 hZ to 40 hZ normally? That’s a 60 million difference in pulse rate, effectively microwaving your brain when you wear one of these. Again use the loudspeaker where you can. Your brain is worth it.

  • Stop carrying your phone on your body (pocket, bra, jacket).  Buy a decent cell phone radiation pouch.  Switch your cell phone into flight mode before bed OR keep it out of the bedroom altogether.

  • If you need an alarm clock, buy a small battery operated one.

  • Turn off all power in the bedroom at the wall where possible before going to sleep….  don’t even have the TV on standby.

  • Make the time to ground yourself throughout the day. That means bare feet on the earth or grass (see below).

  • Please don’t eat lunch at your desk, go to the beach or the park (not near 5G masts wherever possible)

3. Walking Barefoot

Walk barefoot on the beach or a grass park where you can connect to that high frequency vibration given off by the Earth and Sun. 

Lightning strikes the earth 6,000 times a minute; it’s power is extraordinary with each bolt containing up to one billion volts of electricity.

Take a few deep breaths, walk barefoot, roll around on the ground and open yourselves up to receive the natural energy that transfers from the ground into your body.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

4. Think Before You Buy – Trinkets and EMR Masking Devices

I’ve never been a fan of things to hang around my neck or attach to my cell phone. If anything organite crystals are better than nothing and may strengthen the bio-field better than other products but (especially with 5G) they do not shield sufficiently and in turn give wearers a false sense of protection. 

In the end your mitochondria (the power generators of your cells) are ultimately drained as they remain constantly in defence mode.

Back to John Patterson….

Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 10.18.22 am.png

He told EMR Australia ‘In 1997 I took a legitimate measurement. I submitted an OH&S report that [the measurement] was a “dangerous occurrence”. This is the highest rated danger on the OH&S scale and meant that by law the installation should be shut down immediately.’

The result, however, was something quite different. John was sacked on the spot. Moreover, other staff members who found out about the measurement were also sacked without warning.

John then proceeded down the legislative channels that were available to him. He contacted in turn Standards Australia, the Australian Communications Authority, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, the Local government Association, Federal Parliament and finally the military. 

In other words all the people that we pay through taxes to protect us from such debacles.

None of these agencies provided any support, though some authorities confirmed that John’s measurements and his conclusion were correct. 

Finally a parliamentary committee concluded that John should deal with the problem in his local area.

So he did.

On 14 July 2007 John broke into a truck yard, ‘borrowed’ a former British army tank and systematically demolished six mobile phone base stations and two other sites in the West Sydney suburb of Mt Druit, before the tank stalled and he surrendered to police.

According to John, mobile phones and their base stations pose a devastating health risk to human life, to nature and to the planet that supports it.

Speaking to reporters about 5G he explained that 5G disrupts the biological system of your body – your brain, your nervous system and your muscles.

John’s attempt to obtain justice, to see the dangers of mobile phone technology addressed cost him dearly. 

He was jailed, drugged and brutalised. 

He lost his home and his savings as well.

That was in 2007. It’s now 2020 and things have become so much worse, not better.

– – – – – – –

With all I’ve written above, what will your children say in 20 years time if you don’t do something to protect them today from EMR?

By then you could be walking down memory loss lane.

There’s no greater wealth than the life you have left, so it’s time for us all to crank up the Mission: Impossible music and do something. 

On 25 January 2020 there’s the first of several Global Protest Days against 5G. 

This is not a time to be background noise – Google it to find an event near you.  

Maybe you think that the goal is like climbing Mount Everest in flip flops but know that a bird flying in a flock can fly 70% further than a bird flying on its own.

The sound you’ll hear from way in the distance will be the sound of a storm gathering.

After all the best things in life come when you’re one step away from catastrophe.

Film Clips You Absolutely Must Make Time To See

Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health (14:20) (For the sake of your daughter or grand-daughter make sure you listen all the way through on this one:)

Take Back Your Power (Smart Meters)

5G from the tower climber installing it (7:08)

Are You A Dog Owner?

 About Graeme Dinnen

A Scot who was born and has lived in Asia for most of his life, Graeme loves looking into tried and tested restorative methods before they disappear under the onslaught of modern medicine.  

He has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Jin Shin Jyutsu; became a Reiki Master & Teacher, and specialised in the damage done to humans and animals by parasites.

Graeme’s interest in Geopathic Stress and the potentially harmful effects of ElectroMagnetic Radiation first led him to contact and study the works of Rolf Gordon (Dulwich Health), author of books on Geopathic Stress and Sick Building Syndrome. 

Later he met with Geopathic Energy Consultant Roy Riggs and with Helmut Ziehe, Founder of the International Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology.

Although this page is entitled “About” it is more about what help you may need with health conditions that may have developed as the result of ElectroMagnetic Radiation in your home……or merely to prevent them from having an adverse impact on you and your family’s life.

Please contact me with questions and I’ll do my best to answer them accurately.