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You read that right!

I placed these words as the headline because they draw attention to a highly important fact that most people gloss over.

Two years ago I registered for an online Oral Health Summit.

I wasn’t able to listen to every talk but I took copious notes on those I did hear, recording such things and as:

• 80% of disease symptoms originate in the mouth

• how conventional dentistry has become a risk to society 

• we worry about mercury in tuna yet we contain more mercury than tuna

• fluoride is an unapproved mass drug that destroys the thyroid

iodine does a much better job of killing unwanted ‘bugs’ than fluoride

• people drinking sodas are destroying their teeth quicker than they think

• many if not most wisdom teeth removals were not necessary

• most women with breast cancer have had root canal work

• dentists and dental assistants are more likely to have infertility, miscarriages, still births and birth defects than drug users (mercury vapour in the dental office and waiting rooms)

…..and more.

I’ll qualify the first bullet point above. Although 80% of disease symptoms originate in the mouth, a whopping 98% of all focal infections in the body come directly from the teeth and the tonsils. That’s right….98%

A focal infection is one in which harmful bacteria are present in one area (eg tonsils or the tissue surrounding a tooth), yet they spread to and infect other areas of the body.

In this day and age when it’s become a concern that there are some members of the medical profession that care more about their income than their patient’s health, it’s time to learn more than you know at the moment, if only to stay one step ahead of the game and to prevent having the wool pulled over your eyes.

It’s Never To Late To Join The Blotting Revolution!

The event between 20-26 July 2020 is absolutely free of charge to participate – register right here (diarise the dates and be sure not to miss it!)

Given the increasing dissatisfaction with the quality and cost of our medical services today, it’s imperative to stay one step ahead of the professions we’ve come to trust for so many years.

Before the 20 July event, you can…..

• read this first

• listen to Elmar’s Tooth Talk podcast

Graeme Dinnen

PS For the record….

• Mercury, found in amalgam (silver) dental fillings, is the main culprit for a wide range of chronic immune related conditions,

• root canal procedures increase your risk of cancer (see Thomas Rau Parcelsus Clinic)

• poisons and oral pathogens in the mouth weaken your immune function and can be responsible for up to 90% of heart attacks.

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  • Steve Macmillan says:

    Officials knowing full well that FLUORIDE is a CDC rated poison and complicit in thyroid problems still insist on adding it to our drinking water!!! Is industry paying them to dispose of this waste that would otherwise cost them dearly to dispose of it in a CDC rated hazardous waste facility???

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