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What Do You Do?

It’s night time, you hear the creek of the bedroom door as it opens and someone walks in. The next thing you know is a gun is pointed at you and the trigger pulled.  

A bullet is fired and it hits you.  What do you do next? 

Travelling at 6 times faster than the top speed of the fastest car in the world.

You rush to ER.  No question. You’d be in need of IMMEDIATE medical attention.

It won’t come as much of a surprise to you but the environment we’re in today is becoming as lethal as a bullet wound.


It’s not just the deteriorating quality of air you breathe, there’s a magnitude of assaults impairing your immune system’s ability to stop the cellular and tissue damage that leads to some form of impairment.

What’s this got to do with Electro Magnetic Radiation?

Pretty much everything.

I’m not going to wax on about how harmful EMR is – I’ve written about that on previous occasions.

Let’s get back to that stranger in your bedroom with the gun.

If bullets travelled slower and you could see them coming, you’d dodge them. 

That’s a no-brainer.

So why would you be aware of a radiation ‘bullet’ coming your way and do nothing?

Probably because we’ve been making our lives harder for ourselves than we needed to

The presence of EMR is not something to be treated like a “squeaky” door that you’ll get round to fixing someday.  

What Radiation Do I Mean?

The best way to explain this is by reading Anne’s Story

Your body attracts electric fields.  Apart from local electricity distribution lines in the street and electrical boxes outside your home, every electrical device within 10 feet of you whether active, on pause or on standby is emitting chaotic frequencies that scramble your cells.

All your cells are responsive to changing electromagnetic fields.

Contributors include:

• gaming devices when left on to download updates

• solar panels (slight but discernible)

• WiFi always (switch this off at night)

• TV and Computers (stop leaving on standby)

• remote controls

• baby monitors, hairdryers, electric shavers, electric blankets

• cordless phones

• SMART meters

• those twisty CFL lightbulbs

• electricity from wall plugs (get some Stetzer Filters)

• wiring errors (even from next door)

….and of course your mobile phone!


It would be a long list to identify all neurological and cellular health conditions that chip away at your overall well-being but here are the common ones:

  • Brain Cancer (mobile phone use over 30 mins a day by children)

  • Cancerous tumours (radiation in smoker’s lungs is higher than at Chernobyl)

  • Headaches (especially after the installation of SMART meters)

If you have any doubts, 8,000+ independent studies confirm that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is harming you.  

Those studies claiming EMR is ‘safe’ were carried out by the very companies causing it. They’ll write anything as long as they get their thirty pieces of silver.

What’s the Most Dangerous Room In Your House?

Your laundry is often mentioned because of the toxic properties of many laundry liquids. It’s definitely up there in the top 3 dangerous rooms but it’s not No #1.

That award goes to your bedroom.  Your bedroom is where you spend 8 hours a day. It’s your go-to room to rest and recover when you’re feeling unwell or tired. 

It’s where your body gets the most help in reclaiming health and vitality.

Earlier this month I took readings in a lady’s home.  As she sat on her bed I explained the best reading should be 30 microVolts or less, although these days we recommend that anything over 100 microVolts needs to be remedied. 

As she reached out to hold the tip of the EMF meter I anticipated a reading of anywhere between 650 and 1000 microVolts. The readout shot up to just over 7,000 microVolts. This was a a hair-on-fire problem she couldn’t see.

I have never seen a reading that high. Needless to say she didn’t sleep there until we identified the causes of the reading (often different to what you think might be) and negated the issue.

Is Your Bedroom A Trap? Is it causing your health problem in the first place?

Radiation influences the important metabolic processes in a human body, disrupts the chemical structures of tissues and messes with your central nervous system. It also acts as a stress source in living creatures, with human and animal.

This is the reason I tell therapists “radiation in a bedroom can fight against and delay any chance of patient recovery”. Their patients may get better but will they ever get well?

A Few Tips:

  • unplug bedside table lamps at night. Keep a torch by your bed in case of need.
  • don’t position a baby monitor near to your baby’s crib or your bed.
  • light dimmer switches anywhere in the home are a radiation hazard
  • a metal bed frame and metal mattress springs contribute to deteriorating health
  • never position a fridge against a wall if someone is sleeping on the other side.
  • bathroom/kitchen – use extraction fans sparingly as they raise radiation levels
  • unplug electronic equipment when not in use (especially video game consoles)
  • unplug electric toothbrushes when not in use      
  • stetzerizer (or stetzer) reduce ‘dirty’ electricity, are simple to instal and filter out electric pollution through leakage from TV’s, computers and energy efficient lighting.  This is the most dangerous dirty electricity carried by your electrical wiring and you want to minimise it at all costs.
Is It Worth Turning A Blind Eye To The Dangers Any Longer?

Pendant frustration

Hanging a small pendant around your neck does not shield you properly and will give a false sense of protection. I won’t name the product brand names that are being advertised as I don’t want to waste my time fighting their lawyers.

Some products will undoubtedly provide some level of value but what you’re not told is your mitochondria (your cell’s powerhouse batteries) will always be in defence mode, draining your energy.  For a child born today it would be like engaging in a continuous war for the next 80 years.

It’s easy to put off an invisible long term problem by saying you’ll take care of it when you’re not so busy, but would you ever say that about a bullet wound?

I think not.

You’d make time to deal with it right away whatever the cost.

Now you’re aware that a bullet is heading your way, are you going to dodge it or let it hit you? 

Don’t let your mindset hold you back on this one.

Things to consider doing right away:

  1. Use top of the range cell phone jackets to minimise the EMR when on or near you 
  2. Cover your bed with a NOVA Shielding Canopy (I made this video last year)
  3. Next time you need a mattress, opt for the type that will suit you better, especially if you have long term back pain….mattresses
  4. Get yourself an HF Field Probe and locate the radiation danger areas in your home/office
  5. Take a practical course or workshop so you can better understand what’s going on around you

For the canopy and the mattress my advice would be to invite a qualified GeoVital Consultant to carry out a proper inspection in your home.  Contact me with details of where you live so I can ask someone properly qualified to contact you. The benefits of this will surprise you. He/she can tell you the extent of any harmful radiation, where it’s coming from and pinpoint what you need to do about it.

For obvious reasons you’ll benefit from this by doing it sooner rather than later.

Whatever option you choose thereafter, you’ll automatically be registered onto the GeoVital website after which you’ll receive a discount on products. This way the cost of the GeoVital Consultant will be paid for and you’ll not order the wrong products to protect your family and home.

So in modern day terms when a man walks into your bedroom at night, pulls a gun, points it at you and shoots, you know what you can do to prevent it.

Graeme Dinnen

PS  You may have seen that the aircraft industry has sounded a warning over the increased use of 5G technologies as they interfere with radio altimeters in planes. In the US, Airlines For America has filed an emergency request with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to delay the rollout of 5G. Because of the concerns the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is planning to put highly restrictive safety measures in place that could cause chaos on top of that caused by ongoing COVID restrictions.

If 5G can disrupt electronic flight altimeters, imagine what it can do to your brainwaves.

To see the “acceptable” limits or the allowable public standards your government has set, watch from 44:31 onwards – in Take Back Your Power.  It is beyond shocking.

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  • Grev Davies says:

    Hi Graeme, long time no see……
    Just telling my story to Dr. Sam Bailey of NZ
    Of course you are a big part of my healing journey
    So have told her about you.
    Check her out
    Just remembering our first session
    Lots of love to you both
    Greville aka Dandy Fox

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