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Hey Guys,

From my friend Trey Smith…..

I wanted to write a quick letter to you and explain a few interesting conundrums that have happened recently.

First off, as you probably know, we’ve seen a dramatic increase of AI related products and businesses the past few months. I can tell you this, as someone who was at the forefront of the internet taking off in the mid 2000s, and then Smartphones taking off in the early 2010s, I have NEVER seen anything eat up the marketplace like AI.

It’s absurd. Now, for a lot of people this is scary, but for me? I’m absolutely stoked, and it’s why you see me diving HEAD FIRST into this as hard as can.


Because I’ve done this before. I’m not worried about AI taking my job, I’m MUCH more concerned that if I don’t push hard right now that I will be left in the dust when I could have gained critical ground early on.

It’s Essential To Push Hard During Emerging Markets

Let me give you an example.

You know Gary Vaynerchuk? The famous entrepreneur with a bajillion followers who is always half mad, but says some smart stuff.

Imagine if you set out a goal to get as many followers as him. It would be next to IMPOSSIBLE to do now, because the time has passed.

Gary was at he FOREFRONT of social media, right when it was emerging, and built a strong foundational following at that time that grew WITH HIM.

We’re at that stage now with AI. If you try to build a business using these AI tactics in 3 years, it could VERY well be too late.

And I mean that.

I’ll give you another great example.

I’ve got a mobile game business with 100,000,000 downloads. Pretty cool, right? Over 100,000,000 people have played games I’ve made (heck, there’s a good chance you have too).


You notice I’m not making new games right now? Ever wondered why I’m talking about AI in this letter, and not how to make video games (which I built an 8 figure business around?).

Because all trends work on a BELL Curve. I would love to say I made this up myself, but I’m not quite that smart.

Bell Curve

Here’s how it works:

The innovators are the ones who create the new market. In this case people like Google DeepMind and Open AI. The early adopters is when you want to enter the market. Before the early majority, and definitely not in the late majority.

Of course the worst case scenario is to enter the market with the laggards… that’s all the people who said “This will NEVER take off” and now they’re eating crow.

Right now, we’re in the EARLY ADOPTER phase with AI. Mobile is in the late majority, and other dying industries, like retail sales, are in the laggards.

This is the sweet spot.

You might have missed out on the internet, or maybe Smartphones, but this one is RIGHT here for the taking.

So how do you take advantage of that?

How To Crush It With AI Right Now

Ok, so the secret is to use the tools available to build a viable business before everyone else does.

Read this again, this is SUPER important:

The HUGE secret is to use the new tools that are coming out before the market is crowded and EVERYONE is using them.

Let me give you an example of how I did this literally TODAY.

If you haven’t seen my ads, I just released a ton of ads made COMPLETELY with AI. These look insanely good, let me show you:

Just a picture doesn’t TRULY do it justice, but let me tell you, these are so good you can’t tell it’s an AI avatar.

It looks, sounds, and moves exactly like me. I posted it on my instagram and here were the comments:

Needless to say, people were BLOWN AWAY.


Because they had never seen it before.

Do you think they will be blown away by this in 5 years? How about even in … 5 months?

Probably not.

And I bet you know why… by then there will be a million people running ads like this.

But right now, I’m one of the first.

Cool, but does that translate into results?

Actually, more than you could possible imagine and let me prove it to you.

These are my Facebook stats from today. All of these ads are doing the same thing…They’re getting people to sign up and watch my AI Mastery Webinar.

You’re on the sales page for this now, but they won’t see that for a while. Getting people to see the webinar is the FIRST step to the sales funnel I’ve built, and the most important.

So check this out. 

Now, if you don’t run a bunch of ads, this might not look like much, but let me explain quickly:

The GREEN CIRCLES are for my new AI generated ads I’m running.

Right now they’re getting an ABSURD 3.22% click through rate. That means 3.22% of the people who see this ad click on it.

Because it’s so high, I can get clicks for only $1.45. These are expensive US, Canada, UK and Australia clicks.

Now my registration page converts at 33%, so that means I’m paying $4.35 to get someone to sign up for my webinar.

The boring OLD ads, that I made with Canva (like EVERYONE else), were costing me about $6 per click. That means I was paying $18 per webinar signup!

This is how you CRUSH the competition

While everyone else is out there hustling away spending $20 to get someone to show up for an event, I’m spending a $4 and some change because I’m wowing people with new technology.

That means my WHOLE funnel is costing me a fraction of what my competition is paying. To even be more precise, I’m spending 75.2% less than everyone else because of these high converting ads.

Can you see what a massive advantage that is?

That’s how you win. 

This Is Just The Beginning

This MINDSET echoes throughout everything I’m doing in my companies. It’s not just ads, it’s coming up with ideas, creating products, and building out the sales funnel.

We’re now, officially, using AI for every single point of the sale, and every point of the funnel.

And it almost works TOO well.

It’s insane, and guess how many people are in my company?


That’s it.

Because AI is doing the heavy lifting.

Now, listen, I get AI can be scary, but it’s not when YOU are the one using it to help you.

That’s the position you want to be in.

You got two options, you can either sit in a corner and be scared of it taking your job, or you can be the person who owns the company and using AI to scale past everyone else.

Not sure about you, but I think I’ll take the latter.

What You Need To Do Next

The next step is to obviously:

   1. Learn how to do all this stuff and then…

   2. Implement it

Now, it wasn’t so easy for us. We had to trial and error a BILLION different things to figure it out. Heck, we’re still doing it. That’s why I tested those AI videos before anyone else.

But, you’re in luck, we’ve actually already done the hard work for you.

We know what works, and I’m happy to share it with you… for completely FREE.

I have a very good reason for doing this, but first let me explain what I’m giving you.

Introducing AI Mastery Live

Your 6 Week Course + A Full Year Mentorship With Me Personally

For the first time in many years, I’ve put together a course that shows you exactly what I’m doing in my business.

I mean, step by step.

Literally everything.

You will learn the strategies we’re using that bring in 6 figures a month, how we’re coming up with ideas, how we’re using AI to create them, and every intricate detail on how we get customers and turn profits.

The best thing?

This works for ANY business. Our clients use this system to sell books, courses, software, and more, from every market you can think.

From video games to yoga training. If you’re a coach, consultant, or and entrepreneur looking for a way to grow your existing business, then this is for you.

What’s Inside AI Mastery Live

First and foremost, AI Mastery Live is a 6 week training program that goes over everything we’re doing in our business.

Here’s the weekly breakdown (details at the end)







So as you can see, that is a TON of stuff. AND… it takes you literally from beginning to end.

You learn how to come up with ideas that will actually sell in the first week, and by the last week I’m sharing the exact strategies I used to sell my company, Buildbox, back in 2019.

And of course, the REAL meat is in the middle weeks.

This is where you learn to create books, courses, and market them. That’s the bread and butter.

This training is all unique and not copied from other people, and to really make this a no-brainer I decided to do something insane.

Something I’ve never done before.

Check this out:

We’re Going To Meet On Zoom Every Week For A FULL YEAR

Imagine this.

You’re building a product, but you’re stuck. You can’t choose between making a book about X or a course about Y, and you just don’t know what the right move is.

No worries, because EVERY SINGLE THURSDAY — for 52 weeks — we’re going to meet up on Zoom and you can ask me ANY questions you have about your business.

I’ve never offered something like this before, and never even THOUGHT about doing something like this for free!

But here we are, and honestly, I like it.

You’ll be on with other AI Mastery members, and usually these calls have about 25 people on them. You’ll network, get to know people, hear what we’re doing to scale in our business, and of course ask any questions you want to.

That’s what this is REALLY about, and why it’s a MENTORSHIP and not just a course.

I’ve head mentors my whole life that have helped me pass hard journeys in business, and I want to offer you the same.

I want you to never hit an obstacle you can’t pass.

If you’re stuck, then chances are I’ve dealt with the issue. Multiple times. After taking 5 companies to 7 figures, and one to 8 figures, I’ve learned a good bit.

Life isn’t easy out here in Silicon Valley!

Many people are finding this to be equal, if not better, than the actual course. We’re building a community of like minded, early adopters, who All have the same goal in mind:

Get in early and CRUSH this new industry.

Here’s How You Can Get This For Free

Alright, so you’re probably wondering why in the world I’m doing this!

Fair.  I would wonder the same.

The answer is pretty simple. I’m doing this as a bribe to get you to use my new software company, AutoFunnel.AI.

You see, when you build a product, you’re going to need a way to sell it right? You’ll need to collect leads, make sales pages, and then deliver the product.

That’s what AutoFunnel does. It’s a complete website and sales copy creator that uses AI to do all the hard stuff for you.

We’re the FIRST people in the world that have built an AI generated Website and Funnel building platform, and I want to give you ALL of AI Mastery Live for trying it out!

Yes, including the full year of weekly Zoom calls.

Why This Is The Best Deal You’ll Ever See

There’s two great things about this:

1. You’re going to have to buy some solution to create pages to sell your products. With us, you not only get the ONLY AI solution for this, you get AI Mastery for FREE as a bonus.

2. This is a big one… To make this an insanely easy decision for you, we’re going to give you the biggest discount we’ve EVER given ANYONE for AutoFunnel.

See, AutoFunnel Pro cost $499/month. This edition gives you everything you need to infinitely scale for years to come. That means unlimited customers, unlimited pages, unlimited traffic.

Literally it’s the only thing you’ll need to run your business.

At $499 a month that comes out to $5,988 per year.

We have many people paying that right now, but if you act fast, I’m going to give you an absolutely legendary discount on this.

Here’s the deal:

Your Purchase An Annual Subscription To AutoFunnel Pro Before The Countdown Ends, We’re Going To Give You 75% Off FOREVER!

While most people are paying $5,988 per year, you’ll only be paying $1,497 per year.

That’s it. Forever. Grandfathered in as long as you like our product.

AND you get AI Mastery + The 52 live zoom calls with me… for completely free.

Just for joining AutoFunnel.

If you decide AutoFunnel is not for you, then no problem. You can cancel anytime, and I can’t really take the course back from you, so feel free to keep it!

But I’m not worried about it.

The reason we’re doing this insane promotion is because we believe AutoFunnel is going to take care of your needs in a way no other software platform can.

You’ll be creating sales pages, including the sales copy and even images, in seconds with AI.

You’ll be delivering your products to people, taking orders, and tracking sales like a pro without all the pain in the ass setup.

You’ll be part of a VERY early community of entrepreneurs who are adamantly using AI to grow their business, and you’ll be part of the AutoFunnel family.

We’re excited to have you.

If you want to grab this MASSIVE discount and get AI Mastery + Zoom Calls with me and more For FREE — then click on this button and order now:

A Word of Warning!


We totally understand that this is a pretty insane offer. It’s again, not one i’ve ever made before, and don’t plan to do it again.

We’re keeping this limited, because I don’t want a hundred people on these calls. In fact, I don’t want even half of that.

My goal is to give people who take this leap and join us the most attention possible, so that’s why I’m closing this down.

This offer will last until Sunday 31 December 2023 at midnight (PST) so make sure to grab this while it’s available.

Ready to get started, click here and join us now:

Get AI Mastery Live + AutoFunnel AI + EVERYTHING Else I’ve Created… and Save 75%




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First let’s dive in on what you get with AI Mastery Live. Not only will you be learning from Trey personally for 6 weeks with 30+ videos, you’ll also be meeting with him LIVE every Thursday on Zoom.  Here’s a taste of what you’ll get when you get AI Mastery Live:

  • WEEK 1: The Idea Machine – The first week we focus on getting your brain straight, coming up with product ideas, reverse engineering competitors, product remix mastery, and making the final call with my checklist. 
  • WEEK 2: Crafting Viral Books – Next you’ll learn about secret AI tools I use to write books, my Three Act Play method for writing, the Viral Push technique, a new AudioBook tool we’re using instead of ElevenLabs, and how to design killer book covers with AI that convert.
  • WEEK 3: Building AI Courses – This week you’ll learn advanced tactics to build courses with AI, the five things you must have in your outline, how to make “no face” videos, the compel technique, and my tactic for completing a course in one day with AI.
  • WEEK 4: Facebook Ads Unleashed – Find out about a new AI tool we’re using for video ads, my $8 method for building Facebook Campaigns, how to scale with growth ads, the Anvil technique, and more.
  • WEEK 5: Funnel Building Secrets – Learn the Lead Page Crusher tactic for getting emails, my 3-point Sales Page secret, utilizing AI for Sales Copy (the right way), crushing it with Automated Upsells, and get my handy Metrics Goal Cheat Sheet
  • WEEK 6: Growth On Fire – Find out how we use AI to create email series that convert, the deadline method that brings in 80% of our sales, how to create long term growth customers, the 5 secrets to 7 figure scale, and the step-by-step instructions on how I got my company acquired for 8 figures.
  • EVERY WEEK FOR 52 WEEKS ($52,000 VALUE) – Meet live with Trey and ask him any questions about your business.  Also, frequent guest appearances from his co-founder, Nik Rudenko, and Pavle, director of Marketing.  Not only will you get to ask Trey questions, but during this open session you’ll learn exactly what the team is doing to expand their brand and crush the market.  Get an insiders look as they build a Silicon Valley company in the early days, answer your questions, and discuss the biggest changes in AI that week!

– – – – –

When you register before Sunday 31 December 2023 at midnight you’ll also get:

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Bookle AI is more than just a tool for generating text—it’s your personalized book factory. Designed to unlock the book inside your head, Bookle AI is an advanced software solution that crafts comprehensive books on any subject you desire. Whether it’s how-to guides, instructional materials, business plans, or even works of fiction, Bookle AI transforms your ideas into professionally formatted, ready-to-publish books.

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Ever dreamed of writing your own book but dread the long, tedious process? Enter Bookle AI—the groundbreaking software that turns your ideas into full-length, high-quality books in just minutes. Unlike other AI tools that churn out generic, impersonal text, Bookle AI incorporates your unique voice and specific instructions to create a book that’s unmistakably yours.

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  • AI-Powered: Built on a proprietary Large Language Model (LLM), trained exclusively on high-converting copy.
  • Versatility: Offers both sales copy and email copy options, tailored to various themes like “Waste Management Consulting” or “Weight Loss.”
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  • Personalized Outputs: Copycraft imitates successful writing styles, even allowing users to insert their own names in place of the original author.
  • Data-Driven: Utilizes a database of over a thousand proven emails and sales letters, ensuring that the copy you get is not just good—it’s excellent.
  • Seamless Integration: With one click, transform your newly minted copy into a fully functional sales funnel via AutoFunnel.

Are you tired of mediocre results from your sales and email copy? Do you wish you could replicate the success of high-converting copy without spending hours crafting each sentence? Look no further than Copycraft. Unlike other AI solutions, Copycraft is trained exclusively on copy that actually converts. It’s like having a top-tier copywriter on your team, but without the hefty price tag.

With Copycraft, you’re not just getting another tool; you’re getting a proven system for success. From emails that have your customers hitting the “Buy Now” button, to sales pages that turn prospects into profits, Copycraft does it all—and it does it exceptionally well.

Don’t settle for average when you can have extraordinary. Make the smart choice and elevate your business with Copycraft today.

GET IT ALL NOW!  (and the many additional free bonuses)

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