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Q Energy Spa

We rarely notice the deterioration in our energy levels. If us human beings were built to perform as a 12-volt battery, most of us today would function at 6, 7 or, if we’re lucky, 8 volts.

We think we’re healthy because we once were, yet the degradation from our 12 volt performance was slow. It’s never too late to reverse the trend. Recharge Your Biological Battery; Feel The Cellular Difference.

“Its like having Lourdes in your living room”

Dr. Susan Lange, California

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Lip Trainer

Do you sleep with your mouth open?

Increasing your intake of oxygen with each nostril breath can add years to your life as well as improving your physical appearance.

As you read this, your cells are suffocating. You probably aren’t aware of it but they’re gasping for air.

This is a prime cause of the ageing process – to which expensive creams are going to make no difference!

The storage battery of muscle energy and thought energy is not charged and re-charged by food. This is charged as you sleep. Food is to the human body what the soil is to a plant – merely raw material; tissue elements, to be built into the organism, but not in any sense a source of life.

If, while you sleep, you are not allowing yourself sufficient intake of oxygen to your cells, your health deteriorates.

Celtic Sea Salt

The majority of common table salts are artificial and pale beside the mineral-rich unrefined sea salts.

Download the two free articles that show the potential benefits to your health – especially for those of you suffering from high (or low) blood pressure, poor kidney function, asthma and arthritis, lung problems, digestion, dehydration and water retention.

In addition to becoming healthier, your cooking will taste so much better and people will ask where on earth you learned your new skills!