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If you’re looking for an alternative to dentists (and you should be) put aside a couple of minutes for the sake of your oral health. It’s for your long term benefit.

First of all the Blotting Brushes are no longer available. I’m sure you know this already.

Without warning the brush manufacturer terminated production without even contacting us first so we weren’t even able to place a final order.

I’ve tried contacting the Phillips family to find out exactly how the bristles were treated but so far have had no response.

What You Can Do Instead

Many people have asked what they should do from now on to maintain healthy teeth and gums for themselves and their family.

There are several ways to do this but please don’t slip back into buying standard toothbrushes and toxic toothpaste from commercial outlets.  

We’re all so much better than that.

An Alternative To Dentists

I have six simple yet serious recommendations:

  1. Get a copy of Alternative To Dentists and discover how your teeth are alive and can heal themselves.  It’s easy to follow and what you learn here will become a beneficial lifelong habit.

2.  Toothbrushes: to maintain your high standards, use these brushes from now on:

Click on DENTAL and drop down to TOOTHBRUSH @ Real White Sonic Toothbrush (There’s more than just the sonic toothbrush but this is what’s recommended)

Never lose sight of the connection between the health of your mouth (ie your toothbrush) and:

  • heart conditions
  • blood sugar issues
  • memory decline (closely linked with missing teeth)
  • digestive disorders
  • arthritic joint pain 
  • leaky gut 
  • and many seemingly unrelated long term health conditions                     

If you ever needed motivation to do a better job in cleaning your mouth, these innovative brushes are currently at a discount.

Knowing that 80% of poor health conditions originate in your mouth, the prospect of returning to a toothbrush and toxic toothpaste that contributed to you visiting the dentist every year is not your best choice.

3.  Toothpaste: either find a non-toxic toothpaste or, better still, make your own.  If you don’t know how, a good place to start is here.  (Scroll down for the ToothPowder Recipe) Gargling with a couple of drops of iodine in a small glass of water daily (or as often as you can) will do wonders for your mouth.

4.  Until midnight on 6 January 2021 (“Twelfth Night”)….. Our ebook “Brushing and Flossing Causes Gum Disease” is available on our parent site:

The cost?  A token £5.50 rising in price on 7 January 2022 because of the insane value in it. So be quick….and read it!

“I read your ebook from cover to cover before my last dental appointment and questioned my dentist when he recommended a root canal treatment.  He was clearly put out that I knew so much.  Not only did you save me a fortune, you saved me from having a dangerous treatment I didn’t need”  Eileen S, Essex

5.  Lip Trainer:  The Lip Trainer helps with bleeding gums (an indication of widespread body poisoning), mouth ulcers, tooth grinding, saliva drooling, dry mouth, tooth alignment and is already extensively used by practitioners of Myofunctional Therapy (correcting the improper function of the tongue and facial muscles).

6.   Never lose sight of the Interactive Toothcharts: They are offline (currently being re-worked) and will be up and running again soon.  Their value is inestimable.

ToothWizards website

The ToothWizards site is being taken over by my colleague of over a decade, Dr Elmar Jung, a much sought-after holistic dentist and health consultant. 

Dr Jung is Southampton-based and the author of the revealing book ‘SHUT YOUR MOUTH and OPEN WIDE’.  You’ll learn more about keeping your mouth in good health from this book than you will from many dentists.  

He offers a free weekly podcast of immense practical value.  You can read more about these through his site

I’d strongly recommend that you also read about his work with the caviTAU and Bio-photon light therapy, both on his website. These are valuable non-invasive treatments and you never know when you’ve going to need them.

Graeme Dinnen

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