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What if I told you that you were unknowingly eating a credit card every single week?

It’s true. 

The other day, I read a shocking number: 120,000 

That’s how many grams we could be consuming in microplastics every year.

Each week we could be swallowing roughly the same weight in microplastics as a credit card.

And the most frustrating part of this all?  We can’t avoid it.

Are You Eating Your Credit Card?

These microplastics are in our water, food, personal care items even the soil our food is grown in.

These tiny toxins seep into our lungs…causing stiff joints, bloating, insomnia, weakened immune systems and sluggish energy. 

It’s not breaking news but we’re already in an era where sleight of hand has become commonplace. 


The quality of our water has been seriously compromised,  not just the dumping of sewage in the rivers, lakes and seas but the addition of  woeful and unnecessary chemicals. 

In the 1980’s  Erin Brokovich exposed the levels of chromium 6 groundwater contamination (which is in more cities water supplies than ever before, but now “regulated). Today we have supposedly “safe levels” of graphene oxide, the cause of a variety of health issues ranging from a decrease in cell viability and lung granulomas to kidney and liver problems.

Most of us believe that we’re hydrating our bodies every time we drink a glass of water. But here’s the truth…

Today’s water – whether from the tap or a bottle – often lacks the essential minerals our bodies desperately need.

Even if we use a good water filtration system, we’re drinking “empty” water.

Water has historically been our primary source of essential minerals. However, factors like modern filtration processes and environmental changes have stripped our water of these life-sustaining minerals.

Thankfully I have some good news…

There’s a way to replenish these missing minerals in your daily water.

Open and scroll down for Oceans Alive


Chemicals are being  slipped into our food chain right from the initial spraying; we’re being ‘sugared-up’ faster than we realise. The UK has failed to ban 36 pesticides that are not allowed for use in the EU, as campaigners say the UK is becoming the “toxic poster child of Europe.”

You and I can’t individually change the way the world is heading (except with our wallets) but take a moment to think about what it would be like to return to the better health you enjoyed in the past

This isn’t a fantasy – it’s a power that’s been trusted by two of the world’s most respected medical systems for over 5,000 years (Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda)

Seeds & Oils

Whether it’s our jobs, relationships, or even being stuck in traffic we’re constantly allowing more stress into our lives 

You may be thinking “Isn’t some stress just a normal part of life?” 

And you’re absolutely right. 

We all face challenges and obstacles that can be stressful at times. 

But here’s the thing – constant stress can turn chronic.

This is what leads to serious illnesses over time.

Why you might notice “mystery” symptoms start to appear out of nowhere, like achy joints, insomnia, or getting colds more often than usual. 

It’s why stress is considered the #1 silent killer.  

You can’t visibly see it like a rash on your body and say it’s a problem.

But I’m sure you can feel like something is not right with your health at times. 

More likely than not, stress is the culprit behind so many major illnesses.

As we age we have to work harder to enjoy a healthy life if we want to spend more time with our family. 

To cool down my stress levels I use this rare black seed as it’s rich in magnesium – this helps regulate our neurotransmitters (tiny messengers in my brain that control my mood, stress levels and sleep).

Click here (scroll down for Perfect Press Rare Oils)

Seeds – think of your body as a finely tuned engine, and the food you consume as the fuel that powers it. Seeds are like premium fuel additives that boost performance, efficiency, and longevity. While regular fuel keeps the engine running, adding these special additives optimises its functionality, ensuring it runs smoother, longer, and more efficiently.

In the realm of nutrition, seeds are tiny powerhouses packed with essential nutrients. They contain a concentrated dose of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and antioxidants that boost your overall health.

In essence, seeds are nature’s way of providing a nutritional punch in a small package, ensuring that every intake delivers measurable health benefits, much like how a few drops of premium additives can elevate the performance of an entire tank of fuel.

This is the magic of seeds.

Oils – Nutrient-dense oils, like olive, avocado, and flaxseed oil, offer numerous health benefits – reducing oxidative stress, promoting overall cellular health.. Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, these oils support heart health by reducing bad cholesterol and inflammation. 

It was introduced in China during the Han dynasty (202 BC – 9 AD, 25–220 AD)

Thanks to advanced technology, this same Chinese oil has become so potent that it can help you heal up to 10 times more from all of the above. 

The best part?

It tastes amazing and you can drizzle this oil into your salads, dips, or any of your favourite recipes to start feeling your best, no matter your age.

We should be taking more zinc and copper

These two minerals get more healthy red blood cells into essential organs like your liver and lungs to help you flush out toxins from the body. 

Not only does it help fight back against microplastics but it also strengthens your immune system and reduces inflammation – the root source of most illnesses.

Unfortunately many zinc and copper supplements contain microplastics – due to packaging or bad manufacturing practices.

But this ancient healing oil is absolutely free of pollutants, toxins, heavy metals or bacteria.

Open for Perfect Press Oils (scroll down for the oils)

Iodine – is an essential trace mineral crucial for maintaining good thyroid function, cognitive development, metabolic regulation, detoxification and skin health.

Trouble is much of the iodine sold today isn’t of the quality it should be. Yes – it too has been compromised in the pursuit of profits.

Artificially supplemented iodine is worthless because it passes too quickly into the urine within as little as 20 minutes. A better way to prepare against the eventuality of atomic fallout  is to build a strong immune terrain ahead of time by simply using a small amount of quality iodine daily since it alone supplies the highest possible level of protection.     

By their very saline content all oceans of the world offer the strongest protection against atomic fallout that humankind has available. It is the combination of all these mineral compounds in a symbiotic mix that gives the strongest protection to the consumers. 

Open for Perfect Iodine (scroll down page)

Celtic Sea Salt

Jacques de Lange’s book “SeaSalt’s Hidden Powers” is not longer available unless you have a few hundred dollars and can locate a rare copy.

Here are a few extracts from the copy I bought years ago evidencing how uniquely beneficial this salt is to our bodies.

– – – – –

“Celtic Sea Salt has countless medicinal uses. It can help in correcting excess acidity; restoring good digestion; relieving allergies and skin diseases; and preventing many forms of cancer. Natural salt provides a steady boost in cellular energy and gives the body a heightened resistance to infections and bacterial diseases.”

– – – – – 

When the first atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, the only true protection and the only substance that saved many (who were closer to the epicentre than other who died) was none other than salty miso ….for replenishing human body fluids with salt’s minerals

 – – – – –

Since only 7% of the total  production of refined salt is used for food, salt refiners have supplied that same emasculated refined white chemical salt because it is cheap to harvest, ignoring the dangers that it owes the human psyche only to satisfy the demand of an ever-growing chemical industry

– – – – –

Celtic Sea Salts vs Mined Salts

Sodium is essential for digestive function, metabolism, nerve and muscular functions. However the sodium in landlocked or refined salts hardens and has an altered molecular structure.  

This sodium will stubbornly remain in the body long after it has done its job causing joints to swell (oedema) and kidney problems. Unrefined Celtic Sea Salt has the opposite effect; its sodium drains out rapidly, keeping the kidneys at peak function, as well as promoting flexibility ion the articulations”.

– – – – –

Opting for quality products over cheaper alternatives is often a decision we all have to make at times. The latter is usually a false economy as a minimal value is provided.

When you see discounted vitamins/supplements at the checkout counters, you’re probably being offered a pill with microscopic helping of ingredients that benefit you with a cheap calcium carbonate (chalk) filler.  That’s why they’re discounted.

I’ve found salt for sale “with added iodine” for people with thyroid issues that contained no iodine whatsoever.

When you opt for the second least expensive bottle on the restaurant wine list, you know you’re buying the cheapest wine that’s been priced up so you won’t be considered a cheapskate.

If you want energy, clarity, muscle function, as well as 

• Feeling your heart grow stronger with every beat…

• Have your metabolism firing on all cylinders, melting away fat with ease…

• Watching your body reverse years of premature ageing with each passing day.

Click on the links and browse for what will make a difference to your health

Graeme Dinnen

PS There’s a free ebook called “Five Essential Elements” and covers: Iodine (kills unwanted bugs) – Celtic Sea Salt (rich source of 83 minerals) – Bicarbonate of Soda (great for viral infections) – DMSO (“The People’s Medicine”) – Hydrogen Peroxide (wound care, disinfection, oral health, water purification and more).

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