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I’m receiving an increasing number of enquiries from people who are genuinely discouraged with the way the world is spinning for them at the moment.

Not just corruption in politics, the advent of WW3 (if the warmongers have their way), rising food costs and a host of other world events emerging as I write.

It’s going to affect your family unless YOU do something about it BEFORE our backs are against the wall.

Yes that’s you! For everything you have come to rely on is about to change, you can all feel it. This is not about waking up – most people have done that. It’s about the next stage – standing up. GThe more that do t the easier it becomes.

Here are some helpful starters:

•   The Sovereign Way: Discover How To Set Your Law To Govern Your Life, So You Can Live Life On Your Terms. The process to become free in the world is more like a home-coming than anything else – the experience of being free occurs naturally when we come home to ourselves; when we go back and collect up all the parts that got left behind in the madness of life so far – when we return to ‘i’

•   Inpower:  interventions that claim to progress society forward as a whole, but that also carry tangible risks that affect the health and safety of our homes and often for the sake of profit.

  Unjibbed: a valuable dating and community website for those brave souls who resisted the intense pressure to take the covid “vaccines” despite every alleged reason for having one dominating the media. We seek each other for friends and relationships because of our shared belief in bodily autonomy, and legitimate concerns about long term health effects, especially concerning reproductive health.

Graeme Dinnen

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