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When we lived in Bali, on Sundays we’d go to the food market and travel home with an assortment of papayas, coconuts, mangoes, melons, mangosteen, bananas, star fruit, snakefruit and rambutans, together with a medley of veggies – all freshly plucked from trees, bushes, or the soil.  

Our scooter would groan under the weight of our market haul, prompting us to make a pit stop for a leisurely coffee by the beach, where we’d catch up with friends.

Fast forward to today in Cornwall, and our supermarket trips (which we try to keep as infrequent as possible) are quite the contrast. Instead of the vibrant, almost untouched produce we once knew, we’re met with fruits and veggies that have undergone a rigorous process involving chlorine baths, ammonia dips, and heat pasteurization – all in the name of reducing microbial warfare. 

These processes, though touted as advancements, seem to do more harm than good, play havoc with the molecular structure of food and strip away nutrient density.

Not what Nature designed.

Call me old-fashioned, but all this tinkering just makes me think: maybe humanity’s trying a bit too hard to outdo Mother Nature herself.

Today we have more scientists, more doctors, more therapists, more chiropractors, more osteopaths, more gyms and more nutritionists per capita.  

Our planet is in chaos and we’re getting sicker and sicker.. Coincidence?  I don’t think so.

Look at any medical textbook and you’ll notice a curious absence: references to ‘health’ get little more than a passing nod, while ‘disease’ hogs the spotlight. Our healthcare system? It’s great at tackling emergencies, but when it comes to prevention and the growing army of chronic illnesses, it’s a bit out of its depth.

The equation is simple. Mess with our food and we’re left with less oomph to power through the day. We only exist because we have energy. Visit an Old People’s Home and witness the energy drought firsthand.

That’s not what you want to be like in however many years time.

We’re quick to point fingers at our genes for all sorts of woes, popping questionable pills “as directed”

Supermarkets (especially in the USA) now offer fruit that’s been neatly chopped up and sealed in plastic packaging.  Children no longer know what a whole mango, melon or pineapple even looks like. 

Clearly, it’s time we started giving a damn – about our health, our food and each other.

Last week I chanced upon a Red Light Therapy Webinar.  I listen to more and more Health & Wellness webinars these days but this particular one was outstanding.

It focussed on Mitochondria and it’s role in oxidative stress (cell death) and cellular inflammation. Sorry if my description makes is sound unexciting, but it was anything but

I’ve known and written about mitochondria for several years yet I was blown away by the many revelations on Day 1 alone.

Mitochondria are ancient bacteria that merged with our cells. We have upward of 500 mitochondria in each cell. When functioning as they should, they are your primary defence against pathogens, viruses and toxins.

We are taught that mitochondria are a power source for our cells. They are so much more than that. When weakened or stressed they lose the ability to turn food into energy, making it difficult for your cells to function properly.

The cause of accelerated ageing? The lack of healthy and active mitochondria causing you to become more and more dysfunctional. That’s when you become more susceptible to environmental stressors and the big league poor health conditions.

Why do we need to keep our mitochondria functioning well? There is no disease that doesn’t have a link to them.

These days people under 40 are experiencing a condition known as “Early Onset Mitochondria Deficiency”.

To understand this, imagine a city in a blackout.  There’s no energy to power anything. This results in a loss of law and order (runaway cancer cells) and a lack of waste removal (Alzheimers Disease). 

I strongly recommend you listen to the webinar as it is available again starting tomorrow.  

Here’s the link:

How To Improve Your Health Though Photobiomodulation:

Photo – from the Greek ”phos” meaning light

Bio – Also of Greek origin, pertaining to life or living organisms

Modulation – the processor adjusting or modulating something through the application of light

Our energy and ths ability to thrive is largely to do with the food we eat, what we’re doing to it and what we should be doing.

“There are 2 things drive everything that’s alive on our planet – the ocean and the soil.  We spray 1.5 billion pounds of glyphosate on our soil every year because we don’t like to pick weeds” Dave Asprey

That’s not good news for future generations!

Other relevant facts

Entomologists have found that in last 50 years there’s been a 75% reduction in the insect population around the world. We don’t need to eat them on pizzas….we need them to contribute in their own way to the natural production of our food.

The average human has between 20000 – 30000 different chemicals stored in their system and the body has to separate each one so they don’t react together.  We are not biologically designed to deal with this and are reaching the limit. That’s when and why we get chronically ill.

Graeme Dinnen

PS For several years I have used Red Light equipment manufactured by VieLight and microcurrent equipment from Avazzia (for boosting the performance of mitochondria)

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