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Given the ever-shortening attention span of internet users (not you of course!) I decided to create a selection of short videos that were more focussed on particular aspects of your mouth.

After all, longer videos on keeping your teeth and gums healthy are a wonderful remedy for insomnia.

The very first video I made 10 years ago entitled “Brushing and Flossing Causes Gum Disease” is 4:20 long and has now had 95,000+ views.

As a video it’s not exciting and certainly doesn’t keep the viewer riveted, but the information is useful.

Looking at the video stats available, the average viewer of that video clicks away after 2:20 seconds.

For a video, a 48% watch time is reasonable but not enough to convey the message. I should have held a kitten or a puppy on my lap!

So I’ve come up with a series of shorter videos each with a different purpose.

•  Intro to Dr Phillips book 1972 (1:19) This amazing statement must be the envy of all dentists

•  The Blotting vs Brushing Challenge (0:52) A challenge that’s been worthwhile trying out time and time again

•  Interactive Tooth Charts In Different Languages(1:59) See the connection between your teeth and the rest of your body in English – French – Spanish – Portuguese – Chinese

•  Bleeding Gums, Bad Bugs and Kissing (1:12) What do you get when you kiss a guy? (asks Bobbie Gentry)

•  Lip Yoga and More Oxygen To Your Brain(3:43) and eliminate years of unnecessary poor health conditions

Root Canals and That Rabbit Story (2:25) How you can eliminate long-term health conditions in a matter of days

Breast Cancer? Something To Consider (1:15) Seriously!

Blotting: User Feedback(0:46) Gum Disease? Does any of this sound familiar to you?

The Cause Of Degenerative Diseases  (3:49) It’s really this simple.

What Stops Your Brain From Functioning Properly?(2:30)…still denied by many dental associations (its about money!)

Remember the wisdom of experienced dentists? “Dentistry isn’t expensive. Neglect is”.

Graeme Dinnen

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