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The manufacturer of our Blotting Brushes has terminated production.

As a result, these videos may seem redundant but you still have teeth and you still need to look after them.

In addition to blotting them, as each week progresses I ‘oil pull’ with coconut oil, rinse with a couple of drops of iodine and water, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda, gargle with Celtic Sea Salt, diluted hydrogen peroxide and water (once a month) even use MMS and Citric Acid (occasionally).

Given the ever-shortening attention span of internet users (not you of course!) I decided to create a selection of short videos that were more focussed on particular aspects of your mouth.

Longer videos on keeping your teeth and gums healthy are generally a remedy for insomnia.

The very first video I made 10 years ago entitled “Brushing and Flossing Causes Gum Disease” was 4:20 long and had had 95,000+ views until YouTube closed our account.

As a video it wasn’t particularly exciting and certainly didn’t keep the viewer riveted, but the information was useful. The video stats show that the average viewer clicked away after 2:20 seconds.

For a video, a 48% watch time is reasonable but not enough to convey the message. I should have held a cute kitten or a puppy on my lap!

So for those of you that still have Blotting Brushes or MiniBlots here are the shorter videos each with a different purpose. I uploaded them to VIMEO.

Enjoy and learn.

•  Intro to Dr Phillips book 1972 (1:19) This amazing statement must be the envy of all dentists

•  The Blotting vs Brushing Challenge (0:52) A challenge that’s been worthwhile trying out time and time again

•  Interactive Tooth Charts In Different Languages (1:59) See the connection between your teeth and the rest of your body in English – French – Spanish – Portuguese – Chinese I’ll leave the ToothWizards website up for a while because these charts are so useful.

•  Bleeding Gums, Bad Bugs and Kissing (1:12) What do you get when you kiss a guy? (asks Bobbie Gentry)

•  Lip Yoga and More Oxygen To Your Brain (3:43) and eliminate years of unnecessary poor health conditions

Root Canals and That Rabbit Story (2:25) How you can eliminate long-term health conditions in a matter of days

Breast Cancer? Something To Consider (1:15) Seriously!

The Cause Of Degenerative Diseases  (3:49) It’s really this simple.

What Stops Your Brain From Functioning Properly?(2:30)…still denied by many dental associations (its about money!)

Phrased in other words….”If you want to enjoy the fruits of the tree, you must keep the tree healthy”.

Graeme Dinnen @ Toothwizards


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