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You can make the average person afraid of the common cold just by changing is name. This is the power of branding.

I learned years ago how powerful ad based brainwashing can be, when one of the world’s worst whiskeys became iconic (Jack Daniels), one of the worst cigarettes (Marlboro) supplanted the best, and when a rot gut whiskey on the verge of bankruptcy did a 180º turn and became profitable simply by changing its bottle and topping it with wax (Makers Mark). 

It did not surprise me when the common cold and flu disappeared and the fairytale COVID took their place as……..DEADLY, because what the people believe to be real dictates their actions over and above reality. 

Beware, everyone reading this…….it will happen again, because everyone will also be duped into believing the STAGED alien invasion. 

Watch, as all of the nations of the world come together as ONE against this STAGED common enemy. This is how the One World Government is established without force, and how the Anti-Christ will come to power as he miraculously defeats these alien invaders, who are not even real! The COVID deception was just a trial run!

How did Belarus handle the COVID debacle?

These are the president’s own claims. The world health agencies lost legitimacy when Belarusians had a LOWER death rate from COVID-19 than the rest of Europe. Belarus began testing efforts when the technology was available. 

Those who bought into the psyop refuse to acknowledge that lockdown measures did nothing to stop the spread. People simply do not want to believe that the COVID restrictions were completely unnecessary and only contributed to higher death rates and crippled economies.

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With thanks to Martin Armstrong

Graeme Dinnen

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