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I’ve always had great respect for the Asian approach to medicine.

Being born in Hong Kong and living there for a total of 35 years, from an early age I was fascinated by the Traditional Chinese Medicine shops with their herbal powders, pastes, lotions and potions.

Even as a teenager I’d linger at the entrance of these shops, curious about the contents of the many wooden containers and baskets. 

Inevitably a kindly old gentleman would offer me a cup of herbal tea – usually something strong that I’d initially treat with suspicion but was somehow palatable. 

I never really knew what I was drinking but readily accepted the gesture as a contribution to balancing my Yin and Yang.

In the mid 1970’s I studied Acupressure at the Hong Kong City Hall.  Phylipa studied there too, albeit a year or so before me.

Armed with enthusiasm and my copious notes, I first practiced on my mum, pressing key acupressure points on her arm until she went “Ow’.  According to my notes she’d just had a mild stroke. 

She responded to my student diagnosis with a smile and just a little doubt.

A few months later she went for her annual medical, The ECG test showed “a mild coronary” had indeed taken place at about that time.

Kudos for me!

Then it was my dad’s turn.  

During a game of golf I counted 9 strokes before he reached the green on a Par 3.  

Something was clearly wrong.  I asked him what he thought the cause may be.

Opening with the usual “Oh nothing”, it transpired that when he woke in the mornings, the top of the middle finger on his right hand was experiencing “pins and needles”.

As the day went on, this sensation spread through his fingers, hand and arm right up to his elbow.

I pulled out my rotes again and went to work until I found his sore point. I wasn’t surprised when we determined that he was suffering from a blood circulation issue.

After three days of gently massaging a point between his wrist and his elbow for 5 minutes a day, his pins and needles completely disappeared.

Wanting to deepen my understanding of the physical body I went on to study Jin Shin Jyutsu, a form of therapy with ancient origins in Japan. 

Like Acupressure, Jin Shin Jyutsu uses gentle finger pressure over particular points of the body to restore the flow of energy that may have become blocked  through illness or pain.

The solution to all our problems lie inside us.  All we need to do is ‘look and listen’. 

Last week I came across something that surprised me (in a good way).

I’ll admit to nearly switching off but as the narrative progressed my interest perked up, especially as I was listening to something that would help reverse illness, dissolve pain, address the root cause of health problems….and all in just 3 minutes a day.

At last someone had combined aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine with sound frequencies.

And it’s come at a time where many people are caught like deer in the headlights with doctors and hospitals metaphorically running us over with their ‘irrefutable’ science.

(Science by the way is never irrefutable; never 100%.  It is always a work in progress!).

A study showed that that 80% of first diagnoses by doctors in the USA were incorrect. That suggestion alone should make us stop blindly trusting men in white coats. 

Dealing with our own aches and pain or even preventing poor health conditions from occurring in the first place is so much easier than we think.

Set aside time to listen to what Emily Parker has to say about Dr Lin Xiaoxi’s work in this valuable video.

Watch it because drug companies will soon be scrambling to protect their 1000% profit margins in wake of this booming natural therapy.

It has significant potential to change your life in terms of wellbeing and a reduced need for questionable medication.

This is great value when you compare the alternative (electro-acupuncture sessions)…and it’s non-invasive!

What Emily says is genuine and the conditions she covers include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Low Immunity (especially valuable these days)
  • Fatigue/Low energy
  • High Blood Pressure (an infinitely better option than pills)
  • Depression and anxiety (more common than you think)
  • Insomnia
  • Allergies     

There’s an option to join their VIP Club, The first monthly issue is FREE for you to try out. Check it out over the next 30 days and if you’re happy to stay a member for the practical information you’ll receive.

There’s absolutely no obligation to continue; you can cancel at any time by emailing them.

Graeme Dinnen

PS  I compiled an ebook some while ago that addresses the symptoms of many poor health conditions.

The ebook is free to download and is more a reference book than a page turner but once you download it you’ll have access to a range of potential causes your doctor is not likely to know about unless he/she has studied aspects of natural therapy outside the allopathic training

I back it up with an email ‘TheBodySpeaks’ every Friday to explore other possibilities

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