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I’ve raised it before and i’ll probably do so again – over 80% of poor health conditions that manifest in your body START IN YOUR MOUTH.

I could almost claim that if your mouth isn’t healthy, you aren’t going to be healthy in the long term.

Brushing and Flossing Causes Gum Disease
Brushing and Flossing CAUSES Gum Disease

I’ve updated the ebook to include brand new information that’ll contribute to readers minimising needless drillings and gum surgery at the same time saving them and their family a fortune at the dentist year after year.

You’ll discover what the very best mouthwash you can use is. It’s not on a supermarket shelf – you already have it!

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Graeme Dinnen


  • Paula says:

    This is excellent!!
    I have a classmate from high school who had all of his teeth pulled after having a heart attack as that’s what the doctor felt had caused this. So sad that we’re so civilized but yet so clueless.

    • I spoke recently with an Irish friend in her 80’s. She and her friends had ALL tneir teeth removed when they were younger because it was ‘fashionable’.

      Several years at Uniuversity to qualify as a dentist and this is what they come up with!

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