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As promised last week we have loaded the different salts bought in Guérande onto our website

The pristine salt marches at Guérande from above

800g Sel de Guérande (larger grain salt is primarily for cooking but also for bathing)

250g Fleur de Sel

500g Fleur de Sel

250g Fleur de Sel with Sichuan Pepper

This is the salt you want to be adding to the food you’re preparing.

Once digested it acts as a scavenger, purging the body of many toxins, even from some hidden areas. These toxins come out into the circulatory and lymph system, and particularly the kidney area. 

Many years ago I rented a beach home in Kingscote on Kangaroo Island, Australia. In the kitchen was a tank containing half a dozen lethargic looking fish.  I took a healthy pinch of Fleur de Sel and sprinkled it on top of the water.  It wasn’t long before these fish showed a new lease of life.  All they needed was the minerals!

Ninety-nine percent of people on Western Diets are mineral deficient and many diseases are linked to mineral deficiency.  If Fleur de Sel can do this to a small bowl of fish so quickly, how much do you think it would benefit us humans? 

By their very saline content, all oceans of the world offer the strongest protection against atomic radiation and fallout that humankind has available. The power to neutralize radiation comes not just from.the high percentage of sodium chloride in the sea but also from the 16% of other salt compounds present in unrefined salt. It’s the combination of all these mineral compounds in a symbiotic mix that gives the strongest protection to the consumers. Washed or artificially dried salt does not offer the same defense since the vital trace elements.” Jacques de Langre

Driving slowly on the road through the salt marshes on our final evening, with the sun painting the sky in vibrant hues, became an unforgettable pleasure that will be etched in our memories for a long time.

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Returning from Brittany

We made sure our return journey detoured through Carnac, world famous as one of the most important centres of European prehistory in existence. 

The singularity of the Carnac megaliths is their extraordinary alignments and their sheer numbers. This is undoubtedly the largest gathering of standing stones of this type in the world, predating Stonehenge by 1000 years

The alignments extend over almost four miles! The two main sites (Ménec and Kermario) alone account for nearly 3,000 menhirs.

Local folklore claims the stones were part of an advancing Roman Army. Merlin waved his magic wand and turned them to stone! There’s a superpower I could do with.

Graeme Dinnen


  • martha says:

    Hi Graeme
    Agree with you totally……..would like to know what your opinion is of Fleur de sal here in Portugal…….is the French one better?
    Many thanks

    • It depends on the soil upon which the marshes lie. I imagine it’s similar to Guerande but I’ve not tried the Portuguese Fleur de Sel. In Guerande the Fleur de Sel is harvested only by women. I don’t know if that is merely tradition or otherwise. Sorry I can’t be of more help

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