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Below is an extract from a recent email I received from Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby together with an extremely valuable video at the end.

Although Keith and I have not yet met, we’ve spoken on the phone and exchanged emails for over 25 years.  Fifteen years ago he interviewed me for his podcast on the subject of parasites.

HIs books are cutting-edge and he’s not afraid to hold back his disappointment when it comes to modern-day medicine.

Keith and Vivien Scott-Mumby

On this occasion he writes…..”The pharmaceutical industry now kills more people every year than Hitler managed in a lifetime. They just hide it.

So what if I told you that the whole COVID event was a pharmaceutically-managed terrorist war in humanity? That’s just another conspiracy theory, right?

Unfortunately, the evidence is out there… and it SUCKS. 

Dr David Martin [European Parliament International COVID Summit MAY 3, 2023] recently addressed the European Parliament (I did myself, back in 2015, but not about COVID, of course—about the criminally exaggerated prices, 10,000s percent markups). The facts he revealed were SHOCKING BEYOND BELIEF. If you haven’t seen Dr. Martin’s video yet, I’ll give the link below (it’s already banned on YouTube).

I know, you know, anyone with half a brain, know that so-called SAR-COV-2 was not passed to humans by bats and had NOTHING to do with the Wuhan wet market. That’s a fiction they try to keep going, with zero evidence, of course, to avoid people discovering the real origins of COVID-19.

It was a patented and manufactured organism, released deliberately by Big Pharma. It killed millions and they made unbelievable profits. It was all planned, down to the last detail

Here’s the timeline, as revealed by David Martin. You WILL NOT BELIEVE what you are about to read. But it is all in the public domain, the references are available to anyone who isn’t scared of the truth:

Coronavirus was first isolated in 1965. Results published in the Lancet, 1966.

It was rapidly identified as a pathogen model that would lend itself to modification for nefarious purposes. In 1966 coronavirus was used to deliberately infect human beings with a modified virus; a transatlantic data-sharing experiment between the USA and Great Britain. This was in violation of biological and chemical weapons treaties but it took place anyway.

As Dr Martin remarked, “This is not an overnight thing, it has been long in the making.” In fact it’s been 56 years in the making. You have to ask: Why was it not stopped back then?

In 1990, Pfizer filed for a patent on spike protein! Forget about “warp speed” and the other smokescreens. (I’m not saying Pfizer is Nazi-founded. It is not. But Pfizer is clearly a scion of modern aggressive, socially-manipulative, greedy Pharma, which started out with I G Farben).

However, they immediately hit a problem: vaccines don’t work against Coronavirus or the spike protein. It cannot work—the science is clear—Coronavirus morphs every few WEEKS. I called attention to this important fact in one of my newsletters, early on.

As a matter of fact, every publication on vaccines for Coronavirus from 1990 until 2018, concluded that Coronavirus escapes the vaccine impulse because it modifies and mutates too quickly for vaccines to be effective. Let me emphasize that: VACCINES DO NOT AND CANNOT WORK AGAINST CORONA VIRUS.

We’d have had a vaccine against the common cold 60 years ago! It’s a lost cause.

Instead, there are 1000s of publications to that effect, not a few 100 and not paid for by pharmaceutical companies, of course. These are publications that are independent scientific research and they show unequivocally, including efforts of the Chimera modifications made by Ralph Barrick in the University North Carolina Chapel Hill… All of them show: vaccines do not work on Coronavirus. That’s the science and that science has never been disputed, until recent press releases by the WHO, Pfizer and Moderna!

But in 2002, things took a far darker turn. The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill patented an “infectious replication defective clone” of Coronavirus. Note especially those words “infectious replication defective clone”.

Dave Martin unpacks the language: Defective means a weapon; it means something meant to target an individual but not have collateral damage to other individuals. That’s what infectious replication defective means. And that patent was filed in 2002, on work funded by NIAID’s Anthony Fauci from 1999 to 2002. And that work patented at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill mysteriously preceded SARS 1.0 by year.

SARS is the research developed by humans weaponizing a life system model to actually attack human beings and they patented it in 2002/2003.

This is in violation of all international laws relating to biological and chemical weapons. Fauci’s research team downloaded a sequence from China and filed a patent on it in the United States. Any of you familiar with biological and chemical weapons treaties knows that’s a violation. That’s a crime. That’s not an innocent oops, that’s a crime. 

But it’s murkier than that. The United States Patent Office actually refused to grant the illegal patent. So the CDC decided to “bribe” the patent office to override the honest patent examiner to ultimately issue the patent in 2007 on SARS Coronavirus.

By this time David Martin was warning the European governments that Coronavirus was actually bioterrorism threat. In 2005, this particular pathogen was specifically labeled as a bio terrorism and bio weapon “platform technology”. That’s the official label; not Martin sounding off.

In fact from 2005 onwards, SARS coronavirus was actually officially labeled a biowarfare “enabling agent”. 

Now I quote Martin direct: “I don’t know if that sounds like public health to you, does it? Biological warfare enabling technology? That feels like not public health; that feels like not medicine; that feels like a weapon designed to take out humanity. That’s what it feels like—And it feels like that because that’s exactly what it is.”

But what happened to the “gain of function” moratorium of 2014, you ask? Conveniently in the fall of 2014, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill received a letter from NIAID saying that despite the gain of function moratorium on Coronavirus in vivo, they were granted exemption and could continue.

And thus in 2017 came about the published words that everybody missed: “that there was a respiratory virus that was poised for accidental or intentional release.”  Not a leak, a release.

Hastily now, Fauci’s Moderna—which up to this point had not created or sold a single pharmaceutical product—filed three patent modifications in April of 2019. They were going to create a vaccine for something that did not even officially exist, until later that year! When they were finally ready (to clean up financially) BOOM! COVID happened.

Murder isn’t nearly a strong enough word. A new Nazi holocaust was released by Fauci and the other science manipulators, that engulfed nearly 7 million people (dead). It was a crime of epic and global proportions, the likes of which has never been seen, but in the name of medical science. It’s that last that sickens me… and every right-thinking doctor.

Here’s the link to David Martin’s devastating talk; it’s only 21 minutes. YOU TUBE, predictably took it down, it was going viral and doing a lot of damage to the liars! 

This is the proceedings of the parliament of our allies in NATO, for Gods sake!”

“Hurry and view it. This video is so explosive, they will stop at NOTHING to get rid of it.

And YES, I am very fearful in publishing this. Standing up to the bullies is a sure way to get shot/destroyed/imprisoned/derided. I’m 78 years old in a few weeks, I love my wife Vivien and I don’t want to end up on the scrap heap for my pains!”

  – – – – –

Thankfully Elon Musk allowed this video to remain on Twitter, but for how long?

To become more aware of viruses and what you can do to protect your family from what may lie ahead, you can do two valuable things:

  1. Get your copy of Dr Keith Scott-Mumby’s book Virus Blitz
  2. Register to learn from the talks on The End of Covid, starting 10 July (changed from the original start date of 20 June) 

In the months ahead, what you’ll learn will stop you from feeling like you came third in a two horse race.

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