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A word of caution – what’s written below is extremely valuable. 

Read it with an open mind as the information is controversial and will challenge what you may have led to believe for some time.

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NO virus is untreatable. Period.

Yet Big Pharma has shown us how capable they are at suppressing anything outside their own vaccines which are often toxic, ineffective, carry side effects and can be pricey.

When you hear claims that other approaches are “no treatment”, they’re really just telling you “We haven’t got our own product ready for sale.”

In the meantime, they’ll use scare tactics such as … “this is an untreatable virus that kills. We are working on saving you but you’ve just got to hang in there and trust us.”

People need to become “virus-literate” and quickly.  The best way to get up to speed is to listen to The End of Covid, a comprehensive series of eye-opening talks from qualified and experienced health practitioners in their respective fields.

The event is a massive effort, with a substantial amount of work having gone into orchestrating a profound event.

We have come to value the good doctors and first class nurses/medical staff but many of them lost their jobs for questioning the science.

To encourage people who’d like a basic understanding, there is no cost if you register right away. The End of Covid starts on 20 June 2023.

Until you know a little about how viruses are managed and controlled (not difficult), you are at the mercy of Big Pharma and Government misinformation, the questionable statements of their Rothschild-medicine trained doctors, plus big media’s mind control tactics to make us fear for our lives.

There is one answer to this vaccine circus:  KNOWLEDGE!  Now is the time to become your own Messiah. 

Now that people have woken up to the deception (and are already becoming suspicious of the next virus they’re planning), it’s time to find out about what happened, why, and what we all need to look out for so we’re no longer exploited by politicians and their questionable promises.

Real knowledge in this field is power.

The WhatsApp records of Matt Hancock, UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care for the greater part of the pandemic at one point said to his advisor “We frighten the pants of everyone with the new strain,” and then asked “When do we deploy the new variant?”

Hmmmm.  These are people who are under an oath to protect us!

The End of Covid is free to attend and will he held between 20 June -11 July with a reply available between 2 July – 6 August.

This is not some conspiracy theory about the government or the ‘One Percent. It’s actually a great opportunity for ordinary folk like us to stand up for ourselves. The alternative is not worth considering.

The primary purpose is to:

….• tell us about the collusion and what really happened behind the scenes

….• end scientific dogma and medical tyranny

….• get into the nitty-gritty of all things virus-related 

….• educate the public on a mass scale with carefully curated content

….• expose the entire field of virology for what it is – one big show

We have choices:

Choice A – do nothing, carry on as before, missing out on this golden opportunity and risk being a victim of the deception they are ready to launch on us again.

Choice B – fill in your email address and set aside time to listen to The End of Covid. There’s no cost to doing this; just find a place where you can pay attention.

Choice B is only for those brave enough to not settle for less. For people with an enquiring mind, please don’t take the importance of this event lightly.

From now on, the safety of your family’s health is in your hands. Never again will you surrender your health decisions to anyone with profit as their motive.

Now is not the time to give your 100% trust to media scaremongering or wolves in sheep’s clothing who have been “trained’ in medicine.  

Their objective is to make money out of sick people and they don’t want anybody queering their pitch with inconvenient facts.

This is your chance to pull back the curtain and see what they’ve been hiding from us all.

In many aspects of our lives we hope.  We hope our choices will be the right ones.  We hope we’ll succeed in what we do.  We hope we’ll be healthy even in our old age.

Hope. It’s powerful; hope can change things.  But you’ve got to put yourself in the way of it, let yourself feel it.  Let the power of hope lift you up. 

Do that and anything can happen.  

Click here to register….The End of Covid.

The End of Covid
The End of Covid

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